Mind Control Programming News Events?


Maryland shooting

Well, the shooting in Maryland appears to be one under the mcpa (mind control programming agenda of 3 6’s) with the offender being 2-6 years old, using a 9 mm handgun, and what, killing 3 and wounding 3 at 9j:06 a.m.


Mental Patients’ Deaths

Here’s the story at daily mail mental patients’ deaths

This is obviously a programmed tragedy where 2 policemen taking 2 “mental patients” to points west in a van in South Carolina  when they decided to go around a barricade into the flooded road at route 76 and the van became flooded — and the policemen jumped on top to save their own lives (according to news reports) and the poor labeled schizophrenic patients, women ages 43 and 46 I believe — drowned in the back.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the policemen’s name was  flood.  That’s right.

And I learned that there some kind of a probate order for one of these poor victims, which to most victims mean there is an asset or land grab possibility.

That’s just what many victims who have been targeted have testified.

Preliminary report said they had not been combative and were not restrained but in the same compartment.

Three investigations are supposedly ongoing.


Hurricane Florence Flooding

Reports say water has backed up like never before, which is not surprising because the county continues to build roads and developments without regard to wetlands drainage, and they continue to pour sand on the beach which eventually works back and clogs inlets to stop water flow. Consider the rebuilding of Red Bluff road after Hurricane Matthew where they put a few culverts I guess thinking that let the water flow and there would be no flooding. There should not be a road through this wetlands section of Horry county.

And why in the world did county planners allow a Kayak center to build on the edge of the Waccamaw at Route 9! Knowing it would be flooded, a health hazard with the electricity in the water, and now the building will seep toxins and restrict water flow downstream!

Road Closed

The roads are not closed, they are flooded!  So the signs should be changed to indicate such.

Who owns the roads. The public does, but Highway patrol enforces laws regarding the roads, and state DOT in charge of maintenance.

Can anyone make a Road Flooded sign?




Good News: Court Rules that Smart Meters are Illegally Invading Privacy

7th Circuit rules smart meters invade privacy


This is good news, because many of us are experiencing health problems because of the radio-frequency, strobe light characteristics, and adverse radiation fields from smart meters.


I’m contacting my power company about it to try and get the analog meter back, plus shielding the current meter.



Why Are These Turtles Dying?

This is the second turtle I’ve found dead just up a hill from a drainage pond located on the south side of a parking lot at the intersection of Route 57 & 9 in the Little River Area of S.C. — less than 500 yards away from a cell phone tower.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Yet seaside communities will go to great trouble to protect turtle nests with fencing, cages, and no artificial lights.

Consider the danger of mast antennas to  not only amphibious life but man as well.

The antennas must come down so the turtles can live and man can be free of radiological disturbances that are causing confusion, violence, and deaths.

These turtles were looking for higher ground, a place to sun and dry from the recent hard rains — and found death.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There were no chemicals present on the guttering and no bodily injury visible.

Horry Electric Cooperative Magazine

Horry Electric Cooperative would make you think that its resistant electricity is the greatest energy in the world with a monthly magazine that depicts all the positives.

But they don’t tell you all the negatives: the radio frequencies emanating through the smart meters and causing confusion and fear to people, people getting sick from strong electromagnetic fields around their homes, or dirty electricity finding its way through uninsulated ground wires or even copper water pipes!

So I canceled their unwanted magazine they mail every month.

Horry Electric Coop. doesn’t care about the consumer getting sick from forced smart meter installation, overhead transmission lines, radio frequency antenna and substations next to roadways.

If they did, there would be news articles on how to be healthy around these dangerous emanations, and they would allow the customer to get private service meters.

And just how has Horry Electric Coop. shielded its service lines from wireless interference for neurological health?

There has been no news of it, and as usual, the private citizen suffers physically and emotionally.

No, let’s keep it quiet. We make money doing this, and the public would be in a uproar if they knew!

Fortunately, God’s knows the truth.


South Carolina Flooding Wetlands

It’s time for the state to abandon projects such as Interstate 73 after seeing all the damage from the recent hurricane: there’s been a lot of trees that fell and a lot of flooding.

What makes the state believe that flooding of urban areas is not being caused by the filling of wetlands, heightened new roads, and putting more concrete pilings in drainage basin areas?

Before building any more roads, an environmental impact study should include what hindrances there will be to water drainage — when all those waterways are filled with dirt, concrete piers, and steel rebar.

Water from higher ground has to go somewhere and eventually make its way to the Atlantic Ocean or be absorbed. Otherwise it will back up like it did all the way over Route 9 and several other major thoroughfares.

And thinking about the Atlantic Ocean; now there’s been some statement about the ocean rising. Has someone gone out in the middle and measured the depth from top to bottom?

Anyone considered that all the concrete slabs on the perimeter lands are pressuring the ocean to rise? Like throwing boulders on wet sand.
Well, sure the water rises from displacement.

And the chemicals the military continue to spray aren’t helping matters (before and during the storm) because the spray not only fuels the storm’s tenacity but blocks the sun’s rays from drying up the water on the ground — stifling crop and forestry production to absorb water — and makes everyone sick.

Something needs to change, and if the state Department of Health isn’t going to help by protesting air pollution, seismic testing, I-73, and unneeded road construction, then we need a local environmental protection group to form and mandate impact studies before anymore damage to the land, sea, air, and local waterways occurs. This doesn’t even mention the light, electrical, and emf pollution traveling the land. It’s no wonder the turtles and fish find somewhere else to lay eggs and feed – the Strand looks like a meteor shower parked on the beach to ward off predators.

Citizens, wildlife, and even the land are suffering.