Mind Control News and Events?

End of Month Chem-trail Spraying

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Never quits. To make people sick, go to the doctor, and get their first of the month paycheck to get drugs.

I took this picture of the southern sky 9/28/18 today.

Supreme Court Justice Hearing

Obviously a perp drama with the third witness’s as name “Judge.” And the woman simply read her testimony from a written script, shed a few tears, and the purpose was to delay the confirmation of Judge K.


Ella’s Call

Hello ya ya?

C’mon Ella. Sound like a woman who can help and get rid of the targeting. Anyone new to the calls would immediately hang up and look for answer elsewhere.

Be real.





God’s Saving Presence

It was a hot day in Kansas when one of the large howitzer tanks lost communications and I went to look for a loose wire, bad splice, or cut in the wire. Or maybe I had to replace the phone entirely.

So in my sweaty fatigue clothes and black boots I stepped up on the side of the tank’s track wheels at the port opening of the tank where I knew the phone should be — only to hear the lieutenant give a voice command to fire.

I had completely missed him standing back in the middle of the battery of tanks giving orders.

So the charge ignited the projectile with a thundering boom which rocked the tank backwards — and me off to the side about ten yards onto a muddy area that was laced with tank track grooves and smashed weeds.

I lay there for the longest time and couldn’t hear anything for awhile.

But I knew God was present.

Consider the dangers in life and how small we can be — but that despite any disability God is still present to give us love and mercy.

The Bible states we are formed for his purpose (Isaiah 43: &). No, not for the devil’s purpose but God to give witness and praise – for the extension of his kingdom.

If you don’t know God, consider visiting a church, pastor, or reading God’s word to become familiar with him. It may be in times of trouble, that God will hear your plea for help and grant you comfort such as I received that day on the field.

The Garden Court

The first trial for people on earth came in the Garden of Eden where four parties were present and written about in Genesis Chapter Three: Adam, Eve, a serpent (the devil), and God.

The evidence presented was the tree of knowledge of good and evil and some fruit.

And then there were some questions from God had to establish the presence of the parties and venue (place of the crime).

Then were more questions to find out the truth about why Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s order to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2: 17).

It was a pithy scene with Adam covering himself and Eve despising the serpent, and with God as prosecutor — as Judgment was pronounced, an order was given, and there was an invitation to receive the tree of life – if a person gets by a flaming sword (test of faith) that guards the tree of life.

Consider this trial of sin and God’s presence.

Trials come along in life that test our faith, correct our transgressions, and give us direction, but consider also Jesus the Son of God, who faced trial on earth only to be condemned and rise into heaven on the third day,

Where earthly trials don’t always provide relief, God‘s tree of life through Jesus gives us salvation and grace upon confession of sin and acceptance of Jesus.

In the midst of conflict, Jesus is always here for intercession and a hope for something better.

The tree of life was in the beginning of the Bible but also in Jesus in Revelation 2: 7:

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Mind Control Programming News Events?


The Golf Tour Championship

Well, it appears to me that the Tour Championship may have been programmed when Justin Rose, who I believe should have won, continually drove his ball on the last nine holes into the woods on the left. And as us victims know, the perps can make a golfer hook or slice the ball by manipulating the electromagnetic fields around him or her.

But for the goodness of golf, Tiger Woods won, and it wasn’t probably no accident just weeks prior he just made the top 50 in one tournament so he would be allowed to play in the next tournament.

And obviously they let Tiger putt this time. And he putted well.

It’s a money thing I suppose.

Carbon Monoxide Deaths?

A fine couple supposedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning just a couple miles down the road (Scenic Road in Loris), just short of their 65th birthdays a news report  said.

They had left their generator on, I suppose during a power outage when the floods came.

But no one has mentioned this couple lives extremely close to two cell phone towers on Route 701, which most victims know is sending out signals interfering with the human nervous system.

I doubt this experienced man and his mate would have passed away in quieter environment.





Mind Control Programming News Events?


Maryland shooting

Well, the shooting in Maryland appears to be one under the mcpa (mind control programming agenda of 3 6’s) with the offender being 2-6 years old, using a 9 mm handgun, and what, killing 3 and wounding 3 at 9j:06 a.m.


Mental Patients’ Deaths

Here’s the story at daily mail mental patients’ deaths

This is obviously a programmed tragedy where 2 policemen taking 2 “mental patients” to points west in a van in South Carolina  when they decided to go around a barricade into the flooded road at route 76 and the van became flooded — and the policemen jumped on top to save their own lives (according to news reports) and the poor labeled schizophrenic patients, women ages 43 and 46 I believe — drowned in the back.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the policemen’s name was  flood.  That’s right.

And I learned that there some kind of a probate order for one of these poor victims, which to most victims mean there is an asset or land grab possibility.

That’s just what many victims who have been targeted have testified.

Preliminary report said they had not been combative and were not restrained but in the same compartment.

Three investigations are supposedly ongoing.


Hurricane Florence Flooding

Reports say water has backed up like never before, which is not surprising because the county continues to build roads and developments without regard to wetlands drainage, and they continue to pour sand on the beach which eventually works back and clogs inlets to stop water flow. Consider the rebuilding of Red Bluff road after Hurricane Matthew where they put a few culverts I guess thinking that let the water flow and there would be no flooding. There should not be a road through this wetlands section of Horry county.

And why in the world did county planners allow a Kayak center to build on the edge of the Waccamaw at Route 9! Knowing it would be flooded, a health hazard with the electricity in the water, and now the building will seep toxins and restrict water flow downstream!

Road Closed

The roads are not closed, they are flooded!  So the signs should be changed to indicate such.

Who owns the roads. The public does, but Highway patrol enforces laws regarding the roads, and state DOT in charge of maintenance.

