Florida Mass Shooting Survivors Should Demand End of Mind Control and Not Guns

Possible the survivors might take these demands below to the halls of Congress and get a Representative to file a resolution that stops mind control programs. I wrote up the below list during the occupy demonstrations in 2011.

What We Want


Demands from the People Who are Being Manipulated by Remote Electronic Targeting

To: United States Government,  State Government, and other Government in the World

List of Demands

  1. Immediate Halt of Electronically Targeting Human Beings with Artificial Energy (both non-ionizing and ionizing).

  2. Compensation for all victims (including relatives of wrongful deaths) who have been assaulted by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

  3. Perpetrators and Instigators of Mind Control, Direct Energy programs, and their conspirators to be jailed.

  4. Healthcare initiative by Public Health Services for Implant detection, removal, and disablement.

  5. An apology be made to the victims.

  6. A pact that begins disablement of the HAARP Antenna System, GWEN tower antennas, and any other ground based station that is emanating harmful energy to human health; including Space based Weapons and any and all other devices of communication that are being used for a purpose other than what they were intended.

  7. For an Oversight Board of Protection for Humans from Artificial Radiation Assault to be established with a majority of experienced targeted individuals.

  8. For immediate legislation that bans anyone from using a non-ionizing or ionizing radiation device against another human, and legislation that provides criminal penalties for using such weaponry, including the death penalty.

  9. A day of remembrance to be established each year for the victims of covert remote electronic murder.

  10. That foreign satellites be excluded from U.S. Airspace, or that registration of such vehicle take place in complicit with a ban of devices harmful to human health. (Individuals are being attacked heavily on holiday weekends when the U.S. fails to monitor and defend its skies.)

  11. For individual states to be encouraged to develop monitoring techniques of radiation and have authority to enforce the limits and disable improper devices.

  12. For all U.S. Government agencies to open the files of all targeted individuals. (There are no secrets that are vital to national security – victims are being assaulted daily in their persons in the U. S. and have been for at least 35 years.)

  13. Safe housing be provided for current victims of electronic torture whose implants are too deep to remove.

  14. That involuntary injection to the skin with needle or other device considered to be an assault with a deadly weapon and that criminal penalties be applied.

  15. Release of patients from mental hospitals who are being targeted, with counseling provided to return to normal society.

  16. Release of wrongfully convicted prisoners who have been targeted with voice to skull transmissions and remote images to commit crimes, with counseling provided to return to a normal society.

  17. A pact that begins U.S. withdrawal from the NATO aerial spraying program, which components are facilitating electronic harassment to the victims with implants.

  18. That U.S. Government officials with “dual citizenship” be mandated to eliminate citizenship to a foreign country or leave the U.S.



Mail Fraud: Insurance Company in N.H.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday that had a return address of the Office of Personnel Management, Retirement Services.

But it was not really a letter from  the real govt. agency, OPM, which was my employing agency when I was working.

This letter was from some long term care insurance company purporting to be a U.S. Government office, which is illegal.

It had a P.O. Box number, 757, somewhere in New Hampshire, and I’ll try and update this later.

I hope the Postal Inspection Service investigates what seems to be mail fraud by that company.

Persecuted But Not Forsaken Book: Chapter 4; Targeted Adolescence

Chapter 4 — My Targeted Adolescence

And this is when I was attacked and victimized as I explained earlier.

After the covert implant attack in my bedroom in 1965, I went from an absolutely outstanding student in 5th grade to mediocrity, loneliness, and problems with my health.

My summers were spent wandering the streets of Tidewater on my bicycle, going as far as Virginia Beach on occasion and even Chesapeake Beach on two occasions. That was ludicrous! Seeing that they were ten miles from the house and the traffic in the Norfolk area was heavy.

But there in my targeted world, it was an escape – to load up my bicycle basket with a few snacks in the morning, tools for the trip, and take off for destination unknown.

Many times I would pedal the three-mile ride to the Airport, where I would catch turtles and ride the trails in the botanical gardens.

But I did have fun. And when the sun went down, I often loaded back up the bike and ended my day at Norfolk International Park where the Triple-A Tidewater Tides played baseball.

