The Cultural Demise of America

On a normal day in America fifty years ago, children would be playing in streets, backyards — riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards — but now doors and windows of homes are closed, there are few playgrounds (because of equipment being destroyed), and there’s the fear of being kidnapped.

There was no life evident anywhere here in this golfing community as my friend and I played on its golf course. We saw but one soul working in a back yard, and even the wildlife was at minimum with only a lonely cormorant airing out his wings, an egret looking for a place to land, and a wounded hawk in the middle of a fairway which did everything it could to try and fly as we approached our golf balls.

Town of Little River businesses were robbed last week by a man named Gaddy, whom I’m sure has been in jail multiple times only to be released shortly thereafter and continue his crime spree.

But on the flip side, boaters were displaying their craft cruising the waterway despite strong winds and tides (with the full moon coming) and heavy traffic – with their music blaring — and fancy insignias stamped on the hull.

I sat on the pier, finished my milk and chocolate, walked over to the rail and gently pulled up my rope line to find my trap empty of crabs.

Too much noise in the water, too windy.

So I packed my goods, walled to the car, put my stuff in the trunk, opened the door to retrieve my shirt – only to discover that perpetrators had found their way here and made a tear in the back of my nice mercerized cotton shirt.

No surprise there.

I had taken it off earlier because of the high heat and humidity.

Halfway home on Route 9 at Longs S.C., traffic slowed to a crawl, and on the right side at the grassy portion of a front yard of a church were three vehicles – two severely damaged while a lonely toilet had been thrown and sat sideways on the side of ditch embankment, and a black car, with vinyl curtains inside its windows of all things, sat in the middle of it all.

A T-bar of an electrical pole slowly rocked in the wind ten foot above ground because of a decapitated power pole.


The Beggar’s Pardigm

She was about 50 years old with gray streaked hair and a smidge that was  black and twisted on the top of her forehead on top of a very sweaty face on this hot day in Loris.

Standing in front of the store under the overhang where there was shade at the entrance, she had a smile on her face and she looked anxiously at me as I came towards her from the parking lot.

Dressed in black leg tights, a pink laced blouse that hugged her skinny chest, she continued to look at me as I walked from the parking lot to the store.

She was obviously looking to  beg for money to buy some more alcohol. but I didn’t know that at the time.

Her look attracted me; so I walked towards her and thought the least I could do was introduce Jesus.

“Hi there,” I said.

“Well hello.”

“Praise the Lord,” I exclaimed.

And she said, “I knew it. I saw God in you when you were coming at me. ”

“Oh yes, I love the Lord.”

And then she quoted some scripture, told me her name, and where she was from.

I responded likewise.

We talked some more and I gave her one of my cards with a book’s title God’s Divine Help on it.

And as I put my phone number on the card, the alcohol smell on her breath wandered over to me.

“You got to clean that up,” I said.

“I don’t have that much! Just a little! Hey, you got three or four more dollars?”

“I knew you’d ask that.”

And then her tears began to flow, as God had worked on her.

“I’m going to give you one of my books.”

And so I went to my car and got one of my blue devotional books and brought it back, thumbed through the pages and showed her to just find the subject and read the devotional with the prayer that will bring her out of her problem.

And then she was gone.

And so was my dollar.

But I trust God will fix her and bring her into a better situation.

And that’s what we do when we introduce God to the needy. Plant the seed and let God work.



Why Are These Turtles Dying?

This is the second turtle I’ve found dead just up a hill from a drainage pond located on the south side of a parking lot at the intersection of Route 57 & 9 in the Little River Area of S.C. — less than 500 yards away from a cell phone tower.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Yet seaside communities will go to great trouble to protect turtle nests with fencing, cages, and no artificial lights.

Consider the danger of mast antennas to  not only amphibious life but man as well.

The antennas must come down so the turtles can live and man can be free of radiological disturbances that are causing confusion, violence, and deaths.

These turtles were looking for higher ground, a place to sun and dry from the recent hard rains — and found death.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There were no chemicals present on the guttering and no bodily injury visible.

The Turkey Vultures and the Turtle

There were 20 nearly turkey vultures on the road, all strutting about with their red beards and long wings around a creature who was obviously hurt.

And as my car neared, the birds walked and flew away to an area further down the road in search of other prey.

