Mind Control Programming News Events?


The Golf Tour Championship

Well, it appears to me that the Tour Championship may have been programmed when Justin Rose, who I believe should have won, continually drove his ball on the last nine holes into the woods on the left. And as us victims know, the perps can make a golfer hook or slice the ball by manipulating the electromagnetic fields around him or her.

But for the goodness of golf, Tiger Woods won, and it wasn’t probably no accident just weeks prior he just made the top 50 in one tournament so he would be allowed to play in the next tournament.

And obviously they let Tiger putt this time. And he putted well.

It’s a money thing I suppose.

Carbon Monoxide Deaths?

A fine couple supposedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning just a couple miles down the road (Scenic Road in Loris), just short of their 65th birthdays a news report  said.

They had left their generator on, I suppose during a power outage when the floods came.

But no one has mentioned this couple lives extremely close to two cell phone towers on Route 701, which most victims know is sending out signals interfering with the human nervous system.

I doubt this experienced man and his mate would have passed away in quieter environment.






My Blog Going Down because of unwanted ads

WordPress now allows unwanted ads on my blog which I don’t like, and I don’t want to pay 48 dollars a year to keep them off.


So I just thought I’d tell you faithful people that I may delete the whole thing in the next week.

I mean, I don’t make no money off this thing, and besides that, us ti’s are censored from the search engines anyway, so what good is posting anything on the internet any longer.


So if you want something, print it off now.



ken lee


PGA Tournaments Mind Controlled?

It was rather evident that something was going on besides the players skills at the last 2 tournaments when Justin Thomas probably would have won the PGA Open but he missed three rather easy putts after making great shots to the green and having made several long putts prior.

And we as victims know the perps can manipulate the emf’s around a person to make missed putts.

But the biggest evidence of remote influencing taking place is when the upstart Mr. Pan was a couple of strokes off the lead at the next tournament (the Wyndam Tournament.)

And Mr. Pan upon being interviewed stated he had noise in his head, twice — on the 18th tee, whereby according to the announcer Pan had yanked his ball into the woods taking him out of the tournament.

Guess the perps did not want an unknown to win as Brandt S., a former champion, went on to win the tournament.

Drone Murder; Chapter 27 in Persecuted but not Forsaken

Chapter 27 —Drone Murder

(Why Obama and C.I.A. conspirators to harm Americans in the U.S. should be jailed. No one in this country is safe as long as these secret drone operators are spying on our own people with intent to harm.)

Drone aircraft began to fly over my trailer regularly on the weekends every hour or so beginning about October.

Complaining to authorities did no good, and finally the conspirators accomplished their mission, keeping the area and me under surveillance for their forced drugging program.

On December 2, 2012, I found myself falling asleep in the living room. There was nothing I could do to stop the energy from making me tired.

I thought it was safe.

The drone airplanes and their electric motors were flying over the trailer all morning. I dozed off about 12:37 p.m. thinking everything would be alright.

But I awoke about 1:30 with signs of paranoia and tightness in my neck and fear that something dreadful had happened, especially after the subliminal word “anesthesia” during the morning.

The door was open, and I was scared to death

My mouth was dry. My forehead felt as it someone had scraped away my nerve endings. And there was an empty feeling in my head especially in the front part of the forehead area. The feeling was gone.

This time it was serious, so I went and looked for some clay to ingest to stop it, but it was in my bloodstream, and I tried some charcoal to no avail.

I couldn’t think, and I lay listlessly on the floor knowing they had injected me with a neurotoxin to my head again.

All the neighbors had been gone, and these perpetrators often attack on Sundays. Always have, and especially around the Thanksgiving holidays.

After a couple of days, I came to my senses:

It took me weeks to get some real thought back – the micro-chips blocking the blood flow to my head, and the sounds resonating off my nerves.

And I had just mentioned a few days earlier to a friend down at the beach how my nervous system was finally relaxing and the particles were coming out, after years of suffering.

I know the perpetrators heard me for sure.

This neurotoxin had gone straight to my brain to kill me, and to my optic nerve to impair me.

I now have all kinds of spots in my vision, the ringing in my ears louder than ever, and all kinds of black stuff around me ears. Encephalitis took over, and the inflammation swamped my head.

They’ve destroyed my life. All in an attempt to disable me, steal my equity, and defame my reputation.

Is this all because of two lawyers trying to hold onto their reputation from 1986 and trying to hide sin?

It was a year before I could drive around a lot of traffic at the beach because there was so much fluid in my head fighting off the toxins.

I have in my notes: three months later I am still sickened, but some of the polymer substances are coming out from around my face. I contacted several lawyers about this situation. One wanted a $50,000 retainer.

Another lawyer asked me why the CIA was picking on me. I told him the MK-ultra documents say they are attacking Native Americans and unwitting victims.

Drone activity immediately ceased that afternoon and thereafter after the attack, until three months later.

But I’m glad I called and complained, because shortly thereafter a bill passed the State Senate forbidding drones from gathering personal information from private citizens. I guess the lawyers understood what happened and got scared.

Seeing that I wasn’t dead or visiting the cancer center with all my implants, the perpetrators programmed an accident to happen that was near deadly about a year later.

