Mind Control Programming News Events?


Maryland shooting

Well, the shooting in Maryland appears to be one under the mcpa (mind control programming agenda of 3 6’s) with the offender being 2-6 years old, using a 9 mm handgun, and what, killing 3 and wounding 3 at 9j:06 a.m.


Mental Patients’ Deaths

Here’s the story at daily mail mental patients’ deaths

This is obviously a programmed tragedy where 2 policemen taking 2 “mental patients” to points west in a van in South Carolina  when they decided to go around a barricade into the flooded road at route 76 and the van became flooded — and the policemen jumped on top to save their own lives (according to news reports) and the poor labeled schizophrenic patients, women ages 43 and 46 I believe — drowned in the back.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the policemen’s name was  flood.  That’s right.

And I learned that there some kind of a probate order for one of these poor victims, which to most victims mean there is an asset or land grab possibility.

That’s just what many victims who have been targeted have testified.

Preliminary report said they had not been combative and were not restrained but in the same compartment.

Three investigations are supposedly ongoing.


Hurricane Florence Flooding

Reports say water has backed up like never before, which is not surprising because the county continues to build roads and developments without regard to wetlands drainage, and they continue to pour sand on the beach which eventually works back and clogs inlets to stop water flow. Consider the rebuilding of Red Bluff road after Hurricane Matthew where they put a few culverts I guess thinking that let the water flow and there would be no flooding. There should not be a road through this wetlands section of Horry county.

And why in the world did county planners allow a Kayak center to build on the edge of the Waccamaw at Route 9! Knowing it would be flooded, a health hazard with the electricity in the water, and now the building will seep toxins and restrict water flow downstream!

Road Closed

The roads are not closed, they are flooded!  So the signs should be changed to indicate such.

Who owns the roads. The public does, but Highway patrol enforces laws regarding the roads, and state DOT in charge of maintenance.

Can anyone make a Road Flooded sign?




Abraham’s Place Near God

Abraham’s place was to be near God, and nothing is more evident of that then when Abraham prayed about a wicked situation in the city of Sodom in the 18th and 19th chapter of Genesis.

Abraham approached God and said, “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?” (Genesis 18: 23).

As the story goes, fire and brimstone rained upon Sodom, Abraham’s nephew was saved from the destruction, and God got his desire fulfilled on the town.

But Abraham did not get physically involved in the destruction of Sodom, or at least the scriptures make no mention of it.

Instead, he looked upon the destruction from his place.

Consider how God used Abraham in this drama and how Abraham walked with two angels towards Sodom yet returned unto “his place.”

And that place was being near God. That’s where we need to be.

Abraham didn’t stay around the area long after the destruction of Sodom, for the scripture says he moved on to the region of Negev. So he must have fulfilled the mission gave him.

But God protected Abraham by telling him what was going to happen in Sodom before it happened (Genesis 18: 17).

God often warns us about such situations. And then it’s up to us to be obedient and follow through on whatever God proposes: and many times it is to clear out evil and restore righteousness.

Know also Jesus, the Son of God, whom God gave as a redeemer for sin upon confession and belief.

His place is our place in any event God chooses to proclaim His glory.

(My devotions are printed weekly by the Loris Scene https://www.myhorrynews.com/  . They want to sign up for an account but you can usually just google my name and bible study at Loris Scene to get there.

Here’s one you may enjoy:( When God passes By.)

Mind Control Victims and Targeted Individuals Conference Call Numbers & News

Pretty obvious to me that the guy flying the horizon airplane was mind controlled to cause severe damage in the U.S., only the fighters jets forced him off the mainland.


T.I. day is approaching (8-29-18) and I pray that the message to stop human remote electronic surveillance targeting gets across to the very people who can put a stop to it. Find the programming centers and eliminate them. And this sonic type energy in the air must be found and stopped. It’s time for the U.S. Congress to address the radiological terror that is taking place upon the citizens, open the files of MK-ultra, and assign a panel of professionals, including us, to put restrictions on non-ionizing radiating fields.

Supposedly, many ti’s are going to Chicago to stage a rally, but they shouldn’t depend on secularized media attention.

Record video and take pictures and submit it to one of the many citizen journalism sites.


Catholic diocese abuse of children just another distraction from the sadistic perpetrators and their mind control energy.


Brennan should have his security pass revoked considering he did nothing about illegal drone murder program and unwarranted surveillance of ordinary citizens in the U.S.


