Civil War Statues or Cell Phone Towers?

I chuckle when people want to eliminate American Civil War representative statues because they are reminded of slavery when 60′ cell phone antenna towers statues linger high above and enslave people with phone devices and radiaton to the human nervous system.

Now just how paradoxical is that?

Events like the one in Virginia and Alabama shows just how far society is being manipulated to destroy its own historical beginning to be a free people under the sovereignty of God.

But people have strayed so far from God or either never learned of God, they don’t know theological principles for life.

Being a fact of adolescence until maturity envelopes self-dependency, the servant slave is illustrated all through the holy scriptures as a child whose master is God Almighty!

But then we have man’s slavery.

Sure, the devil doesn’t want the public to be reminded of slavery!

Because it continues subversively through the air waves and he is guilty.

People — get focused on the battle of getting eliminated cell phone tower statues and you won’t be reminded of slavery!

A concrete or metal statue will not hurt you!




Loris Accident attempts

Twice last week people tried to cause accidents near the intersection of Coats Road and Route 410 in Loris. One car, a green older model car with two young men, was waiting in a driveway near Reece’s body shop, and when he saw me, pulled out and sped off real fast only to stop around the corner at the Jasmine in the middle of the road, where I would turn, and then a car in the opposite direction came at the same time he stopped ( I suppose to be an adverse witness). I stopped and blew the horn for him to go.

A couple days later, I was coming back from the senior center, turned off 410 onto Coats Rd, when a white older SUV suddenly did a U-turn and came in behind me! So I pulled off at the nearest road and stopped to let her go, but then she followed me and also stopped! So then I saw a cut off on to get back on Coats road and go home.

Both these people were trying to cause accidents. These are old country roads where there is usually no traffic.

The low frequency noise continues in Bayboro and I hope someone finds it and stops it.

Programmed Golf Champions

Golf. No one thinks golf can be rigged.

Yet most victims of remote technology know that em fields can be altered around people.

And it wouldn’t be a surprise to know the perpetrators alter them around the putting greens to keep certain names in the headlines.

Want someone to miss a putt? Just alter the fields.

And since all materials seem to be targeted, why not the golf ball and the cup it falls in? And can the synthetic grass greens also be targeted?

That wouldn’t surprise no one who has been a victim.



EMF Crisis Worsens – Should be a National Public Health Emergency

One lady says she can’t take it anymore – the pain from emf targeting is too much and no doctor will substantiate the injuries she receives from the assaults.

So she’s looking for a doctor – and coincidentally – one goes off and shoots other doctors in a local hospital near her in New York as the system picks it up.

Other victims are traveling to Green Bank to try and get relief from the emf assault, but the town is weary of the attention, and the government is talking about closing the emf free zone which so many involuntarily implanted and electro-sensitive individuals seek.

Another lady said she is being assaulted by ELF’s, which appears to be happening other places also.

These man-made radiation emissions in many cases are designed to oppress freedom seekers, send people to institutions or physicians, who don’t understand the problems and have no remedies – and therefore tax the health care system to profit the medical community – leaving the victim in fear, isolation, and sick.

The EMF assault is a national public health crisis.

The states issues national health emergencies for opiod usage but ignore the radiation emissions causing people to take opiods.

The emissions should be eliminated immediately.

Your county wireless provider is not your friend; neither is the power company with harmful power meters, and obviously not the environmental health agencies which do nothing to stop noise air, land, and emf pollution.






Was Jesus Drugged?

I found it interesting the author of the Jesus Papers researched and found the word Joseph used when asking for the “body” of Jesus was in fact a Greek word meaning “live” body — in contrast to the chief priest using a word indicating a “dead” body — in the translation of the Holy Scriptures.

So Jesus was still living on the cross, was the insinuation.

And then the author suggested that Jesus may have indeed been drugged, when offered the (vinegar?) on the sponge.

Many of us victims know that drugging is a continual exercise of the perpetrators.

And then how it wasn’t a coincidence for those people who loved Jesus to
bring all kinds of healing herbs after his death.

The Jesus Papers is an excellent book and I recommend it to anyone searching for truth.

Finding the Sanctuary of God

For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones (Isaiah 57: 15).

Many people think they find God by going out and doing good service, making wonderful things, or getting their name plastered in some conspicuous place.

But with finding God, it is just the opposite. And so God has confirmed this with the prophet Isaiah.

It’s a humbling attitude that finds God — separation to the holy one — whether from being in a car, in a boat on a lake, sitting on a sidewalk, or moreso in a quiet place in nature.

Where the soul is calm, the desires are gone, and lowliness that seeks nothing, does nothing, and even feels nothing.

Abstaining from personal desires to be with God’s Holy Spirit.

Each day should be dedicated to the Holy Spirit, because of a peace that transcends any worries or cares of the world, listening to the wisdom, strength, and good health by-products of the Holy Spirit.