On a Friday evening, a bicyclist had been killed by a vehicle just outside of town, and police were out taking measurements and investigating the scene the next morning, but they only had one blue safety light twirling above a patrol car sitting in the middle of the road.

I was heading out to play golf, and figuring I was in no hurry, decided to sit and wait it out. Several other cars ahead of me were.

I was a bit tired anyway from Friday night’s targeting.

After a couple minutes, I looked in my rear view mirror to see a car coming straight at me at 50 mph and not slowing down.

I had no time to do anything but duck and brace myself against the floorboard and seat back, and I just knew I would be dead or severely injured.

I don’t remember anything of the impact, but the driver of the oncoming car must have stepped on the brakes at some point because I was still alive, only 65 feet down the road on the left.

He had hit the rear right side of my car, and the back windshield had flown up to the front seat, and the trunk was smashed nearly to the back windshield.

But I was alive. My back and knee hurt, but I thanked God I was alive.

So I got out, limped around a bit to see if I could walk, and then went back to get my camera.

I figured this was a programmed event, and sure enough, the license plate read 293, which is a perpetrator targeting number. You will see this number often during the targeting events (plane accidents, etc . . .). This is real. I’ve mentioned the 6 upside down.

It’s a good thing I took pictures because the policeman who finally showed up about an hour later failed to record just where my car was after it was hit.

Then the tow truck wanted $250.00 to tow my car just a few miles, but he was obviously in agreement with the patrol officer, and what choice did I have.

Now I was really frightened to drive, still trying to recover from the toxin attack and now this, but somehow I was able to drive a rental car and make it through the next month until I got my car. And the rental car driver understood why I was bracing myself against the dashboard when she exceeded the speed limit.

At the time, I had taken a part-time maintenance job at a campground at the beach, so it was quite a drive across the area.

I had to quit after the accident. I tried going for a few days afterward but it was just too much stress.

Evil did not stop: the perpetrators tried to buy off one attack, putting $2,000 in an envelope in a used book at the Library.

I had gone to the discarded book shelf as I do occasionally to check out the latest deals: I found some books had just been put there about golf.

I opened one to find a creased envelope in the back of the book where a person could not miss it.

I actually thought it might be some additional instructional material. A bit curious and not wanting it to fall out, I put it in my pocket. I was going to get the book anyway.

As I grabbed the book, two women pretended to browse the shelves for a book just a few feet away to see if I got the book.

One was sitting on the floor, the other standing beside her, and they were obviously perpetrator conspirators confirming my actions to get the book.

Just in case they were co-conspirators, I turned to put the envelope in my pocket, slipped the book under my arm, and went to the checkout desk to buy it.

Once in my car, I put the envelope on the sun visor and forgot about it.

But opening the sealed envelope a couple weeks’ later revealed 20 crisp one hundred dollar bills in an envelope.

The perpetrators had tried to get me to open the envelope earlier as I drove by an electronic messaging sign near Route 57 on the way to the beach, for a message flashed: “Put the money in the bank.”

So what was the money for? Possibly because I sunbathe naturally to get rid of implants in a private room?

So maybe the perpetrator was filming or something. I don’t know.

I thought maybe I had left the torturers back at North Carolina until when I came home to the trailer one day and started cleaning out the cabinets – only to find items that were missing for nearly seven years suddenly appear. This has to be one obsessed individual to hold onto a person’s private property for that long.

South Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act

I am contacting legislators to get a law passed in South Carolina similar to what North Carolina that protects us consumers from scrupulous auto shop owners.

And I’ve made a petition at Care 2 petition site.


Please consider signing it.


The North Myrtle Beach Parking Problem

So why can’t the state allow parking in the medians at least during holiday weekends when beach attendance is more and allow 10 feet or so at the ends of the medians for safety.

Or why can’t the city simply purchase a couple lots in the area and make them public parking lots like many cities do.

And about the right of way along the road where people have planted bushes and the like. I thought right of ways were established specifically for utility upgrades or modifications and nothing should be installed to hinder the egress footage.

This problem is another example of poor planning where the current or former leaders should have realized beach attendance is high during the summer and that beach goers need places to park other than the 16 or so spaces available at the front of the dunes’ barrier strip at each street — and probably — for the want of real estate tax funds — allowed deeded property to personal buyers in lieu of providing parking areas for beach goers.

Fortunately, the new county chairman realizes many of these poor planning decisions and will seek to address infrastructure capability before yielding to the almighty dollar of construction contractors who just keep building and populating without having allowable sewage, water supply, and electrical utilities — and roads in place.

If the parking near the beach access entrances is not expanded, beach goers may as well seek out other areas to spend their time and money because they will have nowhere to park their vehicle, which is something regular news media will not tell you.

So check this out before you come!



The Beggar’s Pardigm

She was about 50 years old with gray streaked hair and a smidge that was  black and twisted on the top of her forehead on top of a very sweaty face on this hot day in Loris.

Standing in front of the store under the overhang where there was shade at the entrance, she had a smile on her face and she looked anxiously at me as I came towards her from the parking lot.