The attack would destroy the best years of my life: I would suffer ten years of receiving subliminal music emanations to my head – songs that repeated themselves over and over. Worse, I became distracted easily and could no longer concentrate on my schoolwork.

My life would continue on its downward spiral. My school grades dropped. I couldn’t make the transition to eighth grade at Taylor Junior High School. And I had few friends.

Something wasn’t right. I wasn’t dumb, because I had outstanding grades all through elementary school. In the seventh grade, I actually passed a test that put me in an accelerated math class program taking algebra a year earlier than everyone else. But I certainly wasn’t capable of good grades with the targeting.

I knew I needed to go to work so I got a newspaper route, and I started working at a gas station. I suppose now this is what I was programmed to do: flunk school and go to work.

Here is where I learned to grease car fittings, change oil, and fix tires. I’d sweep off the whole service lot area, wash windows, and empty garbage cans along with waiting on customers. I’d be filthy at the end of the day but loved every minute of it.

I started off at 35 cents an hour. When I left the station at 17, I was making $1.25/hour. I was cheap labor for sure. But it was good for me. And then I could afford to buy my own food.

But now I understand why mom did not stock the refrigerator: there was the threat of poison. Dad would have never done such a thing, but the perpetrators would try and make it look like it because he was an exterminator. And the perpetrators always want to further a divorce and create some kind of suspicious actions between the man and wife.

I’m continually amazed to this day how a person can open their refrigerator and not give the least thought of something being drugged

Nothing could be trusted at home. Still can’t fifty years later. I’ve been carrying a good part of my food for at least ten years.

The first thing I believe they were drugging was my salt. When I started carrying my own salt with me, I started to heal. And then I began to figure it all out.

Most electronically targeted victims claim the perpetrators poison their foods if not only to induce physical sickness but accentuate the remote electronic targeting. If it had not been for my knowledge about activated charcoal neutralizing poisons, I’d be dead for sure.

Perhaps since you are reading this book, you have started to put together events in your life that may have indeed been programmed. The first thing that happens is you get angry, and then you want justice, as many of us victims.

Were all these strange happenings the products of divorce? Not hardly. The targeting of my family has begun in earnest. These perpetrators want to separate us, and then slow kill us, which is what happened to all of us.

I was clued in one day when I tried to hook up an old bum friend for a date with mom.

He may have dressed in rags, but he was smart: he was a former electrician at the Navy Yard.

A chain smoker originally from North Carolina, he came to Norfolk to get a job at the Navy yard like many people did during the war. But he was anything but stupid. He had an old Chevrolet in mint condition in his garage. He also had an old truck up until the time he got crazier. And he was stockpiling silver quarters and dollar certificates long before anyone else ever thought about it. I saw his stash one day when he invited me into his house. Far as I know, I was the only person who ever had gone into those secret quarters.

And I had seen him dress well on occasion, clothes far from his daily one-piece set of work overalls that had holes in them.

The man was a victim. He had been under psychiatric care for years, and everyone in the neighborhood called him crazy. I knew he was not crazy, from spending hours talking with him near the drug store and listening to his stories.

After mom and him went out, the next day he made a remark I never forgot: “They are going to kill you and your mother.”

I did not reply, but I knew he would not lie. I could only wonder about his statement however as the years passed. Now I know the perpetrators and their technology have the power to make people say something with a forced speech program.

I’ve seen the patent on it, and I’ve experienced the continual pulsations to my neck and my vocal chords.

Those of you who grew up in small towns and had close families may not understand how secret activities like these can happen, but when a family is in a large metropolis such as the Norfolk area, where there are a lot of covert agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, Armed Forces Defense intelligence agencies, and God knows what other clandestine agencies and corporations exist including foreign entities, evil exists!

I mean, who knows what your neighbor is doing or where he works?

Or what about the milkman coming to your door? Or how about the diaper service guy coming to pick up the diapers?

In the city, you learn to beware.

If the same covert involuntarily needling of my body had not occurred years later, I would have never figured out my family was being targeted.

