South Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act

I am contacting legislators to get a law passed in South Carolina similar to what North Carolina that protects us consumers from scrupulous auto shop owners.

And I’ve made a petition at Care 2 petition site.

Please consider signing it.



Automotive and Tire of Loris SC Overcharges


My car had a bad heater core so I went and got an estimate, of $325.00 to get it replaced.


I was overcharged $131.00 from a quote of $325.00 to replace a heater core in my Toyota. Price came out to a total of $456.00 with no additional work done

For the heater core itself, I was first given an estimate of 124.00 for the core,  but was charged $154.00 for the core.

I checked with autozone parts and a heater core was only $80.00!

Then they put down some env. supplies charge of $32.00, without itemizing the supplies used. Said it was for chemicals or some rags, which is ridiculous. This is an unsubstantiated charge. I might have used one rag and a little wd-40 for this job.

The labor charge was $250.00 which I thought was okay.

I started to go back and ask for the $131.00 overcharge by the company which was over the quoted price, but I know God will do a better job of correcting this situation. 

I actually did go back and get back what antifreeze was left in the jug (they charged me $32.00 for that also!  for 2 gallons)

And then I started to go to the magistrate’s office with my petition brief and sue for my lost money. But I’m getting older and tired of dealing with these situations,and I’d probably never get back the hours spent on arguing the case.

I’ll not go back.

I will say they do good work, but if you go, be sure to get an estimate in writing if possible, and you would do good to check with other repair shops and their costs before choosing this company.

If anyone else has experience such problems, please contact me (

Meanwhile, I’m going try and get South Carolina to have the Motor Vehicle Repair Act.

Prayer for Old Age: Psalm 71

The fire was intense, but locust wood burns like that – hot — I thought as I looked at the flickering flames and sparks flying off in the wood stove.

But it would still need an oak log to make it thorough this cold winter damp night.

So I rose up from my crouch, exited the pine boarded door and stepped out onto a snow dusted ground to gather a couple logs from under the wood pile cover and hurriedly went back to the cabin to escape a wind now beginning to howl — threw the log in quickly, closed the stove door and turned the draft screws in slightly for a slow burn overnight.

Everyone was gone. The kids were grown and gone. No laughter, no one to have to fix breakfast for, and a half-moon became visible through the log cracks.

This was my thought in the middle of winter of 1994 yet I’d be blessed with a little food, money, and some humble native friends with family young and old who loved the Lord. It doesn’t take much to be happy.

But consider the brevity of life. The Book of James says it is as a vapor that appears for a little while, then vanishes (James 4: 14). The years pass quickly.

Fortunately God has provided the Bible for a guide to life.

Psalms 71 is a prayer for old age, For thou art my hope, O Lord, God, thou art my trust from my youth (Psalms 71: 5).

If you don’t know God’s peace, consider reading some scripture or visiting a local church.

Your happiness is only a prayer in Christ.

Immigrant Children Forced to take Psychotic Drugs

This has been my fear all along when I first heard about immigrant children being taking away from the parents, that the perpetrators operating within the U.S. Government were continuing with MK-ultra type behavior modification practices on the kids.

Go to the next link at reveal news and read this story about the kids being drugged.

Immigrant kids forcibly drugged for behavior modification

When we victims finally exposed our perpetrators, they simply initiated this immigrant children abduction, with money from the U.S. Govt. to continue their sadism.

Who granted this money and approved this program?

This is the enemy and a program that must be stopped.

Chapter 25: Beach; Persecuted But not Forsaken

Chapter 25 – Beach

Watching the sun rise as I descended the mountains leaving North Carolina on I-26 gave me some hope for peace, quiet, joy, and happiness. But then, I’m usually optimistic in a difficult situation.

I was pretty sure this targeting was a life-long killing program.

This reminds of the Biblical characters of faith in Hebrews who knew they were strangers on earth and kept their focus on God’s kingdom. That’s the only hope I’ve ever had.

I was in very bad shape after the radiological attacks on my body at North Carolina.

My face lost its firmness because of the targeting. Subliminal songs continued to plague me, and I was exhausted. I was also penniless after purchasing the trailer, buying the land, and fixing up the burned up house.

But I did have help this time.

I met Brigina over the phone a month earlier as a reference from a work client, and she happened to live just 30 minutes from my lot.

She was also victim of this technology: the evidence and numbers surrounding her life were there.

I made it as far as Marion when I just gave out, lay out on the grass at a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Brigina met me there; bless her. We developed a close relationship and she helped me regain my strength by letting me stay at her house.