Dressed in black leg tights, a pink laced blouse that hugged her skinny chest, she continued to look at me as I walked from the parking lot to the store.

She was obviously looking to  beg for money to buy some more alcohol. but I didn’t know that at the time.

Her look attracted me; so I walked towards her and thought the least I could do was introduce Jesus.

“Hi there,” I said.

“Well hello.”

“Praise the Lord,” I exclaimed.

And she said, “I knew it. I saw God in you when you were coming at me. ”

“Oh yes, I love the Lord.”

And then she quoted some scripture, told me her name, and where she was from.

I responded likewise.

We talked some more and I gave her one of my cards with a book’s title God’s Divine Help on it.

And as I put my phone number on the card, the alcohol smell on her breath wandered over to me.

“You got to clean that up,” I said.

“I don’t have that much! Just a little! Hey, you got three or four more dollars?”

“I knew you’d ask that.”

And then her tears began to flow, as God had worked on her.

“I’m going to give you one of my books.”

And so I went to my car and got one of my blue devotional books and brought it back, thumbed through the pages and showed her to just find the subject and read the devotional with the prayer that will bring her out of her problem.

And then she was gone.

And so was my dollar.

But I trust God will fix her and bring her into a better situation.

And that’s what we do when we introduce God to the needy. Plant the seed and let God work.



T.I.’s Plea for Help

One is for I’ll call her gi, who is still trying to get her SSA approved and trying to get side jobs even though she’s targeted. And then she has the hurts like all of us.

I send her some cash every once in awhile until she can her SSA, but if anyone else can contribute please do.

You can send it to me and then I’ll send it to her (my address is 1382 Grandpa Ln. Loris  SC 29569) or I’ll give you a mailing address to send it to her directly (just call me for the address). She’s a wonderful gal and is regularly on the calls.


And then there is homeless dave down in Florida whom I’ve not heard from in awhile but will probably speak up soon, so probably ought to hold off on that one.



ken lee

Satan’s Influence over the Bible and Mind Control Words

Many people us believe that God’s word is strictly is without errors and that Satan is not in involved at all in the Bible — yet Satan’s numbers of 3-6’s, mind control words, and backward english translations such as dog, live, zion-noise, good, etc  . . . are everywhere indicating a disguised attempt to pollute the english language and defame religious words (God, evil, etc . . . ) And then we have the number issues that are connected with human computerized targeting:  John 3: 16, 3-6 mark of the beast, 66 books of the Bible, and there are multiple other popular scriptures with the 3-6 tag.

Extending the list of mind control words are “beam” in the eye, which vciims know is a form of electronic surveillance — sacrificing your body for God’s reasonable service in Roman 12 smirks of human sacrifice (when it should be offering your services).

Worse is when God is supposedly talking from heaven with words such as “my Son,” which us guys know is a form of pulsed electromagnetic radiation waves modulation to a person’s voice box and making him think God is talking. Notice also in scripture that a cloud is present when this language occurs ( for transmission).

Included in the vocabulary of remote electronic mind control words are “suicide, what time is it?, hungry?, telephone, vehicle, etc . . . .

If a person doesn’t realize it’s not their own thinking, they easily act out the commands, and many times commit crimes or break the law.

This pavlonian type system might also send pain to an individual if they don’t obey the command.

And yet our leaders do nothing as people kill without cause, sexually targeted people commit lewd acts, etc .

There need to be laws against this electronic targeting and pollution from antennas.

The FCC does nothing to resrtict and eliminate the harmful radio waves or the word translations. The EPA does nothing to restrict radiation fields, and the Justice Dept. won’t get involved.

So many people are suffering from this radiation, and worse, commit violence, resort to drug use (which will not help), or even commit suicide.

God help us and eliminate the antennas, and may someone find out the adverse energy is originating from (probably long distance) and stop the sonic waves, radio waves, and any other radiation that is interfering with the human nervous system.

Feds Argue for Death Penalty Against Mr. Council Despite Movie Influence

According to the Sun News yesterday on 4/4/18, the federal dist. atty., in South Carolina filed argument for the man M. Council to receive the death penalty, because he killed two bank tellers in Conway a couple years ago and showed no remorse.

Incidences like this particular murder however usually indicates mind control programming was taking place, and in many cases, against Christians, like the two wonderful tellers at the bank, one who was actively involved in extending the kingdom of God in her church.

And Council confessed to having been inspired to rob this bank and kill from watching the movie, Get Rich of Die Tryin, a Paramount — MTV Film release of 11/9/2005. directed by Jim Sheridan.


Anyway, I haven’t seen the movie but it’s something about a drug dealer and obvious violence.

And we know the technology can influence people to do crazy things as a result of seeing such images from a movie, making them repeat the very things they’ve seen.

One could argue Council purposely killed to steal money at his own decision.

But more than likely, this man, with a background of crime, was influenced by the movie he saw, and thereby subjected to act out a plot that again persecutes innocent people by the mind control programmers the terrorists are hiring to carry out evil intentions against Americans and fulfill their insatiable desires to redeem their regenerative sins forbidding to humbly accept the sacrifice of God’s Son Jesus.

The real murderers, in my opinion, are not being held unaccountable.