But when I awoke one morning in the back of my pickup truck at the Emerald Isle fishing pier in 2004 to find the right side of my body paralyzed, I put the story all together. I could barely walk after this injection to my nervous system and I still suffer today from that event.

The perpetrators knew I was going there. They knew I had figured out the targeting program. And they knew I was going to expose it, because I was putting people together in different parts of the country with my petition.

After the attack I visited another nearby fishing pier, and when I walked down the pier a man who was sullenly smoking a cigarette with an arm on the wooden rail looked over at me and said, “I hear you’ve been having a little trouble.”

I had never seen the man in my life, but obviously he had participated in my attack.

I probably never should have gone to this area, but I wanted to not only take a break and go fishing, but a girl from Atlantic Beach, N.C. had signed the petition, and I wanted to talk with her and learn more about the targeting.

Persecuted But Not Forsaken: Chapter 3


(You can buy my book Persecuted But Not Forsaken at Amazon, but if you hang around here long enough, you may be able to read the whole thing as I post chapters occasionally.)

Chapter 3: Targeting

I don’t remember dad being at the house much after we moved in. I can remember us watching some television together — shows like Bonanza on Sunday night, and of course the Green Bay Packers and their playoff games. And oh yes, Dad and I would watch the Saturday afternoon baseball game the only and first year he was there.

And I remember watching and learning how to play cribbage, which he and mom played at the dining room table.

Other than that, my memories aren’t much, other than a couple of times he picked me up and took me to his apartment after him and mom separated.

Dad began to be gone more than he was at home, because his business for one thing.

The programming puts many talented people into vocations such as pest control, plumbing sewage, janitorial, housecleaning, and nanny jobs – anything to keep the victim out of jobs that influence public opinion.

Then dad was poisoned when a waitress gave him household ammonia in place of ammonia spirits for a headache. His esophagus was burned up and he would be fed through a tube for months.

I do remember visiting him in the hospital and seeing all the tubes hooked up to him.

In order to follow dad’s programming, a similar thing would happen to me twenty-six years later – poisoned at 33 years old.

That’s what the programming does: tries to get the kids to follow the actions of the parents and blame maladies on genetics, regardless of personal character.

Years later, the perpetrators would do a similar thing to my daughter, sending her to a school 1500 miles away from home right near the military base where I was stationed twenty some years earlier. That was absurd, when there were plenty of great schools right in Virginia, but she didn’t know any better.

For another example of programming, Dad had earlier cooked for a living, and cooking would be the one merit badge I would later earn in the Boy Scouts. I really didn’t have that much interest in cooking, but there I was cooking eggs and bacon for the group of scouts while on a camping trip.

But anyway, my mother became paranoid about this time when Dad was gone a lot; she did not trust the food, her sister, and especially dad. She started withdrawing from society.

Where before we went over to my aunt’s house every Sunday night to play poker, talk, and have fun — all of that stopped because mom and my aunt stopped socializing.

It’s difficult to understand mom filing for divorce because she was a regular church attendee and took me every Sunday.

For what it’s worth, her divorce lawyer’s last name at the bottom of her decree was Abrahav. Years later, I tried to research this lawyer’s name but found nothing on Norfolk’s city register.

But I suppose it was Abraham, and like many lawyers who are ashamed of their filings or don’t want to be known, their name suddenly becomes illegible or they send one of their interns over to the court to do the dirty work.

Now dad was popular with women, for he serviced restaurants and met quite a few women.

Maybe that’s the reason mom filed for divorce, but she wanted financial security, and dad’s business was going to take time to grow.

About this time is when her mother’s estate was being divided in Cherokee and the Baker roll revision made her an Indian. So she started working her way back home.

My brother, who was living with us at the time along with his beauty queen of a wife, began to feel stressed from his draftsman’s job at a time when stress was not a household problem.

His wife got pregnant, and then they moved out of our house into an apartment near my aunt.

I babysat my nephew for some time, and un-coincidentally enough later found he was dancing in one of those skimpily dressed shows in New York.