She was a good soul, and I was blessed to have her as a friend. It did not surprise me when she said her husband was a former state trooper who had recently passed away. She described his death at home, and how he was unable to take care of himself though he was only sixty years old.

In the spare time, I went over to my trailer and started fixing it up, building a porch on the front, and doing lots of painting.

I did not want any electrical power due to my implants being activated. I used candles and flashlights for light, gas stoves for cooking and heat, and fixed a rain barrel under the guttering for water. That’s how seriously affected I was from the neurotoxins in my body.

I lived like that most of the summer when I wasn’t with Brigina.

And I had a job.

Before I came to the coast, I started looking for jobs on the Internet. There were a few in the maintenance field, and after I was here a week, a Housing Authority hired me part-time.

But I could not get along with the lady boss, who was also part-time. She hated flowers! Imagine, a woman not liking flowers for the office.

After I brought some for the office one day, she removed them and put them into the kitchen!

But there were other problems as well.

This Housing Authority was broke and the State office had to assume temporary management. In fact, the town itself was being investigated for being corrupt.

Looking to get closer to home and in a more stable position, I called a local apartment complex near home, and the maintenance man had just quit.

I was hired (after I recited the Apostle’s Creed of all things).

It was just a five minute drive from home. I stayed there five years and was blessed to have the greatest woman boss ever.

She would bring me lunch at least once a week. She let me order the supplies I needed, handle all the maintenance repairing and contracting, and schedule my work as I pleased.

The perpetrators did not like this and tried to disrupt things several times, by using tenants to complain about unnecessary problems, mass programming the complex on Fridays for the tenants to complain and call about issues late in the afternoon, and went so far as to have a guy kick in the office door and set off firecrackers in the building to try to burn up the maintenance room on a July fourth evening.

After I repaired some items such as broken doors, key locks, toilets, and plumbing traps, the items would usually be messed up within a week again by the perpetrators.

They used to clog the drains continually with chicken bones and food down the toilet.

But for me, this was great job security, and I would get paid extra for going back and fixing things.

My boss decided to take some time off when her kinfolk came in town, and she called me at home excitedly on a Wednesday night telling me about their fun adventures.

But the next day I received bad news from the part-time secretary, who was put in that position by the perpetrators: my boss had a heart attack and died.

So, they killed her, and I know she was a targeted victim from her adopted childhood.

She was a wonderful loving person, and it took me a couple years before I really got over it.

I had worked there five years up until her death, because everything changed after that. It was time to go.

In much of my spare time during the first years here, I made my way to the beach to get sun and kill off the implants. The electrical pulsing bothered me terribly around the city area but I stuck it out and tried to get better. There were times on the beach when I would have to cover my neck with some foil to get relief, and I’m certain one day they tried to kill me with radiation from nearby. My heart was beating terribly fast, for an excessive period of time — until I found a nearby piece of phosphate that I held on to for dear life as it would absorb some of the energy.

A victim friend and I years later would go to the beach one day. After about thirty minutes, each of us was getting a headache. Searching for the cause, there was a boat directly in front of us moored three hundred yards offshore. Unreal! Boats do not moor there just behind the breakers offshore!

When I pointed at the boat with the long antenna, they immediately pulled anchor and left. That didn’t stop the perpetrators, as bright lights in the sky would follow us home, emanating some kind of energy trying to make us have an accident. Terre would have to grab a foil cover and put it in front of her while she drove. I just ducked.

Brigina and I would go many places discovering South Carolina, and we spent a week in Florida playing cribbage, visiting the parks, and making love at a nice resort. She claimed she was on some kind of hormone pills that kept her so active sexually, but I knew her targeting was probably stimulating her more than usual. Most victims complain of this. But this was fine with me in this stage of my life!

She also took some other doctor prescribed pills. Again, the targeting is designed to get people to buy pills. I asked her to reduce her dependency by at least by half in a year, because for one thing, she came extremely close to getting us into an accident on several occasions because of the effects she was experiencing from the pills. She had already told me she had been in a rollover accident a couple years ago, and I didn’t want it happening again. She drove mighty fast! And they would get her in a trance! I had never forgotten about the roll over incident. I asked her to get off the pills by one year.

It wasn’t totally Brigina’s pills taking that caused me to let her go. When I had received the vision to write God’s Help Now in 1988, there were illustrations in the book. But I could not find anyone to draw religious pictures. I had my book written and printed but no pictures.

The Lord would hold me to the task of putting pictures in this book: as much as I tried to avoid it, the mission was still there!

I wanted also to expand the devotional material, with an Old and New Testament Devotion for each of the seventy-one subjects.

