Congress Failure to Open Mk-Ultra Puts Everyone at Risk

It’s evident the recent shootings at the ball game was an MK-Ultra incident because the numbers are present (66 year old man, 9 mm gun, and he goes behind 3rd base), he doesn’t care about which political party is there, and he’s obviously been isolated for some time, as witnesses testified.

All symptoms of being a MK-Ultra victim.

Yet Congress still refuses to openly discuss and get this program stopped.

What will it take to get this targeting stopped?

Do the perpetrators threaten more harm to America?

But to live in fear is already living in bondage, and Congress refusing to put this issue before the people endangers more lives.

Congress! Call the implant manufacturers, neurologists, ent’s, surveillance technicians, and get this targeting stopped!

We are all being endangered by  the wireless technologies and human behavior modification programs!

and don’t forget justice for the MK-Ultra victims!


Should Obama go to Prison?

The atrocities of the last administration of promoting sexual gender change, spying on Americans, falsely promising affordable health care, going so far as to have sexual practices taught in the schools (under planned parenthood) rather than kids getting an education that will help them find jobs, negligence in Benghazi of supporting U.S. Government employees, along with the killing of innocent people in foreign countries by drones — made me think about other rulers and subordinates who performed such practices in the past — and were confronted by God.

Manasseh is one. He practiced witchcraft, strange divinations, put a false idol in the temple, sacrificed children, and murdered innocent people (1 Chronicles 33).

It did not go unnoticed by our Lord, who sent commanders from the Assyrians to bind Manasseh and his people, put a hook in his nose, shackle him and put him in prison

That’s what God does when evil begins to proliferate: he cleans it up.

Manasseh’s son took over the kingdom and didn’t make any good changes; therefore he was slain by the people, and Josiah was made king.

And Josiah did that which was right by the Lord: he tore down the high places of worship, removed false idols, and repaired the temple.

But he sure had a mess to clean up.

It’s sad so many people suffer for the sins of a few people. Manasseh had even caused the people to err.

Consider the innocent people who have been wounded and killed by drone strikes and conspired surveillance not only overseas but in this country.

Many survivors have resorted to the courts for justice only to be shunned and never given an explanation.

But God knows . . . . and no one will escape accountability for injuring innocent people (Deuteronomy 19: 10).

Blood guiltiness. Whosoever bothers the innocent will not go unpunished.

I had drones constantly fly over my home for months in 2012, from October to December, only to have them quit after some intruder came into my home while I was taking a nap and obviously try to kill me for which I am still suffering today. Who’s responsible?

I have yet to see anyone go to jail or die for the  attempted murder and forced drugging.

But I really don’t have to know.

Us victims know God will have vengeance, because God is faithful by His word (Deut. 19: 10).






Temperance of Mortar and God

If you’ve ever worked with mortar , you know it should be tempered before using.

In other words, after the ingredients of sand, cement, and water are mixed, let it sit for awhile before using — gives the compound time to mature.

Then, depending on the weather and humidity, you may want to add some water or more cement.

It takes experience — to have a mortar consistency just right for laying tile, stone, rock, or brick,  but temperance is the key.

Use the mortar too quick and there may be problems for adhesion or even applying it with a uniform thickness.

That’s the old school — the way I did it. Creek sand, field stone, and cement to make a fine wall: uncut stone, without machinery or artifical  means.

Walls forever.

How many people still wait upon God and temperance to make beautiful work?

Moreso their lives.

Consider that temperance matures the mortar — and us.

Consider being partakers of the divine nature and temperance (2 Peter 1:6).

Beautiful walls can be built with mortar — and so can our lives through knowledge of Jesus Christ and God.

The Gulf Decision in Heaven: Lazarus and the Rich Man

There was a discussion the other night with a wonderful friend on a phone call about Luke 16: 19-31 when Jesus talked about a rich suffering torment from God in heaven and a beggar named Lazarus enjoying the comforts of resting in Abraham’s bosom in heaven, because Lazarus had already suffered on earth.

The rich man wanted some of the comfort Lazarus was experiencing but there was a wide impassable gulf between them in heaven.


The reasoning from Jesus was that Lazarus had suffered much on earth and was now being comforted whereas the rich had luxury on earth and was now suffering in heaven.

