It ain’t often a retired black man and part Cherokee Indian get together, but when they do, some interesting conversation takes place.

I met James one sunny day at the docks at Calabash, North Carolina.

We discovered we had a lot in common: both of us had worked around the Norfolk, Virginia area, we liked to fish, and we were believers in Christ. And he promptly took interest in a devotional book I had printed and fetched from my car. He took a bunch of those books to his flea market stand where he promotes them today, and to some churches.

I had about given up promoting my book, but he’s got me going, and I now I plan on re-printing Devotions A-Z into The Divine Way.

But James has that quality of inspiration.

We both come from the old way — where you just treat people nice and enjoy the freedom life gives. Where the world and the people have changed, james and I haven’t and won’t until we visit the grave and pass unto the heavenlies.

Like James says, “It’s so simple. I don’t know why people make life so difficult.”

“It’s because because they’re up to no good James,” I responded. “And they can’t see the way.”

“Well, Jesus is the way!”

“Yes, he is . . . .


Dock Tale

It was a warm sunny day at the docks where James and I were fishing. Nearby, passengers were exiting a 40’ fishing boat that had just rounded the corner from a morning excursion out in the Atlantic Ocean.

James shook his head as the boat moved by and clipped his fishing lines sending the tackle to the bottom of the canal.

Boat captain oughta be a little more respectful of fishermen,” he grumbled.

Not when they got a hundred heads clammin’ to get off that boat after a dry run James. Just look at them faces,” I responded.

But if James and I hadn’t been talking so much, we’d have known the big cruiser was around the bend and headin’ straight for our four hooks, two sinkers, and monofilament lines.

But he was excited as a frog sensing rain.

That book of yours I can understand. It’s simple!”

Yeah, simple enough it took me 25 years to write it,” I said sarcastically.

Well. I’m an uneducated man.” ain’t uneducated if you know Jesus James! The Bible says, the Lord is sure, making wise the simple (Psalms 19: 7).”

Reckon why that boat captain ain’t so wise runnin’ over my fishing line?”

I don’t think that was simple.”

Ha! Sure love the word of God, don’t you!” James said chuckling.

Yeah,, me too.”

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