I had put all these thoughts in the back of my mind, because after all, I was still loaded with implants and still being stalked. The perpetrators would pull up newly planted trees at the house, break-in and drug the foods as usual, tear clothing, take stuff like tools and then replace them later. They would come in while I was sleeping and contaminate things. I finally had to block off my windows with panels. And that put a stop finally to the late night entries when I was asleep.

Job’s Three Friends

( I send a devotion to the newspaper in town  every week but occasionally put them here on the blog also if anyone wants to read them.)

Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar are long known as “miserable comforters” to their friend Job, who suffered loss of family, livestock, farm, and his health after being attacked by the devil.

But Job’s friends weren’t too miserable, because each of them after hearing of Job’s problem left his home, sat down with Job on the ground (for seven days, wept, tore their clothing ( a sign of penitence), and sprinkled dust upon their heads toward heaven (Job 2: 12).

They saw that Job’s grief was great, and none spoke a word (Job 2: 13).

Looking upon senseless destruction of property and people leaves one speechless. A tragedy has happened, there is a loss of goods, an emptiness of friendships, and a hopeless feeling that nothing can be replaced.

Unless you know God.

And so they waited for the appropriate time to speak – to first hear Job’s words, and as you may remember, Job began to curse the day he was born (Job 3).

Sensitive leader Eliphaz was the first to respond to Job’s complaint, and he politely asked to speak.

Without rebuke, he carried on with his message of hope in Chapter 4 and 5.

“But as for me, I would seek God,
And to God I would commit my cause;
Who does great things, and unsearchable,
Marvelous things without number (Job 5: 8-9).

Consider these three friends, much as they have been maligned, that they also were dedicated to seeking God’s will and counsel in this matter.

There is no mention of them restoring a water trough, shelter, or food grain after the assault, but they humbled themselves to be with Job and wait upon his desire.

Such friends are priceless. For In their speeches, they kept the Spirit alive through God by innocence, wisdom and humility, to which Job attained.

Maybe you are suffering like Job, but staying around God’s throne and knowing there are godly friends praying for you goes a long towards recoverlng from hardship.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15: 13).

102 Degrees in Loris July 2, 2018 — But Not on T.V.

The weather people on the television here in Horry County either have a bad computer or bad thermometer, as they never said anything about the 102 degree temperature yesterday.

No, they all forecasted temperatures in the low 90’s range, yet the temperature on my thermometer, which was in the shade, eight feet above ground, two feet away from the house, was 102 degrees around 3:00 p.m., with no wind blowing.

Maybe the weather people ought to get out in the weather and out of the studio and away from computers, then they would have a inclination of just what the weather is doing.

But with eight media giants all forecasting the same thing, this is no surprise.



Chapter 24: My autobiography; Persecuted But Not Forsaken

Chapter 24 — Southbound

When I looked in my journal to continue this story, it was empty for the next five years after the second attack and the fire.

That’s mostly  because of yet another attack at the house before I could leave.

I screamed out in torturous pain one night to Jesus for three days in the burned up house.

Iaaeeeeuuuusssssssss,” I cried over and over because of the pain.

The pain in my ears was similar to what I experienced when I was 12 years old. Tears flowed for days with the pain. So somehow they had again injected some microchips or whatever you want to call them in my ear again. It felt unusually full of something, so I knew something had again happened. I understand they use some kind of gel that after it hardens become like a receiver.

I wondered over the years, if the ear, nose, and throat doctor office on a neighboring street and the personnel inside had something to do with my attacks, and right next door is where I saw men scattering from a vacant house when I decided to angle some of the energy back that was coming from that area.

The advent of the cell phone tower antennas only increased the problem, and many other victims are now complaining of electronic torture to their heads that is originating from remote locations.

I could not re-live the emotions of those years, until now in 2010 when I began to write this, and then had to stop for a few more years until 2016. It has been too horrific as most victims testify.

I had traveled to the coast and found a nice private lot for sale twenty miles inland of the Myrtle Beach area, in a neighborhood where there was good visibility – a primary consideration for a targeted individual, because the perpetrators always try to set up nearby so they can get to the house quick enough to drug foods, install cameras, and rearrange clothing to try and drive their victims crazy.

Traveling to South Carolina to close the deal on the land a couple weeks later almost got me killed again. The perpetrators did not want me moving.

I was traveling north on Route 701 approaching a crossroads at 60 miles per hour only five minutes from the lawyer’s office when a huge utility truck kept continually creeping out in the road at the intersection. I thought he was just going to wait until I went by, but he kept inching forward and forward until he was near my lane!