Looking out at the waves of water this morning made me realize the peace of the Holy Spirit transcends anything on earth. Regardless of the events on earth, God is still God and in control of each of us, and wants good things for us.

Peace I leave with you, not as the world gives, said Jesus.


Silence! – But the Word is Life

Someone brought up in conversation the other night about how the C.I.A. and other so called intelligence agency employees are sworn to silence about their works.

But silence can be an unhealthy journey, especially if there are secret sins such as when King David had an affair with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered.

David said of his sin and silence: When I was silent, my bones became old through my roaring all day long (Psalms 32: 3).

David was full of turmoil. But he eventually confessed his sin and found life.

But how about if he had been silenced by some authority and had no sin?

No, don’t talk about it — it’s a secret for the good of mankind — he would have been told.

Yet people all around suffer because of someone’s dark works.

If Abraham’s son Isaac had not spoken up at the time of an attempted killing by Abraham, I wonder what the outcome would have been. (Read Genesis 22.)

But God heard Isaac questioning his father about just who was going to be sacrificed, and it got Abraham to thinking.

So Abraham’s conscience was pricked, and I know an angel came along also.

Thank you Jesus for taking the place of sacrifice in your silence!

So we can have good health and speak joyfully of your word.

If believers do not speak and give instruction or encouraging words to the destitute, then how will people learn?

If they have not a preacher of the gospel, then how will they find God?

But silence!

The noise pollution of dark spirits surrounds the earth.

International Conference on Persecution

Please be reminded that a conference about persecution takes place in Washington D.C. May 10-13.

For all people who are being persecuted, whether by slavery, technology, radiologically targeted, now is the time to voice your concerns to the clergy and members who are attending the conference.

Maybe a march around the meeting area with signs that depict people are being persecuted with mind control programs and pulsed microwaves to the nervous system will get the attendees attention and get the targeting stopped,

And finally get the MK-Ultra program on the Senate Committee agenda hearing schedule.

Last but not least, taking some cell phone towers down would give victims relief.

The Billy Graham Evangelical Association is hosting the conference:




Weekly Devotion: 4/10/17; Conforming to God

It’s a good thing Jesus never conformed to being a model for someone else, or the officials, because then we wouldn’t have a Savior. He conformed to the image of God, who is holy, righteous, and pure.

But there were times that Jesus was pressured to join the world: socialize with the righteous, well-to-do, and the Pharisees.

Society still tries to fit people into certain programs, but people who know Christ are unique and employ gifts of the Holy Spirit that are productive for God’s sake and not man’s.

If you don’t know Christ, consider reading the Bible to find out how you can employ God’s gift through Christ.

Stop U.S. Funding Covert MK-Ultra Programs

A child comes home and lies on his bed. No one is home. His mother is at work. His father is at the hospital, poisoned, and they want a divorce from each other.

The room is dark – a solitary habitat for sleeping – and reading – with a little boy blue lamp under the covers to give light where there’s darkness.

The front door opens, and his mother empties her change purse to find money for bread and meat at the store – to avoid the refrigerator’s poisoned items. And the boy takes off.
The years pass. The divorce happens. And there’s a new man now, whose honeymoon with her finds Richmond, Virginia.
They know I’m alone. It’s dark, lonely, the stranger enters the bedroom, quickly applies the anesthesia and injects neuro-toxins into the kid’s Eustachian tube.
Upon waking, the pain is horrific: the ear pulses, with the microwave radiation stabbing at it.
The boy is now a MK-ultra victim: isolated, good-looking, intelligent.
That’s all it takes: one isolated room and one physiological neuro-toxin implant to destroy a life, backed by dark continuous funding of the U.S. Government from 1953.
School grades will go from outstanding to below average, friends will leave, and disease will take over, as the body tries to rid itself of the synthetic toxins. Songs resonate against boy’s pharynx and larynx regions of the neck, and there is an inability to concentrate.
Crime, sex, and drugs will try and now prevail over the child’s life. Sold under the microwave torture system of slavery.
But then came God . . . .

One hot and humid night, I walked up to the church and found the doors open.

I walked inside. No one was present, but the doors to the sanctuary were open, and the light from the foyer illuminated the aisle to the front of the altar.

I walked to the front, laid on the thick red carpeted floor, and my tears poured out – and my emotions to God.

And there was silence in heaven. I don’t know how long. I was in a trance.

And I saw angels descending coming out of the throne of God — and Christ on the right side, just as the Bible describes, and there was a great peace, as I was made into another person, just as the Holy Spirit does when repentance from sin takes place.

I found my life, and I found truth, as bad as it would be.

It happened sixteen years prior that dark morning when I was home alone sleeping, and then I began to understand

The victims want the U.S. Government to stop funding non-c0nsensual experimentation programs, eliminate implanting adults and children with radiological sensitive implants, eliminate the drone surveillance program and hold those people accountable who have participated in implanting and destroying people’s lives, and the victims want an apology, compensation, and all the targeting stopped.