But MK-Ultra is partly designed to make sex slaves out of its victims. Many a victim has complained of sexual attacks from electronic targeting. Manipulating the electro-magnetic fields around a victim to push the blood to sensitive areas will cause sexual stimulation.

The victims chosen are good looking, which reminds me of such biblical characters such as Daniel and his friends who were fair to look upon and enslaved to serve the king. They had no blemish upon them and were intelligent.

My brother quit his job because of stress, and got some kind of compensation as a result. He was definitely targeted.

I heard some kind of story the FBI was chasing my brother because he was involved in a shootout. He eventually landed in Memphis, Tennessee, where he re-married a nice Christian woman and had a second child. He was awarded disability and would not work another day in his life as far I know, choosing to play golf.

The last time I saw him was in a Cherokee Courtroom when he threatened me shortly after I filed a caveat to a copy of a testamentary will my mother had not signed: the original copy had been destroyed.

It’s my opinion mom’s remote targeting started when she was on the Reservation, but she started showing the signs of being targeted just about the time of the divorce here in Norfolk in 1965 — just shortly after we all had to moved to the house in Fox Hall, which would be an event the perpetrators like to blame their activities on.

Many victims at first think a particular incident has caused their targeting, but as time passes, they find that the targeting had been from birth.

Because of mom’s paranoia, and wisdom I might add, for dinner each night, I would have to ride my bicycle up to a grocery store one mile away to get food.

I didn’t mind, because I kept the leftover change and bought comics.

I enjoyed the trips to the store, traversing the sloped ditch behind trucking company, and continuing across neighborhoods to the grocery store.

Mom would hardly ever cook anything out of the refrigerator. That was a no-no in our targeted world: there was never no more than three items in the refrigerator.

Mom stopped socializing with her sister, stopped working at her new job at the water department downtown, and went to work as a secretary with Colonial Stores credit union, which was actually closer to home.

Shortly after the divorce, mom met an old friend by the name of H. Wenton.

Howard wasn’t too charming, and he had a drinking problem, but he did work and bring home money which is something we lacked for some time.

I never had more than three pairs of pants and a couple shirts, but this is also representative of the targeting, and if I do acquire something nice, the perpetrators will put holes in it or make a tear. This wasn’t too common in the first years of targeting but it escalated in the last twenty years.

This clothes tampering happens to nearly all victims.

I wish the perpetrators would not have torn the quilts I made later on in life.

The Office of Personnel Management Problem

  1. Applied for Deferred Federal Retirement with 22 years of service May 5, 2015 at age 62.
  2. My retirement file is missing at home.
  3. OPM responded first week of July with a minimum monthly payment annuity of $260.00
  4. OPM asked for $2800.00 (three times — changing the dates each time)  that said an employer (NPS) failed to make an appropiate CSRS deposit.
  5. Contacted employer at Denver and forwarded information certifying payment had been made, but OPM would not recognize it (though it was certified by employer). Is OPM employee trying to extort money from federal employee?
  6. OPM initial determination of a monthly annuity was included on the three forms, with and without the requested deposit, with declaration irrevocable in thirty days.
  7. Lacking finality, Federal Court objection was filed late summer of 2015.
  8. OPM issued final booklet form of benefits Nov. 30, 2015 but would neither recognize my full military service deposit. OPM could not (and still can not) substantiate claim of a partial deposit.)
  9. Sent proof of military deposit from Archives Center and OPM still fails to recognize three years military time.
  10. Filed appeal with MSPB.
  11. MSPB disclaimed jurisdiction around April 2016, saying OPM hadn’t made a final decision
  12. Fed. Court denied jurisdiction — to MSPB. (Does anyone have jurisdiction over OPM?)
  13. In April 2017, OPM admits it had made an “initial decision,” did not recognize my military time, and gave me thirty days to ask for a “reconsideration.”
  14. Filed reconsideration request on the issues and sent military deposit information for the sixth time showing full payment was made with balance due of zero, which was made by payroll deductions by the USPS and certified as such, with retirement computation date accordingly.
  15. It is now August of 2017 and OPM fails to respond.
  16. OPM has made 5 initial decisions: three on the deposit request forms, one on the booklet of benefits, and then by letter in April 2017.
  17. Finally, on 9/28/17, after two years and four months, OPM gave me credit for my military service, so it probably them a million dollars over two years time in administration costs for denying I was due the credit when they could have taken ten minutes to fix it and in the long run saved the government a lot of time and money.
  18. Incredible.