I did not take any chances, knowing the perpetrators could have targeted the lineman (who still had his safety helmet on) with direct energy and confused him; so I slammed on brakes – and skid off the road. I looked at him in disbelief, but there he was still inching across the road, by now, in my lane. I ‘m glad I stopped.

When I got to the office, the lawyer said, “Where’s your real estate agent?”

I don’t know. Maybe she’s busy with other things,” I responded.

Actually the perps probably scared her into not coming.

I bought the land, met my new neighbor who sold it, and got busy looking for a mobile home to set up.

I had a septic tank installed on the lot, and upon the next trip found a used mobile home for sale. It was ugly: the roof was uneven, mold was inside, and windows were cracked, as it sat on the back of a trailer lot. But I only had so much money.

As I prayed over the matter, the Lord showed me the mobile home was on uneven ground, and when leveled, the roof would level out. A good metal roof would prevent leaks, which I eventually installed.

Getting set up with my own place again in a nice area would be a major motivator for me after all I had been through. And now I realized who, how, and what the perpetrators were doing to me.

And I could get to the beach.

It was April and the water was warm enough to swim; I was in my environmental home.

Gone would be my mother who had passed away, Jalissa with her divorce, and the burned house.

After I purchased the trailer and got it moved to my lot, I went back to North Carolina with new outlook and hope. I just needed to get the old house in livable shape, find a renter, subtly put my goods into boxes, and take off back to South Carolina.

I found a renter, signed the agreement, and started arranging my boxes.

Feeling some peace one night with a little strength about 2:00 a.m., under the light of the moon, I packed my goods in the car and never looked back.

The North Myrtle Beach Parking Problem

So why can’t the state allow parking in the medians at least during holiday weekends when beach attendance is more and allow 10 feet or so at the ends of the medians for safety.

Or why can’t the city simply purchase a couple lots in the area and make them public parking lots like many cities do.

And about the right of way along the road where people have planted bushes and the like. I thought right of ways were established specifically for utility upgrades or modifications and nothing should be installed to hinder the egress footage.

This problem is another example of poor planning where the current or former leaders should have realized beach attendance is high during the summer and that beach goers need places to park other than the 16 or so spaces available at the front of the dunes’ barrier strip at each street — and probably — for the want of real estate tax funds — allowed deeded property to personal buyers in lieu of providing parking areas for beach goers.

Fortunately, the new county chairman realizes many of these poor planning decisions and will seek to address infrastructure capability before yielding to the almighty dollar of construction contractors who just keep building and populating without having allowable sewage, water supply, and electrical utilities — and roads in place.

If the parking near the beach access entrances is not expanded, beach goers may as well seek out other areas to spend their time and money because they will have nowhere to park their vehicle, which is something regular news media will not tell you.

So check this out before you come!



The Cultural Demise of America

On a normal day in America fifty years ago, children would be playing in streets, backyards — riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards — but now doors and windows of homes are closed, there are few playgrounds (because of equipment being destroyed), and there’s the fear of being kidnapped.

There was no life evident anywhere here in this golfing community as my friend and I played on its golf course. We saw but one soul working in a back yard, and even the wildlife was at minimum with only a lonely cormorant airing out his wings, an egret looking for a place to land, and a wounded hawk in the middle of a fairway which did everything it could to try and fly as we approached our golf balls.

Town of Little River businesses were robbed last week by a man named Gaddy, whom I’m sure has been in jail multiple times only to be released shortly thereafter and continue his crime spree.

But on the flip side, boaters were displaying their craft cruising the waterway despite strong winds and tides (with the full moon coming) and heavy traffic – with their music blaring — and fancy insignias stamped on the hull.

I sat on the pier, finished my milk and chocolate, walked over to the rail and gently pulled up my rope line to find my trap empty of crabs.

Too much noise in the water, too windy.

So I packed my goods, walled to the car, put my stuff in the trunk, opened the door to retrieve my shirt – only to discover that perpetrators had found their way here and made a tear in the back of my nice mercerized cotton shirt.

No surprise there.

I had taken it off earlier because of the high heat and humidity.

Halfway home on Route 9 at Longs S.C., traffic slowed to a crawl, and on the right side at the grassy portion of a front yard of a church were three vehicles – two severely damaged while a lonely toilet had been thrown and sat sideways on the side of ditch embankment, and a black car, with vinyl curtains inside its windows of all things, sat in the middle of it all.

A T-bar of an electrical pole slowly rocked in the wind ten foot above ground because of a decapitated power pole.