Consider people on earth who have experienced torment at the hands of sexually sadistic people with such practices as genital mutilation, male and female circumcision and human bondage from birth, being not only separated from their parental heritage but suffering the indignation of bodily defacement.

Jesus did not agree with the circumcision practice: Except it came from God, it should not have been (paraphrased from the gospel of St. Thomas).

And he just as well denounced it in John 7: 23: “If a man on the Sabbath day receive circumcision, that the law of Moses should not be broken, are ye angry with me, because I have made a man entirely well on the Sabbath day? (See John 5: 1-16 healing a man.)

And it certainly didn’t come from God but from a person who reasons there is either a hygiene problem with the foreskin or some lewd opinion about females not needing there private sexuality upon flowering because of some tribal custom.

If God’s had not have wanted the flesh there, it would not have been there.

Finally, many entities are advising against circumcision, such as a Scandinavian doctors group and a German court. And some of the East Africa tribes are finally banning circumcision in females.

But now ritual abuse programs are taking place with technology, and they should be banned.

There is consolation for the victims who rest in the bosom of their father in heaven for eternity but the people who are committing crimes against humanity have a problem.

For such perpetrators, God sent his Son Jesus to earth to take way sin upon confession and agreement with God’s will to not afflict anyone either secretly or openly, in obedience to God’s laws and ordinances.



Suicide Prevention with God

No, a person does not need to call 911. There is no need to take a bunch of drugs. No need to hang one self, shoot one self, jump off a bridge, or ram a car. And if you hear an artificial voice telling you to commit suicide pulsed by microwave radiation, do not obey.

There’s another choice.

Suicide – Old Testament

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore, choose life, and that both thou and thy seed may live.

Deuteronomy 30: 19

These words were spoken by Moses to the people just before his death, encouraging them to serve and obey God’s commands for a good life.

God often puts a choice of life or death before us.

If we choose life and good, we testify of God’s saving presence and glory, but if we choose death and evil, we cannot praise God from the grave (Psalms 6: 5; 88: 10).

Serving God will keep us alive but we must make some effort to call on him.

God commands us not to kill (Exodus 20: 13), and that includes us as well as other people.

If Moses words didn’t get the people fearing God stay alive, maybe Commander Joshua’s did, for he made a similar speech, “And if seem evil to you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve” (Joshua 24: 15).

The people responded, “The Lord our God will we serve, and his voice will we obey” (Joshua 24: 24).

Dear Lord, “For thou hast delivered my soul from death; mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living” (Psalms 116: 8-9). Amen.

Suicide – New Testament

And the keeper of the prison, awaking out of his sleep and seeing the prison doors open, drew out his sword and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled.

The Acts 16: 27

The jailer was about to commit suicide because he knew he would face terrible discipline when his boss found about the jail door being open and the prisoners being free.

But God intervened:

Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, “Do thyself no harm; for we are all here, (Acts 16: 28).”

It takes the intervention of God before we stop trying to kill ourselves. We need to get on with life to give God glory.

Christ has already died for us so we might have life but it often takes a near death experience until we call on him.

The Apostle Paul thought of dying when he was troubled, yet he did not trust in himself but trusted in God who raises the dead (2 Corinthians 1: 8-9).

Christ Jesus gives us power over death (1 Corinthians 15: 54-57). The last enemy death has been defeated.

Dear Lord, I humbly accept the risen Christ by the confession of sin into my heart and life. I am renewed in the spirit of my mind to live for you. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10: 13). Amen.

So call on God for help right now, Don’t call 911, another person, take drugs, etc . . . . Just bow humbly in prayer. Christ has died  for you, so you can live. So take him with you, go get a good safe meal, and live for the glory of God. It’s time to go to work.

excerpted from Devotions from A-Z, available for $7


Deaths at the Beach

A woman laying dead bruised with feces smeared on the furniture and walls of the apartment,  another dead woman found stuffed in a closet by her boyfriend who threatens to commit suicide, a young man who forcibly rapes a 71 year old woman tells her to scrub herself with Clorox, sixty drug overdose deaths, over 60 vehicular related deaths, all reported by the Myrtle Beach Sun-News in the last few months.