Frank has a new number for the M-W-F calls.

I have 510-338-9438 Access number 627558572


Call-In Number; (646) 749-3112

Access Code: 450-414-301


But here’s the listings for the conference calls, just in case anyone has lost the numbers.

Anyone who feels like they are being electronically targeted should get on the calls to find support of other victims. No more drugs and alcohol. Help us fight the perpetrators of this mind control programming to end the mass shootings and suicides.


Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference

STARS International

0:00 PM Eastern/ 0:00 PM Central/

0:00 PM Mountain/ 0:00 PM Pacific

Call-In Number; (646) 749-3112

Access Code: 450-414-301

Join By Computer;


Moderator Frank


Citizens Against Harmful Technology

Time: 8:30 PM Eastern/

7:30 PM Central/

6:30 PM Mountain/

5:30PM Pacific

Call-in number: 724-444-7444:v

Call ID: 134999

Pin Number 1#


Moderator; Neal




Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference

STARS International

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Access Code: 450-414-301

Join By Computer;


Moderator Frank


PACTS International Pod Cast

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number:  (319) 527-2701;

 Access Code 248671;

Chatroom: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/derrickcrobinson

Moderator: Derrick

Mike Mason

6:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Central/4:00 PM Mountain/3:00 PM Pacific

Call-In number; 641-715-0632

Access Code; 116202


Moderator; Mike


Ella Free

9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 PM Central/ 7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number: 605.562.0444

Access Code: 141476

Pin Number 1# *8 to join


Moderator: Ella




Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference

STARS International

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number (646) 749-3112

Access Code: 450-414-301


Moderator Frank



Mike Mason

6:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Central/4:00 PM Mountain/3:00 PM Pacific

Call-In number; 641-715-0632

Access Code; 116202


Moderator  Mike

Ella Free

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number  605.562.0444

Access Code: 141476

Pin Number: 1# *8 to join


Moderator Ella



Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference

STARS International

6:00 PM Eastern/ 5:00 PM Central/

4:00 PM Mountain/ 3:00 PM Pacific

Call-In Number; (646) 749-3112

Access Code: 450-414-301

Join By Computer;


Moderator Frank



Linda Costanzo’s Community Call

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number (724) 444-7444

Access Code: 140091


Moderator Linda



PACTS International Pod Cast

9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central/

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number:  (319) 527-2701;

 Access Code 248671;

Chatroom: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/derrickcrobinson

Moderator: Derrick


Prayer Calls – Bible Study



9:00 PM Eastern/ 8:00 PM Central

7:00 PM Mountain/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Call-in Number (515) 739-1405

Access Code 381878

 International Dial-in


Access Code: 141476

Moderator Julia



Saturday Morning Prayer Call

11;30 AM Eastern/ 10:30 AM Central/ 9:30 Mountain/ 8:30 AM Pacific

Call-in Number: (724) 444-7444

Access Code: 140567



6:00 PM Eastern/ 5:00 PM Central

4:00 PM Mountain/ 3 PM Pacific

Call-In Number; (724) 444-7444

Access Code: 140567


Dr. Millicent Black

Church Pod-Cast

6:00 PM  Eastern/5:00 PM Central/4:00PM Mountain/3:00PM Pacific Time

Call-In Number; (724)-444-7444

Access Code 140567#, pin 1#


New Conference Call Number for Targeted Individuals and Horry County Mind Control Victims


515-739-1285 is supposedly the new number for Ella’s calls and the access number is 400014#,  which I assume the calls are still being held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m.


If you sense you are being targeted with some kind of harmful surveillance and unwarranted stalking, you might want to join these calls and find out more.


Or if you are experiencing some unexplained sickness, then you might be targeted with microwaves and other energies as many people are experiencing.



You all check out your ground rods! Some are merely copper coated!


I went to the beach yesterday to swim. Drone came over three minutes after I laid down, two thugs followed me to the park, and so on.

32 years and it doesn’t seem to stop.


Fake news here continues to talk about electronic targeting diseases like pstd or whatever it is, copd, add, and all that stuff as some unexplained medical condition but twhich is merely the electronic targeting taking place over an individual and nothing is going to stop it until the cell phone antennas and the such come down ( along with the satellite targeting).









