Loris Library Renovations Customer Unfriendly

After renovations, the smell was terrible in the library, probably from the new ugly black rug with stripes that was put down.  It’s really bad, and I don’t know how the clerks will stand it for hours.

All the computer consoles have been moved so now they are in straight lines, with little room to put a notebook or personal supplies on the sides.

And the new desks are all white! The above lights glare off them, and it makes it difficult to see the computer,

And now there is a computer just right across from each computer, so you will looking at someone while on the computer

It’s bad for the citizens, and people should use other libraries if they want to get some work done.


Counselors at Schools Can Not Help

A recent report on the news stated that there will counselors at the schools to help kids cope with stress and fear, but counselors, unless they are sharing knowledge about microchips in people, human behavior modification programs, remote sensing apparatus, mind control programs, and electromagnetic wave pollution that is disturbing free mental thought, will all be in vain.

This is truth, and for mental health professionals to continually avoid telling the truth is robbing the students of the knowledge they need to be successful, and could even endanger them if something violent truly does happen.

Turn the power off!

If there is to be peace at schools, shut down those cell phone towers and wi-fi systems!

Buildings Collapsing in Horry County


I have a different theory as to why 209 Laurel St. building collapsed, in contrast to an engineer’s opinion saying the trusses failed.

In the picture in the Horry Independent, there appears to be an unpruned yucca plant tree pushing its spikes into the roof area and downward.

And the water from recent thunderstorms could very well have put considerable pressure on the roof along with the hot temperatures swelling wood.

I’m not what sure what the engineer means when he said the building was not designed for load bearing walls. Was it some kind of open air market long ago without a roof? Without trusses cross braced and fastened to perimeter and interior foundation support posts?


(And just as I had figured, it was said a week later in the news that a former tenant admitted that interior posts were indeed removed from supporting the trusses!)

So, no, trusses did not apparently fail, they were non-supported by post and beam construction.


The brick wall that fell from a building on Main St. in Loris was blamed on a former hurricane and its water from last year, causing pressure on the roof. There was no indication of tie straps for the exterior brick – and cracks appeared around the window frames.

What no one is hypothesizing is that vibrations are causing buildings to collapse. In the Loris case, the building is a few feet from the new railroad usage.

In the Conway area, ground shaking work and equipment had been used on the nearby downtown bridge.

No one either mentions emanations from cell towers are causing vibrations where towers are within a few hundred yards of each building.

There’s a lot of rumblings going on in Horry County, and if they aren’t eliminated, more catastrophes will happen,.

Motorcyclists Deaths and Mind Control

An unusual amount of cyclists have died on the roads lately: it hasn’t ceased since the report by wmbf report about motorcyclists deaths from April 2019.

I attribute these terrible accidents to adverse energies in the air from cell phone towers and only God knows what  other kind of disturbances are taking place in the form of flashing digital signs, emergency distracting lights by government vehicles, bright headlights by new cars, etc . . . .

Imagine trying to pass a motor home or some large trailer being pulled only to be blasted by a wave of energy from some tower the trailer was previously blocking, with the frequencies suddenly riveting upwards from the fuel tank curvature and towards the driver of the motorcycle. There is little protection.

And how cell phone towers directly affect each vehicle. In many cases of vehicle accidents, especially on Route 701 between Loris and Conway, the towers are in line with the road straightway every so many miles.

How many more people will die before these mind disturbing antennas are taken down!


Danger Flying in Horry County, SC

This is the plane who flies over my property at an unsafe altitude, either in preparation for spraying killing chemicals. or maybe he’s just joy riding.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This happened today again, on July 2, 2019, about 9:30 a.m. when he flew several times over my property just northwest of Route 19 and 45 in Loris SC.

Last year, he flew under the power lines, and could have easily killed himself, while he was spraying crops. He should have been spraying from east to west rather than north to south to be safer.

And here the plane is when he flew right over my property and head.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I think he’s disobeying the lay and creating a unsafe situation and I hope the FAA warns him.

Jerome Jenkins: Not Guilty

Jerome is not entirely guilty of murdering the Sun House employee (Ms. Stull), not with him being a victim of remote neural monitoring and programming – which is evident — from his background in childhood — and more specifically  him admitting to hearing voices in the head, which we know is common among mind control victims.

The mind control programmers and manufacturers of microchips are guilty in Stull’s murder.

The question is whether Jerome knew right from wrong – as there are many victims of mind control but only a portion know right from wrong.

And no, Jerome is not mentally ill, so no one should even start proceeding as such. Throwing feces at one at a person at the jail does not indicate a mentally ill but is indicative of what targeted individuals are complaining about — the neurological targeting is done vile people who use immoral imaging, curse words, and sexual depravity pulsed microwave modulation to a person’s head.

