No Bi-lo Milk, Route 9 turns?, Litter, Plane’s spray

Do not buy Bi-lo milk! It has growth hormones in it, which in my case, made my throat sore after I drank it. And the ice cream also had a terrible taste to it, which is probably from the same milk.

Route 9

Dangerous turns! I guess it was the state who reformed the the intersections at several locations, like Log Cabin Road and others, so that a person now is driving against oncoming traffic when needing to make a turn! Doesn’t make a bit of sense: delays travel, dangerous u-turn needed, and unneeded costs.


Horry county has so much garbage along its roads! Muck of it has fallen out of trailers that were on the way to the recycle centers. The solution: have people burn their garbage at home.

Plane spraying poisons in the county somehow get exempt from low altitude flying requirements, in this case, a pilot flew underneath the power lines off Route 45 last year spraying the fields. That’s right, underneath the power lines! County says it’s a FAA problem. But it won’t be if the pilot crashes on ground.


The Turkey Vultures and the Turtle

There were 20 nearly turkey vultures on the road, all strutting about with their red beards and long wings around a creature who was obviously hurt.

And as my car neared, the birds walked and flew away to an area further down the road in search of other prey.

But the poor creature here on the side of the road was lifeless — what looked like to be a snapping turtle, who had been stabbed and poked by the birds.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Seeing the way was clear, the old turtle with its thick head, legs, and a green fungus shell, slowly walked toward the nearby ditch and slid on its bottom down the slope.


KODAK Digital Still Camera


I couldn’t help but think of Luke 10:33 where several people passsed by the man that had been beaten and left for dead in the middle of the street but only one stopped to help.

I guess I was the good samaritan today.

This makes me consider the place in society other people have: maybe they are the attackers, the passerbys (including the priests), the innkeeper, or even the victim, but God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy.



Downtown Bridge Repair of Conway SC

It was recently reported by that the downtown Conway city bridge would be repaired on the top portion; however, there are definitely some problems with the concrete pillar under the bridge.

Possibly city leaders could re-evaluate their repair bridge contract to make sure that the pillars underneath are included in the repair or at least inspected to make sure they are worthy to withstand any repair work on top. The concrete pillars in the river are cracking, but the pillars on the ground look to be okay.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Consider that one of the pilings has sunk several inches below the others and would affect the roadway on top. Look carefully at the distance vertically on the right side in the opening below the span.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Hopefully a more thorough inspection of the bridge will be made and repairs scheduled that maintain the safety of the bridge.

The bridge is old, having been built in 1937.



County Recycle Center

There’s too much good stuff being thrown away at the recycle center. This morning I saw a good stainless steel deep pot, books, and a toaster over in the bins. I know there is a bin for good items that the council on aging sponsors but someone needs to check the items in the scrap metal bins for good items.
These centers should host some kind of sale to benefit the poor. Get all the good items out of the bins and put them out for sale would also be good.


Bank Assassin Mind Controlled

It’s little surprise the man who killed two women in a Conway SC bank admitted to being influenced by a movie titled Get Rich or Die Trying (or something like that), as he confessed.

And the three sixes were evident at the crime, as the bank was on Route 501 at an address of 1615, if I’m not mistaken. And the ages were 36 and 59.

This is what I’ve been preaching to stop for years! And the authorities will not open the MK-ultra hearings!

The mass media will blame this incident on a habitual criminal out of control, but victims of targeting technology blame incidents like these on a system of persecution, being controlled by anti-american and anti-Christian forces with technology.

Take the cell phone towers down and get rid of mind control technology!

Put up the Ten Commandments on bank walls! Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not covet . . . .

And this will go a long way towards stopping murder and thievery.

How much more innocent blood need be spilled before leaders understand what is killing people and causing them to take drugs and do crazy things!

And get rid of pornography and billboards with sadistic inferences.

There is no compromising God’s law.

God is the Creator of man and has established laws for our good and safety by commitment and obedience.

God’s curse is not going to leave America until these issues are dealt in humble obedience.




Groceries at $6.66

She and her daughter had a cartload of groceries in front of me at the express register counter and the mother said to me, “Go ahead. You just got a few items.”

“Oh, no, no .I’m not busy,” I responded. “I gave up hurry a long time ago,”

So the short blond hair clerk started scanning the groceries for prices, and the mother anxiously looked at the dollar number totals on the register computer terminal and exclaimed, “Oh, no! That was 666. Did you see that?”

The clerk frowned, bowed her head and continued to scan the food items.

“Oh, so you know about that system too?” I asked.

“I know it was 666 on there,” she said with blinking eyes and disbelief.

“Don’t matter, as long it’s not the total at the end.” I responded. “And as long as it ain’t on your driver’s license or car license plate!” I added.