How long will it take to convince the public, media, and officials that incidences like these are the products of human behavior modification programs designed to produce chaos, violence, and lasciviousness among the people.

Why doesn’t the average citizen understand that covert targeting of humans with electro-magnetic energy via computer programs over a wireless (uninsulated) network is the fruition of secret cold war experiments, and is obviously being conducted upon ordinary citizens.

The long time victims of such programs understand — and they are alerting the public in different ways: David Vogt walking across America, Derrick Robinson’s Organization People Against Covert Torture, and Code Pink.

But leaders continue to allow more antennas and microwave dishes to litter the landscape for the enemy’s subliminal signals, the President’s Bio-ethic Commission refuted authentic victim accounts of micro-chip implantation, and states refuse to ban microchips.

If you want to stop crime, violence, and mental health disturbance, then take action to reduce the un-insulated energies and eliminate wireless radiation emanations.

The establishment will try and blame the irrational behavior on individual mental health abnormalities, never substantiating that adverse radiological energy is causing human behavior modification.

May God help our kids to become insulated from these unwanted emanations and preserve their health and right to live. May He have mercy on the sick, restore the disturbed person to calmness, and  clean up the environment.


Stopping the Mass Killings

Exposing human modification behavior programs and projects developed by the Central Intelligence Agency such as MK-Ultra in 1953, Monarch, and Bluebird will go a long way towards ending unexplained mass killings, because the public will then understand that manipulation of human behavior by remote means exists — and action can be taken to get help for the victims and put the perpetrators of the programs behind bars.

But as long as the public and authorities deny 21st century technology about remote sensing of individuals (and now the masses of population I might add), which has been used since World War II, randomized violence will continue to take place to squash freedom, prosperity, and each individual’s right to worship the religion of their choice in a peaceful docile manner.

Radiological weaponry against humans has been used a long time: the inhabitants of the Biblical town of Jericho were overcome without an explosive shot being fired as only the sound from trumpets surrounded them.

Until man-made radiological energy is harnessed, (not to mention the Air Force continuing to spray the skies full of radiologically sensitive chemicals that hinders evaporation of water and continues to manipulate the environment), the world will no longer be a habitable place for humans to live: there will be mass chaos, violence, and deaths resulting from unnatural fields of energy,

But the targeting of humans must stop, and the issue should be an open subject in Congress. Congressional hearings should be re-opened on covert programs such as MK-Ultra to expose the tenacity and conduct of the programs – and victims can get help if they have been implanted or targeted: the public will then understand just how remote technology is causing people to act irrationally.

Victims cried out for help a few years back, attending a Presidential Commission on Bioethics hearing to voice their complaints about being targeted and tortured by radiological energy, but the Commission quietly shoved the testimony under cover: victim after victim stood before the board and testified of silent sound, covert implants, and targeting energy that were trying to cause them to either commit violence, suicide, isolate them, or break up their family.

Most recently, the shooter at the Fort Lauderdale airport complained of the same targeting.

Some states have passed laws banning micro-chip implanting in humans, but others have deferred to the Federal Government where no action has been taken.

These are valid explanations as to why mass killings are happening, and if you have doubts, simply research the patents about the targeting process.

Harsh penalties should be applied to the instigators behind these atrocious programs, and the original victims of MK-Ultra should be compensated.

The American Indians were the first group to be targeted by the C.I.A. according to the MK-Ultra documents, and there’s no telling how many were oppressed to live in poverty, isolation, and be destitute of the natural free world they once depended upon for good health, food, and peace.

I am a descendant of such, as many other victims who are now figuring out that their five minute trip into the birthing room got them targeted, and yes many of them are also Colonial patriot descendants.

Reparations for past atrocities by the U.S. Government aren’t going to fully redeem the victims but they will shed light on the tortuous programs being sponsored and pave the way to finally restrict technology and remote sensing applications that are a detriment to humans.

Many lives will be saved, and possibly our Creator will turn away the wrath that has incurred as a result of closed dialogue and inordinate covetousness by a group of people trying to act like God as judge over the people.

May the true God open your understanding about this subject and grant you the strength and courage to expose these illicit programs, help the victims, and save the children.