But the poor creature here on the side of the road was lifeless — what looked like to be a snapping turtle, who had been stabbed and poked by the birds.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Seeing the way was clear, the old turtle with its thick head, legs, and a green fungus shell, slowly walked toward the nearby ditch and slid on its bottom down the slope.


KODAK Digital Still Camera


I couldn’t help but think of Luke 10:33 where several people passsed by the man that had been beaten and left for dead in the middle of the street but only one stopped to help.

I guess I was the good samaritan today.

This makes me consider the place in society other people have: maybe they are the attackers, the passerbys (including the priests), the innkeeper, or even the victim, but God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy.



County Recycle Center

There’s too much good stuff being thrown away at the recycle center. This morning I saw a good stainless steel deep pot, books, and a toaster over in the bins. I know there is a bin for good items that the council on aging sponsors but someone needs to check the items in the scrap metal bins for good items.
These centers should host some kind of sale to benefit the poor. Get all the good items out of the bins and put them out for sale would also be good.


Bank Assassin Mind Controlled

It’s little surprise the man who killed two women in a Conway SC bank admitted to being influenced by a movie titled Get Rich or Die Trying (or something like that), as he confessed.

And the three sixes were evident at the crime, as the bank was on Route 501 at an address of 1615, if I’m not mistaken. And the ages were 36 and 59.

This is what I’ve been preaching to stop for years! And the authorities will not open the MK-ultra hearings!

The mass media will blame this incident on a habitual criminal out of control, but victims of targeting technology blame incidents like these on a system of persecution, being controlled by anti-american and anti-Christian forces with technology.

Take the cell phone towers down and get rid of mind control technology!

Put up the Ten Commandments on bank walls! Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not covet . . . .

And this will go a long way towards stopping murder and thievery.

How much more innocent blood need be spilled before leaders understand what is killing people and causing them to take drugs and do crazy things!

And get rid of pornography and billboards with sadistic inferences.

There is no compromising God’s law.

God is the Creator of man and has established laws for our good and safety by commitment and obedience.

God’s curse is not going to leave America until these issues are dealt in humble obedience.




Groceries at $6.66

She and her daughter had a cartload of groceries in front of me at the express register counter and the mother said to me, “Go ahead. You just got a few items.”

“Oh, no, no .I’m not busy,” I responded. “I gave up hurry a long time ago,”

So the short blond hair clerk started scanning the groceries for prices, and the mother anxiously looked at the dollar number totals on the register computer terminal and exclaimed, “Oh, no! That was 666. Did you see that?”

The clerk frowned, bowed her head and continued to scan the food items.

“Oh, so you know about that system too?” I asked.

“I know it was 666 on there,” she said with blinking eyes and disbelief.

“Don’t matter, as long it’s not the total at the end.” I responded. “And as long as it ain’t on your driver’s license or car license plate!” I added.

She fumbled with her purse looking for more money as the total costs increased, then she pushed some items to the back for return while picking out two $20.00 bills.

You got four days worth of groceries,” I said trying to make her feel better.

“2 days! That’s all I got!” she exclaimed.

Finished paying, she loaded the groceries into the cart and found her way to her car,  on another hot and humid day under the worldly system of poverty and control in this small crime ridden town of America.

Small wrens didn’t care about the grocery store or the 666’s — but they did care about the heat as they scurried on the ground and fed under the shade of a magnolia tree.




Horry Electric Cooperative Magazine

Horry Electric Cooperative would make you think that its resistant electricity is the greatest energy in the world with a monthly magazine that depicts all the positives.

But they don’t tell you all the negatives: the radio frequencies emanating through the smart meters and causing confusion and fear to people, people getting sick from strong electromagnetic fields around their homes, or dirty electricity finding its way through uninsulated ground wires or even copper water pipes!

So I canceled their unwanted magazine they mail every month.

Horry Electric Coop. doesn’t care about the consumer getting sick from forced smart meter installation, overhead transmission lines, radio frequency antenna and substations next to roadways.

If they did, there would be news articles on how to be healthy around these dangerous emanations, and they would allow the customer to get private service meters.

And just how has Horry Electric Coop. shielded its service lines from wireless interference for neurological health?

There has been no news of it, and as usual, the private citizen suffers physically and emotionally.