Congress Failure to Open Mk-Ultra Puts Everyone at Risk

It’s evident the recent shootings at the ball game was an MK-Ultra incident because the numbers are present (66 year old man, 9 mm gun, and he goes behind 3rd base), he doesn’t care about which political party is there, and he’s obviously been isolated for some time, as witnesses testified.

All symptoms of being a MK-Ultra victim.

Yet Congress still refuses to openly discuss and get this program stopped.

What will it take to get this targeting stopped?

Do the perpetrators threaten more harm to America?

But to live in fear is already living in bondage, and Congress refusing to put this issue before the people endangers more lives.

Congress! Call the implant manufacturers, neurologists, ent’s, surveillance technicians, and get this targeting stopped!

We are all being endangered by  the wireless technologies and human behavior modification programs!

and don’t forget justice for the MK-Ultra victims!

Should Obama go to Prison?

The atrocities of the last administration of promoting sexual gender change, spying on Americans, falsely promising affordable health care, going so far as to have sexual practices taught in the schools (under planned parenthood) rather than kids getting an education that will help them find jobs, negligence in Benghazi of supporting U.S. Government employees, along with the killing of innocent people in foreign countries by drones — made me think about other rulers and subordinates who performed such practices in the past — and were confronted by God.

Manasseh is one. He practiced witchcraft, strange divinations, put a false idol in the temple, sacrificed children, and murdered innocent people (1 Chronicles 33).

It did not go unnoticed by our Lord, who sent commanders from the Assyrians to bind Manasseh and his people, put a hook in his nose, shackle him and put him in prison

That’s what God does when evil begins to proliferate: he cleans it up.

Manasseh’s son took over the kingdom and didn’t make any good changes; therefore he was slain by the people, and Josiah was made king.

And Josiah did that which was right by the Lord: he tore down the high places of worship, removed false idols, and repaired the temple.

But he sure had a mess to clean up.

It’s sad so many people suffer for the sins of a few people. Manasseh had even caused the people to err.

Consider the innocent people who have been wounded and killed by drone strikes and conspired surveillance not only overseas but in this country.

Many survivors have resorted to the courts for justice only to be shunned and never given an explanation.

But God knows . . . . and no one will escape accountability for injuring innocent people (Deuteronomy 19: 10).

Blood guiltiness. Whosoever bothers the innocent will not go unpunished.

I had drones constantly fly over my home for months in 2012, from October to December, only to have them quit after some intruder came into my home while I was taking a nap and obviously try to kill me for which I am still suffering today. Who’s responsible?

I have yet to see anyone go to jail or die for the  attempted murder and forced drugging.

But I really don’t have to know.

Us victims know God will have vengeance, because God is faithful by His word (Deut. 19: 10).






Revelation: Introduction Part 2

(Excerpted from my unpublished book: Persecuted but not Forsaken.)

I had suffered earaches before but nothing like the one I had one Sunday morning when my mother was in Richmond getting married to my step-father, H. Welton.
Of course, I wasn’t expecting some man to come into my bedroom in the middle of the night and stick me with neuro-toxins into my Eustachian tube and try to control me the rest of my life.

Fortunately, mom had left me an emergency number to call in case there was an emergency, and so I picked up the phone and dialed it.

The operator on the other side of the line answered, “Holiday Inn, Main Borough.”
“I need to talk to my mom, Merle Banes.”
And there was silence that seemed forever as I held the receiver to my aching head.
“There’s no one here by that name,” she said.
“Okay, thank you,” I responded and put the phone back in its cradle.
I thought, She wouldn’t have lied to me.

So I checked the number again and it was definitely the one I had dialed, but then I thought about her probably checking in with her new husband’ name, and I called back.