She fumbled with her purse looking for more money as the total costs increased, then she pushed some items to the back for return while picking out two $20.00 bills.

You got four days worth of groceries,” I said trying to make her feel better.

“2 days! That’s all I got!” she exclaimed.

Finished paying, she loaded the groceries into the cart and found her way to her car,  on another hot and humid day under the worldly system of poverty and control in this small crime ridden town of America.

Small wrens didn’t care about the grocery store or the 666’s — but they did care about the heat as they scurried on the ground and fed under the shade of a magnolia tree.




Horry Electric Cooperative Magazine

Horry Electric Cooperative would make you think that its resistant electricity is the greatest energy in the world with a monthly magazine that depicts all the positives.

But they don’t tell you all the negatives: the radio frequencies emanating through the smart meters and causing confusion and fear to people, people getting sick from strong electromagnetic fields around their homes, or dirty electricity finding its way through uninsulated ground wires or even copper water pipes!

So I canceled their unwanted magazine they mail every month.

Horry Electric Coop. doesn’t care about the consumer getting sick from forced smart meter installation, overhead transmission lines, radio frequency antenna and substations next to roadways.

If they did, there would be news articles on how to be healthy around these dangerous emanations, and they would allow the customer to get private service meters.

And just how has Horry Electric Coop. shielded its service lines from wireless interference for neurological health?

There has been no news of it, and as usual, the private citizen suffers physically and emotionally.

No, let’s keep it quiet. We make money doing this, and the public would be in a uproar if they knew!

Fortunately, God’s knows the truth.


Prayers for Law Enforcement

The local paper (Myrtle Beach Sun News) here recently printed a story about law enforcement being trained on looking for mentally ill people.

But nothing was said of people who are being targeted by mind control programs, neurotoxins, and drugs! And while many people are micro-chipped, the 3-6  targeting surveillance crime program was never mentioned!

Yet most crimes have the numbers written all over them: ages, addresses, time, materials, road numbers, etc . . . . and many offenders have complained of hearing pulsed microwaves (voices) to their heads telling them to do the crime!

Innocent victims are trying desperately to get this issues opened for hearings in Washington D.C. to help save lives.

All that is takes to calm a situation is to minimize the radiological emissions around the area because that is usually what is perpetrating the whole scene!

Understanding these precepts will prevent a lot of tragedies.

Innocent victims of targeting are doing everything possible to alert the public of government sponsored covert drugging and involuntary experimentation upon ordinary citizens. Surveys are being completed that show many innocent people are showing the same symptoms of being remotely influenced to try and do bad things.

Please help by learning about the unethical programs and praying for God to expose them and the perpetrators.

Consider getting on one of Ella’s conference calls or go the PACTS international site    to find out about the targeting program and about how you may be affected.

Apache Campground Tragedy

I have been reading interestingly about the Apache Campground tragedy where a mother and son died after an explosion.

And I wondered if the explosion was from a gas leak.

There was a terrible gas leak there a few years back from one of the trailers, about in the middle of the campground.

I worked in maintenance, and if I’m not mistaken a call came over the radio to check it out, and the other maint. guy went and looked at it, and I think he could turned the valve off at the tank. For the safety and convenience of the campers, I would have thought it should have been checked thoroughly.

There are infrastructure problems at the campground, undersized drain pipes(it used to get clogged all the time); undersized electric service wire, where another parking row was created for recreational vehicles without upgrading the main service wire and amp. box (breaker used to trip quite often in peak usage and hot weather), and other problems.

I was told to help out installing 3/8 plywood for an overhang over some kind of picnic area between the r.v.s in that last row, though I knew those overhangs should be at least 3/4″, and yes I mentioned it to somebody.

So someone was trying to save money and probably didn’t worry about wood splintering and the winds.

Safety practices should not abandoned at the cost of a few extra dollars and especially people’s lives.

I also remember a concrete roof falling over the maintenance of the pool area.  Good thing no one was in there. There was no rebar or straight iron that I could see in that concrete.




Loris Police Car almost hit my vehicle

A Loris police car was stopped on Route 19 with the wheels turned to take a right southbound on Hwy. 45, as I slowing to take a left eastbound on Hwy. 19 and go to the convenience store to get a snack around 5:30 p.m. yesterday on 4/6/17.

I took my left turn and then noticed that the police car had abruptly turned and was on my bumper extremely close maybe within a couple feet within just a few seconds!

I didn’t know what to think about that act and I certainly didn’t want to get hit, so I immediately pulled off to the right onto a side dirt road thinking that the driver was having a problem but certainly in a hurry to do something!

Loris town is about four miles away from this area.

Acts like these don’t do anything to help the community and police get along because this was a certainly an unnecessary action that could have resulted in an accident at a busy intersection.