No, let’s keep it quiet. We make money doing this, and the public would be in a uproar if they knew!

Fortunately, God’s knows the truth.


Prayers for Law Enforcement

The local paper (Myrtle Beach Sun News) here recently printed a story about law enforcement being trained on looking for mentally ill people.

But nothing was said of people who are being targeted by mind control programs, neurotoxins, and drugs! And while many people are micro-chipped, the 3-6  targeting surveillance crime program was never mentioned!

Yet most crimes have the numbers written all over them: ages, addresses, time, materials, road numbers, etc . . . . and many offenders have complained of hearing pulsed microwaves (voices) to their heads telling them to do the crime!

Innocent victims are trying desperately to get this issues opened for hearings in Washington D.C. to help save lives.

All that is takes to calm a situation is to minimize the radiological emissions around the area because that is usually what is perpetrating the whole scene!

Understanding these precepts will prevent a lot of tragedies.

Innocent victims of targeting are doing everything possible to alert the public of government sponsored covert drugging and involuntary experimentation upon ordinary citizens. Surveys are being completed that show many innocent people are showing the same symptoms of being remotely influenced to try and do bad things.

Please help by learning about the unethical programs and praying for God to expose them and the perpetrators.

Consider getting on one of Ella’s conference calls or go the PACTS international site    to find out about the targeting program and about how you may be affected.

Horry County Noise Health Alert: An Acoustic Weapon?

May 18

I’m convinced now that infrasound (sound below 20hz) is being used to disturb people in the Loris and Horry county area. A constant beating sound that continues throughout the day. I hope someone discovers and stops the sound.


April 26

A neighbor stopped by yesterday and said he thought the thumping noise was coming from a garage on Jasmine Ave., which is the first place I suspected.

It sounds like someone is using an amp system on a ground floor, that would vibrate the ground. It causes walls to shake and bothers people.

So I went over to Jasmine Ave. and checked out the house, when  a guy was pulling in the driveway, and I questioned him about the noise. He looked puzzled and said, “Here?” And then said he didn’t think so.

I asked him if it was his noise to please turn it off so the trailers wouldn’t shake.



March 11

Someone is using some kind of electronic noise in the Bayboro section since March 11, 2017 that is disturbing people’s health, and even vibrating home walls!

It almost sounds like a boom box, but then the sound varies into rumbling, pulsing, and continual thumping.

So please complain to authorities and maybe the source of this sound can be stopped.

On March 23, I narrowed this noise down to coming from around Jasmine Ave. , and it pulsed again all last night. At other times, it has a rumbling sound.

Now, it’s March 30, and the thumping and thundering of noise is worse. A friend and I discussed this and said it’s probably an acoustic weapon.

Ed, an electronics expert, says it’s probably a high powered microwave emitter and could be operating up to 1500 yards away. A tri-field meter is needed to find out where the crime is coming from.

This is April 1st, and the noise went on most of last night. dut, dut, dut, pause, dut, etc . . . .and it causes not only the trailer to shake but the front porch!

Maybe it’s infrasound. I don’t know but just wish it’s eliminated. Occasionally, it goes puh-boom, and then the ground shakes. It started up around 6:30 last night and went on for hours.

I called a professor over at CCU to see what kind of meter I can get to monitor this weaponry.

April 2 on Sunday was also terrible, as for about 15 minutes in the afternoon, it sounded like cannons booming.

I’m not alone. A woman who lives about seven miles away in western Horry County also hears the rumbling, and thought it was a tractor plowing or something, but it wasn’t.

And a neighbor hears tingling frequencies off a standing metal pole!

Until these wireless pollutions are harnessed and eliminated, people are going to get sick and probably do crazy things because it bothers the nervous system.

The rumbling continued all weekend and it seems there is no stop.

It is April 11 and the same seismic activity is happening as the trailer and ground are being shaken.

It is now April 17 and the pulsing emf continues bothering the dogs.

It’s now April 20 and the sound, which now seems to be low frequency with the rumbling and thumping, and sometimes pow pow pow pow pow, which can go on for a minute or so, continue.

And the earth continues to shake along with my porch. The sound still goes on all night: thump, thump, thump, like some boom box or something. Very hazardous to the people’s health.  I would suggest that no one move to this part of the county.