Drone Murder; Chapter 27 in Persecuted but not Forsaken

Chapter 27 —Drone Murder

(Why Obama and C.I.A. conspirators to harm Americans in the U.S. should be jailed. No one in this country is safe as long as these secret drone operators are spying on our own people with intent to harm.)

Drone aircraft began to fly over my trailer regularly on the weekends every hour or so beginning about October.

Complaining to authorities did no good, and finally the conspirators accomplished their mission, keeping the area and me under surveillance for their forced drugging program.

On December 2, 2012, I found myself falling asleep in the living room. There was nothing I could do to stop the energy from making me tired.

I thought it was safe.

The drone airplanes and their electric motors were flying over the trailer all morning. I dozed off about 12:37 p.m. thinking everything would be alright.

But I awoke about 1:30 with signs of paranoia and tightness in my neck and fear that something dreadful had happened, especially after the subliminal word “anesthesia” during the morning.

The door was open, and I was scared to death

My mouth was dry. My forehead felt as it someone had scraped away my nerve endings. And there was an empty feeling in my head especially in the front part of the forehead area. The feeling was gone.

This time it was serious, so I went and looked for some clay to ingest to stop it, but it was in my bloodstream, and I tried some charcoal to no avail.

I couldn’t think, and I lay listlessly on the floor knowing they had injected me with a neurotoxin to my head again.

All the neighbors had been gone, and these perpetrators often attack on Sundays. Always have, and especially around the Thanksgiving holidays.

After a couple of days, I came to my senses:

It took me weeks to get some real thought back – the micro-chips blocking the blood flow to my head, and the sounds resonating off my nerves.

And I had just mentioned a few days earlier to a friend down at the beach how my nervous system was finally relaxing and the particles were coming out, after years of suffering.

I know the perpetrators heard me for sure.

This neurotoxin had gone straight to my brain to kill me, and to my optic nerve to impair me.

I now have all kinds of spots in my vision, the ringing in my ears louder than ever, and all kinds of black stuff around me ears. Encephalitis took over, and the inflammation swamped my head.

They’ve destroyed my life. All in an attempt to disable me, steal my equity, and defame my reputation.

Is this all because of two lawyers trying to hold onto their reputation from 1986 and trying to hide sin?

It was a year before I could drive around a lot of traffic at the beach because there was so much fluid in my head fighting off the toxins.

I have in my notes: three months later I am still sickened, but some of the polymer substances are coming out from around my face. I contacted several lawyers about this situation. One wanted a $50,000 retainer.

Another lawyer asked me why the CIA was picking on me. I told him the MK-ultra documents say they are attacking Native Americans and unwitting victims.

Drone activity immediately ceased that afternoon and thereafter after the attack, until three months later.

But I’m glad I called and complained, because shortly thereafter a bill passed the State Senate forbidding drones from gathering personal information from private citizens. I guess the lawyers understood what happened and got scared.

Seeing that I wasn’t dead or visiting the cancer center with all my implants, the perpetrators programmed an accident to happen that was near deadly about a year later.

On a Friday evening, a bicyclist had been killed by a vehicle just outside of town, and police were out taking measurements and investigating the scene the next morning, but they only had one blue safety light twirling above a patrol car sitting in the middle of the road.

I was heading out to play golf, and figuring I was in no hurry, decided to sit and wait it out. Several other cars ahead of me were.

I was a bit tired anyway from Friday night’s targeting.

After a couple minutes, I looked in my rear view mirror to see a car coming straight at me at 50 mph and not slowing down.

I had no time to do anything but duck and brace myself against the floorboard and seat back, and I just knew I would be dead or severely injured.

I don’t remember anything of the impact, but the driver of the oncoming car must have stepped on the brakes at some point because I was still alive, only 65 feet down the road on the left.

He had hit the rear right side of my car, and the back windshield had flown up to the front seat, and the trunk was smashed nearly to the back windshield.

But I was alive. My back and knee hurt, but I thanked God I was alive.

So I got out, limped around a bit to see if I could walk, and then went back to get my camera.

I figured this was a programmed event, and sure enough, the license plate read 293, which is a perpetrator targeting number. You will see this number often during the targeting events (plane accidents, etc . . .). This is real. I’ve mentioned the 6 upside down.

It’s a good thing I took pictures because the policeman who finally showed up about an hour later failed to record just where my car was after it was hit.