Jerome should be checked for neurological implants, but do the defense attorneys in such cases as these ever recommend such action? No.

Admittedly, many people have no hope of survival after being targeted. They’ve become “possessed” by the technology, or “self absorbed” into getting rid of it – whether by taking their frustrations out on the public – or damaging themselves.

Congressional legislators in states and the federal government continue to ignore the subject of mind control programming and the violence resulting from it.

More innocent people continue to die, suffer programmed illnesses, and incur domestic problems.

For anyone in need of information about this problems, there are multiple Internet websites available for research. Or call one of the victim conference calls, like Ella’s at 515-606-5187 (400014#) on Tuesday and Thursday (9: 00), or Frank’s at 646-749-3112 (450414301#) MWF at 9:00 pm.


Redo Route SC9 and SC410 Intersection?

Here’s another bad decision by SCDOT and a waste of money to work on this intersection when regular roads need fixing and designated properly.

All this intersection is the trees and brush cut back so there will be better visibility!

And there are so many signs that are actually preventing visibility from oncoming traffic!

There’s nothing wrong with this intersection, and please don’t don’t make intersections like the one at Flag Patch road where there is a danger of turning onto oncoming traffic!

What is a matter with you people????

Think DOT!


And while you all are at it, please establish some markings at the Goodwill on Route 9. There are accidents there because the entrance to the store is not easily seen. The entrance is surrounded  by bushes, it goes downhill somewhat, and there are  no driveway markings! Paint the curbing or something! Or add a lane stripe!


Market Express or Digress?

Be careful at Market Express in Longs SC on Route 9.  This is the third time the cashier has gotten my transaction wrong!

I paid for $26.00 of gas on 4/2/19, and the pump stopped at .26 cents!

So I went in and complained, and she accused me of doing something wrong!

So then she reset it, and it stopped this time at $15.74! which now makes a total of $16.00.

So I went back again and told her that the pump shut off again.

then she came out still mouthing about something, she tried it and it wouldn’t work.

I told her she still owed me $10.00 gas!

She went back again and reset it again, while I asked for other to witness this drama.

Other people have had trouble here at this station, because I’ve overheard conversations of people getting upset at the customer service.

Anyway, I finally got my full $26.00 of gas!

When I got home, I called their corporate office in Monroe to tell them about this situation because I believe that  lady was trying to get my money somehow.

Do not go to Market Express in Longs!

A Simple Witness

James McCoy is a junk man, and he’ll admit it; for he picks up people’s junk, drops some off at the recycling center and sells some to the scrap yard, and then displays some at his booth at the North Myrtle Beach flea market.

Humbly, he’ll tell you he’s not the smartest guy and doesn’t read literature well.

But one day, after reading a simple version of the Book of St. John, he exclaimed, “I can understand this!”

That’s what God does, gives understanding and wisdom to a simple person. I gawked in amazement thinking he had caught a big fish when all he was thinking about was seeking God.

James loves the Lord and is usually playing gospel music at his booth on weekends, singing out loud and inviting anyone to look at his junk – and the word of God displayed by his books.

75 years young, he gives testimony to the goodness of God though in a world of troubles.

Consider your witness: we do not want to be guilt of denying Jesus before men and rejected by God in Heaven (Matt. 10: 33).

The Apostle Paul was certainly encouraged by God: For thou shalt be his witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard (The Acts 22: 15).

The Dying Birds at North Myrtle Beach & Horry County Radiation

There weren’t any dead birds on the shoreline on Thursday, because I was out near 8th street walking the beach, and there were a multitude of gulls in the area and a few sand pipers that looked healthy.

But the dredge barge was within a few hundred yards of the shore line, and it was moving south at a slow rate of speed from the north to the main street area and the pipeline.

Someone said that the refurbishing sand is coming from the Cherry Grove dredged area, which if that is that is the case, the mud would contain multiple toxins from the street water runoff and golf courses and the boat motor fluids that were in the waterway.

But no one has mentioned that bad energy could be a source of the birds’ fate, and there’s a lot of it in Horry County, and there sure are a lot of antennas on that barge!

Anyone can see that the radiation pollution is high in Horry County by just looking at trees with their leaves gone on the south sides, which points directly toward the county seat of Conway from the northern part of the county.

This is not a great picture but one I had in the library, but I’ll try to get the pictures of the current tree leave destruction in the fields later.

The local telephone provider captions their logo (HTC) with “This is Life.”

Well, it’s not life: the radiation emanating from their equipment can contribute to human death, and there’s a reason why there have been 331 vehicular accidents on Route 701 within just a couple miles of their facility  in Conway in the last few years.

So how about someone in this county getting a radiation detector and start measuring the adverse energy fields and then eliminating the source of adversity.