Weekly Devotion: Feb. 27, 2017 Good News

It’s refreshing to see news from bloggers and independent journalists available to the public so people know what is really happening in the world — makes life so simpler and safer. The devil doesn’t like all this true information available to the public because of his sins being exposed.

And the mainstream media has succumbed to new levels!

One established paper in this area went so far as to show a young girl laying on a dog’s back claiming it was some kind of therapy and another paper had a headline about God being insane.

That said, here’s some refreshing news.

Bloomingdeal’s has moved to a new location from its old store location off Hwy. 57 to Sea Mountain Highway across from the North Myrtle Beach High School.

This thrift store has clothes, books (and some good old ones I might add), jewelry, furniture, appliances, and an assortment of other items. The staff is friendly, and I encourage you to visit them at their new location.

And there’s a great market at Playcard, where Rusty cooks some great food and has an abundance of market items. He’s been there for three years. The market is located about one mile west on Route 410 from the Route 19 intersection in Bayboro. I had a chicken sandwich there this morning, and it was great.

How do people find these places unless they are informed?

It’s the same with Jesus.

And that’s why the Bible is being distributed all the world and has ordained ministers to preach the good news.

The Bible says, How, then, shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10: 14).

A couple people had no idea where Bloomingdale’s and the Market were, and the same is often true with God.

A person may be looking for a good item at the store, but might consider finding the right minister in the area who can give the right spiritual application.

There’s a church around every corner.


Drugs and Joy But How About Jesus?

It was a warm sunny afternoon, and I had just finished playing golf with a friend and been sent home with a large plate of homemade food by his wife after stopping by his house.

As I traveled on Route 17 towards home, there was a rest stop with picnic tables and benches, and since I was tired, I decided to stop and partake of the food while it was hot.

A mockingbird danced on the ground oblivious to the guy on the park bench eating, and then there were the peaceful sounds of leaves rustling from the wind.

Until a figure came off the road came scurrying down the hill towards me — a kid loping down the hill from the road area with a long walking stick in his hand – I suppose for protection.

“Hey Mister, You got two dollars I can get some food with?”

Making sure I heard him right, I responded, “You want two dollars for what?”

“Food. I want to buy some weenies and take them back to my place in the woods and cook ‘em,” he said with a big smile on his face, just as happy as a guy who had just found gold.

“That’s a lot fun. I used to do stuff like that when I was a kid, but here’s some dinner right here. Have you some.”

“I stay in the woods ‘cause I can’t go home,” he said as he grabbed a potato. “Sister’s doin’ heroin getting on me because I do crack!”

“Well imagine that. But you need to get off them drugs,” I responded.


“Stay right here. I got something for you in the car. Stay right there and eat.”

So I moseyed up the hill to the parking area and got my book out of the back seat, Devotions A-Z, and brought it back down and handed it to the kid.

He was attentive.

I showed the inside of the book to the kid and flipped through pages, and he continued to take notice. I showed him the subject devotions on alcohol, drugs, homelessness, and others.

I said, “You need to put God in place for drugs. Let’s go to the devotion on drugs,” I said.


And so I read:

Breaking the drug habit requires something be put in its place, like faith in the living God. He is fully able to give spiritual joy in life and keep the body nutritionally healthy.

Read Isaiah 56-58 to learn about how separation to God brings blessings.

In another reading, a psalmist said he called on the name of the Lord and was saved from death; he was brought low — but the Lord helped him ((Psalm 116: 4-8).

When the body becomes free of drugs and the mind fully dependent on God, then joy will indeed break forth as the morning sun and good health will flourish as a tree besides living waters (Isaiah 58: 8).

Dear Father in Heaven, You are the way for life and I commit my ways to You. I confess my inadequacies and solely trust You to provide me peace, happiness, and the work I need for a prosperous life. Amen.

Now that’s what you got to do, put God in place of drugs.

“I think I understand.”

You got any land?

“Yeah, but it doesn’t perk.”

“Well get you a water barrel or something. You got to have somewhere safe to stay. I’ve done that for months, and you can too.”

“Thanks for the book.”

“And here’s five bucks. Buy you a can of beef stew or something.”

“Thanks Mister. What’s your name?”

“Ken Lee,” and I opened the book to the name section.

“Well it’s nice meeting you.” And he took up the hill walking fast to the market to get his weenies.




Deaths at the Beach

A woman laying dead bruised with feces smeared on the furniture and walls of the apartment,  another dead woman found stuffed in a closet by her boyfriend who threatens to commit suicide, a young man who forcibly rapes a 71 year old woman tells her to scrub herself with Clorox, sixty drug overdose deaths, over 60 vehicular related deaths, all reported by the Myrtle Beach Sun-News in the last few months.