“Ma’am, can you check for a Merle Welton,” I asked.
“Yes, room 137. I’ll ring for you.”
And she answered!
“Mom, I really didn’t want to call but my ear hurts terribly.”
“Well, put a warm cloth on it and the pain should go away.”
“Tried that but it’s pulsing terribly,” I said.
“Try it for awhile longer and call me later if it still hurts.”
“Okay. Sorry to have bothered you,” and I put the telephone back into the holder.

Well, the pain didn’t go away, as much as I tried to lay my head down on a warm cloth and get the blood going to that side of the head hoping to ease whatever had happened and get it out.

I called her again and she said she couldn’t get home until Tuesday, and then she would take me to Doctor Schneider.

So far, my attackers got just what they wanted – me to be implanted and my mom’s marriage weekend ruined.

This is what they do: look for opportunities to separate families, cause dissension, make people sick, and prey upon innocent children and parents.

Now I know what those black things are on Dad’s face.

People call them blackheads, but they are neurotoxins that when energized impart radiation and stimulate the nerves  to try and drive a person crazy.
So what do these evil perpetrators want with me and my family I wonder as I lay on the bed unable to concentrate for any amount of time with the right side of my head swelling.

I’m only 12 and don’t bother anyone but just have a simple life of going to school, reading, and playing sports.

But the Central Intelligence initiated this MK-Ultra program in 1952 and attacked 36,000 unwitting victims including Native Americans with involuntary drugging, stalking, remote sensing technology, and electronically sensitive implants to manipulate their behavior into being spies, assassins, and medical experiments.

My mother was born on the Reservation.

I am a victim, and so was my mother, father, and brother.

And there are a lot more of us that have the stories together.

We talk about finding black toxin polymer carbon based substances in our bodies and being stalked all over the world.

Waking up with one side of my body paralyzed in the back of my pickup one morning while parked at a fishing pier in 2004 encouraged me to find who, what, when, where, and why someone was trying to disable and eventually kill me.

I didn’t ask to be put in this targeting program — I was drafted into it by some lunatic who has fanatical imagination about trying to control people.
And I won’t keep silent about the most torturous program on earth in the history of mankind.

Other victims have not been so fortunate to tell their stories:  I think of Cynthia Guilder who was murdered in her home by a young renter who refused to pay the rent and then strangled her and set the house on fire.

Pam Anders pleaded for help from the government prior to the Presidential meeting of Barack Obama’s Bio-ethics commission only to receive none and then went and killed herself .

Or Clare Werle who died in a hit and run accident after she said her CIA boyfriend was responsible for her targeting.

There are countless others who were murdered to stop talking about this program.
After I was born again that day in the church aisle in 1981, I constantly testify about this illegal targeting program so that other people will not suffer what I have.

I have a whole lot of experience from being targeted since I was twelve years old.
My Petition to Cease and Ban Direct Energy Programs and Surveillance of Humans in 2004 gathered 600 signatures over three years.

Not a whole lot of signatures you might think, but nearly each individual was a very special person who had suffered immensely.
The petition broke the ice, and of course it got me targeted worse.

But at least it separated the real victims from the constant deceivers who did everything to try and discredit us.

We are alive, and from the small group of ten or so, we now have conference calls, meetings, Internet web sites and the like. But certainly many of us suffered as a result, and many have perished.

My story shows a covert group of sadistic people with the government’s blessing and money got together to remotely torture individuals in their isolation. Do I have their names?

A few but they obviously have enough some kind of influence, up until now, they are protected from prosecution.
You might ask: Why don’t you just go to a lawyer and get justice?
The legal community is scared to death to initiate lawsuit against intelligence agencies, but this is changing, as lawyers are finally putting together evidence of the targeting apparatus, implant manufacturers, and the people involved.
But the targeting is highly sophisticated, such that anyone can be targeted: judges, jurors, etc . . . .

A couple of victims I understand have had some success in filing complaints against the perpetrators but they usually compromised with an order that precludes them from taking about the case.