Then the tow truck wanted $250.00 to tow my car just a few miles, but he was obviously in agreement with the patrol officer, and what choice did I have.

Now I was really frightened to drive, still trying to recover from the toxin attack and now this, but somehow I was able to drive a rental car and make it through the next month until I got my car. And the rental car driver understood why I was bracing myself against the dashboard when she exceeded the speed limit.

At the time, I had taken a part-time maintenance job at a campground at the beach, so it was quite a drive across the area.

I had to quit after the accident. I tried going for a few days afterward but it was just too much stress.

Evil did not stop: the perpetrators tried to buy off one attack, putting $2,000 in an envelope in a used book at the Library.

I had gone to the discarded book shelf as I do occasionally to check out the latest deals: I found some books had just been put there about golf.

I opened one to find a creased envelope in the back of the book where a person could not miss it.

I actually thought it might be some additional instructional material. A bit curious and not wanting it to fall out, I put it in my pocket. I was going to get the book anyway.

As I grabbed the book, two women pretended to browse the shelves for a book just a few feet away to see if I got the book.

One was sitting on the floor, the other standing beside her, and they were obviously perpetrator conspirators confirming my actions to get the book.

Just in case they were co-conspirators, I turned to put the envelope in my pocket, slipped the book under my arm, and went to the checkout desk to buy it.

Once in my car, I put the envelope on the sun visor and forgot about it.

But opening the sealed envelope a couple weeks’ later revealed 20 crisp one hundred dollar bills in an envelope.

The perpetrators had tried to get me to open the envelope earlier as I drove by an electronic messaging sign near Route 57 on the way to the beach, for a message flashed: “Put the money in the bank.”

So what was the money for? Possibly because I sunbathe naturally to get rid of implants in a private room?

So maybe the perpetrator was filming or something. I don’t know.

I thought maybe I had left the torturers back at North Carolina until when I came home to the trailer one day and started cleaning out the cabinets – only to find items that were missing for nearly seven years suddenly appear. This has to be one obsessed individual to hold onto a person’s private property for that long.

TI State of the Union

I happened to watch Dateline on t.v. Saturday about the man who was charged with killing his wife, who supposedly fell down an embankment into a watery stream (but had no bumps or bruises and was found 40 feet downstream of the area).

Then the man left and found a house and reported the incident to the people living there, who called 911, and the man thought their dog was cute and asked for permission to pet  the dog!

Which is often part of the mind control influencing.

If I had a wife who fell into a stream, I’d go get her and search until I found her, with a stick or whatever, but this man apparently was not wet or dirty or anything.

There was two mistrials because the jury was hung up, but the case is still open.

My opinion is the perps wanted rid of her because she was a wonderful person who had started studying theology, had her own ob-gyn business and loving mother of three children.


The other mind control event again includes Waffle house, which for some reason victims complain about hearing the subliminal word, and now where crazy things happen, like a couple who took a waitress outside early in the morning and beat her up near Supply N.C. (according to the Brunswick County News).


It’s probably not an accident a watermelon piece was in the middle of the road after I decided to get one Saturday, my bank card wouldn’t work in the atm early this morning but did at the store, lake okechobee was mentioned on tv  as a source of the red tide where fish are all along the beach and the algae covers 150 miles of SW Florida minutes when a couple of us were talking about the lake just prior.


Conference calls are gearing back up after the problems with talkshoe. so that’s good.


T. in texas has insight about the immigrant problem, says it was a democratic ploy years ago to get them registered as voters and win the elections, so the central americans got mass controlled to head for the border and fill the train to the U.S.


A chem-trail last week stuck in the air and only dissipated after thirty minutes! The sky was full of that garbage all month cloaked by the rain clouds here in S.C.

Please pray for all the people who are being hurt by radio, cell phone tower antenna, and microwaves.

God help all.


Automotive and Tire of Loris SC Overcharges


My car had a bad heater core so I went and got an estimate, of $325.00 to get it replaced.


I was overcharged $131.00 from a quote of $325.00 to replace a heater core in my Toyota. Price came out to a total of $456.00 with no additional work done

For the heater core itself, I was first given an estimate of 124.00 for the core,  but was charged $154.00 for the core.

I checked with autozone parts and a heater core was only $80.00!

Then they put down some env. supplies charge of $32.00, without itemizing the supplies used. Said it was for chemicals or some rags, which is ridiculous. This is an unsubstantiated charge. I might have used one rag and a little wd-40 for this job.