How long will it take to convince the public, media, and officials that incidences like these are the products of human behavior modification programs designed to produce chaos, violence, and lasciviousness among the people.

Why doesn’t the average citizen understand that covert targeting of humans with electro-magnetic energy via computer programs over a wireless (uninsulated) network is the fruition of secret cold war experiments, and is obviously being conducted upon ordinary citizens.

The long time victims of such programs understand — and they are alerting the public in different ways: David Vogt walking across America, Derrick Robinson’s Organization People Against Covert Torture, and Code Pink.

But leaders continue to allow more antennas and microwave dishes to litter the landscape for the enemy’s subliminal signals, the President’s Bio-ethic Commission refuted authentic victim accounts of micro-chip implantation, and states refuse to ban microchips.

If you want to stop crime, violence, and mental health disturbance, then take action to reduce the un-insulated energies and eliminate wireless radiation emanations.

The establishment will try and blame the irrational behavior on individual mental health abnormalities, never substantiating that adverse radiological energy is causing human behavior modification.

May God help our kids to become insulated from these unwanted emanations and preserve their health and right to live. May He have mercy on the sick, restore the disturbed person to calmness, and  clean up the environment.


Green Sea Floyds Senior Center

Located in western Horry County, the Green Sea Floyd’s Senior Center welcomes seniors to fellowship, play games, go on field trips , and enjoy the facility — which has a workout room, games, and music.


Open from 8:30-1:30, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the center is located off Route 9 between Loris and Nichols. Next door is the Green Sea Floyd’s Library, which has Internet access and a good children’s book selection.

For more information about the center, call the director, Ms. Lorene Wright, at the office number, 843-392-0967.


Membership fee to join the senior group, sponsored by the Council on Aging, is $20.

The Council on Aging provides the following services: home delivered meals, transportation services, nutrition education, home maker services, and several other services for seniors.

The center also provides guest speakers.

South Carolina Flooding Wetlands

It’s time for the state to abandon projects such as Interstate 73 after seeing all the damage from the recent hurricane: there’s been a lot of trees that fell and a lot of flooding.

What makes the state believe that flooding of urban areas is not being caused by the filling of wetlands, heightened new roads, and putting more concrete pilings in drainage basin areas?

Before building any more roads, an environmental impact study should include what hindrances there will be to water drainage — when all those waterways are filled with dirt, concrete piers, and steel rebar.

Water from higher ground has to go somewhere and eventually make its way to the Atlantic Ocean or be absorbed. Otherwise it will back up like it did all the way over Route 9 and several other major thoroughfares.

And thinking about the Atlantic Ocean; now there’s been some statement about the ocean rising. Has someone gone out in the middle and measured the depth from top to bottom?

Anyone considered that all the concrete slabs on the perimeter lands are pressuring the ocean to rise? Like throwing boulders on wet sand.
Well, sure the water rises from displacement.

And the chemicals the military continue to spray aren’t helping matters (before and during the storm) because the spray not only fuels the storm’s tenacity but blocks the sun’s rays from drying up the water on the ground — stifling crop and forestry production to absorb water — and makes everyone sick.

Something needs to change, and if the state Department of Health isn’t going to help by protesting air pollution, seismic testing, I-73, and unneeded road construction, then we need a local environmental protection group to form and mandate impact studies before anymore damage to the land, sea, air, and local waterways occurs. This doesn’t even mention the light, electrical, and emf pollution traveling the land. It’s no wonder the turtles and fish find somewhere else to lay eggs and feed – the Strand looks like a meteor shower parked on the beach to ward off predators.

Citizens, wildlife, and even the land are suffering.



Patient Book Needs at the Hospital

McLeod Seacoast Hospital
McLeod Seacoast Hospital

I stopped by the local Sea Coast hospital in Little River last week to drop off a few inspirational books at the volunteer desk for the patients.

Was I surprised to find out that patients weren’t allowed to have reading material distributed by hospital volunteers: there was no book cart available.

The response I got was, “Well, someone might bring bad reading material.”

“But books and magazines can help a person get well by giving them something to do while recovering from sickness,” I responded.

“Well, I’ll leave them here and see if the administrator can do something with your books.”

“Maybe they can be put in the chapel. After all, Devotions A-Z is a divine book.”

I don’t know if my books made it to the chapel, but something is obviously wrong when a hospital doesn’t have positive reading material for its patients.

American Family Hospital has created an in-patient library for kids 18 and under;

Hopefully, Seacoast Hospital at Little River will re-examine their policy about reading material in the rooms and allow positive literature to be available at the patient’s request.