This remote targeting can affect anyone, anywhere, in any situation. And now I understand implants aren’t needed to stimulate a person’s nerves. Every nerve in the human body can be stimulated by a certain radiological frequency, but the implants make it easier. And there are natural transmitters in the blood these perpetrators have identified.

I personally saw five legal firms close their offices or move shortly after I visited them in a two-month span around 1989 when I was just trying to get a second opinion about a couple things in my attempt to defend myself in a divorce case.
So I knew right then this targeting issue wasn’t just a local issue; it was global with technically designed to shut down the slightest bit of truth gathering evidence against anyone.

Now this targeting is widespread over communities causing people to be angry at one another, commit suicide or terrible acts of violence, or live nomadic lives in fear and loneliness.

The perpetrators want their victims to run to doctors, counselors, and other professionals for help, rather than enjoy a free life seeking the pursuit of happiness and good works in hopefully from a pure and holy God through Jesus Christ.

The Bible says, The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso puteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe (Proverbs 29: 25).

Obeying that doctrine has kept me alive these many targeting years, for when trouble came, I simply found the quietest area and prayed to God for help and direction; hence my book, God’s Divine Help.

At the very times I needed something to rely on for guidance, truth, and comfort, the Bible was there for me, and I summarized the subjects in God’s Divine Help to anyone find spiritual help quickly.
The scriptures actually helped me understand the targeting process: how Jericho fell without a shot being fired, how the devil is constantly looking for human sacrifices to atone for sin rather than accept the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the 3-6 numbering system that is utilized by computers to target people and cause confusion.

Attendance at a Presbyterian church only encouraged me to learn more about the scriptures when visiting professors from the nearby Christian law school would preach on ancient languages and give much insight to the Spirit of God.

And I thank God for the Reverend there, who prayed for me daily for years. Maybe he knew something about my future I didn’t.

But unless non-ionizing radiation emanations are regulated such that humans will not be disturbed mentally, there are going to be some terrible things happening. Of course they already are with all the mass shootings.

Look at the numbers, whether they be of the date, addresses, ages, and material goods, all part of the 3-6 targeting system.

With the help of God, I hope to bring understanding to this subject.
People are suffering and looking for relief, answers, and safety. I don’t have the complete answers.

And stories of torture are told every week on the conference calls and Internet sites.
This one is mine.

(To be continued.)


Stop U.S. Funding Covert MK-Ultra Programs

A child comes home and lies on his bed. No one is home. His mother is at work. His father is at the hospital, poisoned, and they want a divorce from each other.

The room is dark – a solitary habitat for sleeping – and reading – with a little boy blue lamp under the covers to give light where there’s darkness.

The front door opens, and his mother empties her change purse to find money for bread and meat at the store – to avoid the refrigerator’s poisoned items. And the boy takes off.
The years pass. The divorce happens. And there’s a new man now, whose honeymoon with her finds Richmond, Virginia.
They know I’m alone. It’s dark, lonely, the stranger enters the bedroom, quickly applies the anesthesia and injects neuro-toxins into the kid’s Eustachian tube.
Upon waking, the pain is horrific: the ear pulses, with the microwave radiation stabbing at it.
The boy is now a MK-ultra victim: isolated, good-looking, intelligent.
That’s all it takes: one isolated room and one physiological neuro-toxin implant to destroy a life, backed by dark continuous funding of the U.S. Government from 1953.
School grades will go from outstanding to below average, friends will leave, and disease will take over, as the body tries to rid itself of the synthetic toxins. Songs resonate against boy’s pharynx and larynx regions of the neck, and there is an inability to concentrate.
Crime, sex, and drugs will try and now prevail over the child’s life. Sold under the microwave torture system of slavery.
But then came God . . . .

One hot and humid night, I walked up to the church and found the doors open.

I walked inside. No one was present, but the doors to the sanctuary were open, and the light from the foyer illuminated the aisle to the front of the altar.

I walked to the front, laid on the thick red carpeted floor, and my tears poured out – and my emotions to God.

And there was silence in heaven. I don’t know how long. I was in a trance.