The labor charge was $250.00 which I thought was okay.

I started to go back and ask for the $131.00 overcharge by the company which was over the quoted price, but I know God will do a better job of correcting this situation. 

I actually did go back and get back what antifreeze was left in the jug (they charged me $32.00 for that also!  for 2 gallons)

And then I started to go to the magistrate’s office with my petition brief and sue for my lost money. But I’m getting older and tired of dealing with these situations,and I’d probably never get back the hours spent on arguing the case.

I’ll not go back.

I will say they do good work, but if you go, be sure to get an estimate in writing if possible, and you would do good to check with other repair shops and their costs before choosing this company.

If anyone else has experience such problems, please contact me (kenlwor@gmail.com)

Meanwhile, I’m going try and get South Carolina to have the Motor Vehicle Repair Act.

102 Degrees in Loris July 2, 2018 — But Not on T.V.

The weather people on the television here in Horry County either have a bad computer or bad thermometer, as they never said anything about the 102 degree temperature yesterday.

No, they all forecasted temperatures in the low 90’s range, yet the temperature on my thermometer, which was in the shade, eight feet above ground, two feet away from the house, was 102 degrees around 3:00 p.m., with no wind blowing.

Maybe the weather people ought to get out in the weather and out of the studio and away from computers, then they would have a inclination of just what the weather is doing.

But with eight media giants all forecasting the same thing, this is no surprise.



The North Myrtle Beach Parking Problem

So why can’t the state allow parking in the medians at least during holiday weekends when beach attendance is more and allow 10 feet or so at the ends of the medians for safety.

Or why can’t the city simply purchase a couple lots in the area and make them public parking lots like many cities do.

And about the right of way along the road where people have planted bushes and the like. I thought right of ways were established specifically for utility upgrades or modifications and nothing should be installed to hinder the egress footage.

This problem is another example of poor planning where the current or former leaders should have realized beach attendance is high during the summer and that beach goers need places to park other than the 16 or so spaces available at the front of the dunes’ barrier strip at each street — and probably — for the want of real estate tax funds — allowed deeded property to personal buyers in lieu of providing parking areas for beach goers.

Fortunately, the new county chairman realizes many of these poor planning decisions and will seek to address infrastructure capability before yielding to the almighty dollar of construction contractors who just keep building and populating without having allowable sewage, water supply, and electrical utilities — and roads in place.

If the parking near the beach access entrances is not expanded, beach goers may as well seek out other areas to spend their time and money because they will have nowhere to park their vehicle, which is something regular news media will not tell you.

So check this out before you come!



The Cultural Demise of America

On a normal day in America fifty years ago, children would be playing in streets, backyards — riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards — but now doors and windows of homes are closed, there are few playgrounds (because of equipment being destroyed), and there’s the fear of being kidnapped.

There was no life evident anywhere here in this golfing community as my friend and I played on its golf course. We saw but one soul working in a back yard, and even the wildlife was at minimum with only a lonely cormorant airing out his wings, an egret looking for a place to land, and a wounded hawk in the middle of a fairway which did everything it could to try and fly as we approached our golf balls.

Town of Little River businesses were robbed last week by a man named Gaddy, whom I’m sure has been in jail multiple times only to be released shortly thereafter and continue his crime spree.

But on the flip side, boaters were displaying their craft cruising the waterway despite strong winds and tides (with the full moon coming) and heavy traffic – with their music blaring — and fancy insignias stamped on the hull.

I sat on the pier, finished my milk and chocolate, walked over to the rail and gently pulled up my rope line to find my trap empty of crabs.

Too much noise in the water, too windy.

So I packed my goods, walled to the car, put my stuff in the trunk, opened the door to retrieve my shirt – only to discover that perpetrators had found their way here and made a tear in the back of my nice mercerized cotton shirt.

No surprise there.

I had taken it off earlier because of the high heat and humidity.

Halfway home on Route 9 at Longs S.C., traffic slowed to a crawl, and on the right side at the grassy portion of a front yard of a church were three vehicles – two severely damaged while a lonely toilet had been thrown and sat sideways on the side of ditch embankment, and a black car, with vinyl curtains inside its windows of all things, sat in the middle of it all.

A T-bar of an electrical pole slowly rocked in the wind ten foot above ground because of a decapitated power pole.