And I saw angels descending coming out of the throne of God — and Christ on the right side, just as the Bible describes, and there was a great peace, as I was made into another person, just as the Holy Spirit does when repentance from sin takes place.

I found my life, and I found truth, as bad as it would be.

It happened sixteen years prior that dark morning when I was home alone sleeping, and then I began to understand

The victims want the U.S. Government to stop funding non-c0nsensual experimentation programs, eliminate implanting adults and children with radiological sensitive implants, eliminate the drone surveillance program and hold those people accountable who have participated in implanting and destroying people’s lives, and the victims want an apology, compensation, and all the targeting stopped.




Eliminate the Merit Systems Protection Board

Is the Office of Personnel Management trying to extort money from federal retirees?

The Merit Systems Protection Board was formed in 1978 by Congress under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 to help resolve retirement benefits issues with the Office of Personnel Management, for federal employees.

Before, the U.S. District Courts and Court of Claims used to handle retirement disputes but a finality clause of determining benefits restricted their participation.

Any federal employee under the CSRS whose rights and interests have been affected by an adverse decision by OPM has the right to appeal to the Board for relief – if – OPM has “labeled” a decision (1) initial and (2) final (see 5 C.F.R. 831.109-110).

Which could take a very long time.

I have been waiting 17 months to get my retirement fixed.

This is the position I found myself in after retiring in May of 2015 at 62 years of age with 22 years of federal service applying for deferred retirement. And OPM miscalculated my retirement pay and would not reconsider fixing it.

I didn’t so much mind the nearly two month delay for OPM to respond to my application for deferred retirement, but then they asked for money – an amount they could neither substantiate nor designate a proper time frame for in which they said my employer failed to make the retirement deposits, on three request notices, and by which my employer was actually required to deposit by 5 U.S.C. 8334. (Archived evidence proves my employer made the deposit.)

I appealed, but lacking a so called “final” decision of OPM determining my claim, I went to the U.S. District Court, who denied jurisdiction to the Merit Systems Protection Board, which handles disputes of Civil Service retirement issues
(Later, I found out that in order to get OPM to fix something, a “reconsideration” request must be made in writing. OPM in my case would not respond to a reconsideration request over the phone no matter how much I argued they were wrong and provided evidence to fix the computation.

So if you are a federal employee under CSRS by all whose rights have been adversely affected, by all means get OPM to label any decision as initial or final. Call them down on it. Then, send them a reconsideration request letter quickly, if they won’t comply with your evidence.

Finally, or so I thought, OPM’s booklet of benefits came around November after seven months. And it neither had a label as initial or final.

I appealed to the Merit Board in December of 2015 that OPM had miscalculated my retirement.

The board, after four months, sided with OPM though OPM failed to respond to the appeal, failed to attend a telephone conference, and failed to respond to a demand order; and then they were given an extension to file a request to get the appeal dismissed for lack of jurisdiction by 5 U.S.C 831.109-110 citing they hadn’t made an initial or final decision on my retirement!

This is how OPM shields itself from accountability and corruption charges, and I might add, failing to timely respond to an active or retired employee’s appeal.
A request to review my complaint with The MSPB Petition for Review Board, which took four more months, was no help; they also sided with OPM.

This system is flawed and biased towards the government, and I noted this in my Petition for Review. And we all know who hired the Administrative Judges: OPM.

If the MSPB is not going to hear and judge civil service retirement issues upon OPM error within the time limits of the Administrative Procedure Act, which mandates business be effectuated in a timely manner, the Merit Board should be dismantled — or either reject appeals at the moment of filing to save litigants’ time and effort, and save the taxpayers a lot of money.

Or possibly such matters as these could be turned back over to the District Courts for litigation so a former employee can get an equitable hearing.

But in my case, the MSPB didn’t work, and neither did the federal court.

Possibly 5 C.F.R. 831.109-110 needs to be repealed, or incorporate time limits for OPM to respond to applications for retirement, but something needs to be done to get this agency functioning right. They would never survive in the private commercial world.

And while we’re on the subject, until the United States Government and OPM returns to hiring and promoting “best qualified” applicants, as before the Ronald Reagan era, nothing is going to change.