Can anyone make a Road Flooded sign?



The End: Chapters 29 & 30: My Book, Persecuted But Not Forsaken


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The battle continues as I have to fight for my retirement pay. Where other people just apply and get theirs in 30 days or so, I’ve been waiting for two years and get only a portion of what I’m supposed to be getting. I’ve had to file legal briefs in two judicial proceedings.

Not only did the Office of Personnel Management fail to give me my full retirement pay by saying I only made a partial deposit for my military serve, but one of the representatives tried to get money from me saying my employer failed to make deposits on my behalf. (Employers are required to make deposits.)

I retrieved my records from the National Archives center that shows my deposit was paid in full by salary deductions.

I eventually went to the U.S. District Court in Florence, South Carolina and filed suit to protect myself, but they disclaimed jurisdiction, so after I received a so called final determination of benefits from OPM, I filed an appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board, who would also disclaim jurisdiction because they say OPM hasn’t made a final decision even though final is listed on their form they sent me asking for money!

So I filed a Petition for Rehearing, which came to nothing.

Who on earth has jurisdiction over corrupt federal government proceedings?

And my retirement file at home is missing! It has been probably been stolen by the perpetrators. So I’ve had to request copies from archive centers.

Now I know why I never got the Postmaster job I worked so hard to get. Nor did I get full-time maintenance worker jobs I was more than qualified for after I had worked for the National Park Service for years

Finally, when a new director was appointed to OPM, I got notice that OPM had made an initial decision regarding my annuity.

It took them 13 months to admit they made a decision!

Now I’ve at least finally got them on a time line.

That’s the life of a targeted individual. And finally, after 2 ½ years, I got my 3 years military time credited to my retirement and my annuity adjusted as a result.

Chapter 30 — Conclusion

The biggest problem for mankind is that cell phone tower antennae, microwave repeaters, ground wave antennae, and the HAARP system are affecting the human nervous system.

The transmissions increase with the aluminum in the air from military spraying, and it’s obviously coordinated with the medical community somehow, because the spraying nearly always occurs at the end of a month when most people get money in their accounts – so they will go spend it for prescription drugs.

This radiological pollution will doom us all.

I went out and played golf one Monday and thought the perpetrators were going to cripple me. There was a cell phone tower right at the putting green at one of the back nine holes, and energy started hitting all my bones to where I could barely walk.

I had been playing here before and never got bothered as such, but this was serious. I told the other players I was in pain and to go ahead and play, then I was able to limp and finish playing the hole, but my primary thought was to get off the green and behind the trees on the way to the next teeing area to get some relief, which is eventually what happened.

Every bone joint in my body was hurting, and I knew I was being targeted somehow from the tower antennae.

This particular course also has some kind of a GPS monitoring ability for the players and each hole on the course.

The further I got away from the tower, the pain started to go away. I’ll never go there again.

A pact between all countries that limits artificial radiation, identifies the sources, and warns the public of the danger will take place, but not until many people suffer and complain, probably similar to the epidemic of cigarettes giving people lung cancer.

Speaking of cigarettes, I gather fallen tobacco leaf during the summer around here, take it home and dry it for a week or so, and then roll it up to make a fine smoke. There are no side effects or bad taste. It’s when the cigarette manufacturers add artificial ingredients that pollutes tobacco.

The victims of targeting know what is happening and stories like this one are warning the public to take action now.

Lives are being ruined by injections of neurotoxins. In some cases, whole life spans have been ruined such as mine, because the toxins are so deep, biologically inert, and they can’t be extracted without causing worse damage.

I came across a victim friend the other day, who I reached out to a couple years back, and she was in tears. She had quit her job claiming she was lied to and defamed by her boss. Her crops at home suddenly weren’t growing any longer. And she had thoughts of craziness.

This is what the program does to people, and it must be stopped.

Now, a low frequency sound which is probably just under 20 hz continues to hit my home, a thumping sound that has been occurring since March 11.

I’m persecuted now, but still not forsaken.

Good News: Court Rules that Smart Meters are Illegally Invading Privacy

7th Circuit rules smart meters invade privacy


This is good news, because many of us are experiencing health problems because of the radio-frequency, strobe light characteristics, and adverse radiation fields from smart meters.


I’m contacting my power company about it to try and get the analog meter back, plus shielding the current meter.



Chapter 28: The Killing Program — Persecuted but not Forsaken — My Book


I cringe when I hear of another murder by the three six computer generated killing program.

At some point in the future, this is all going to be exposed. People think I’m off my rocker suggesting these randomized frequencies produced by electronic means are causing terrible things to happen, but the evidence is prevalent.

Denisea, one of the first victims I had ever talked to about ten years ago, called me on Friday night. She carried on about the perpetrators are stealing body parts and killing people. She is trying to inform the public also. She’s been on talk radio shows and the Internet, and her perpetrators can’t shut her up as much as they’ve raped and poisoned her. She’s one awesome woman who displays raw human emotion of sympathy, pain, and love for the people, especially children.

I may have failed to mention, but the first victim I met after I wrote the petition was a girl who swore these perpetrators were coming in at night and stealing her eggs.

I contacted one girl who wrote a book about her father’s mission to preach in a small North Carolina town, where the family was terrorized for years. And her mother was killed. The young girl lived through it, but never really saw the originator of all the evil. The three six numbers surrounding her mother’s killer tipped me off.

The essence of her book is to find forgiveness through Jesus for the offensive evil acts of people. But this targeting system is not an object for forgiveness: the programmers and anti-Christ groups are guilty. They just use simple people to carry out their mission: destroy people of faith.

The perpetrators drove her father to suicide, getting him to hear voices and also to be impotent. They had it out for him in the beginning, because he was preaching the word of God.

Ironically, that story took place just twenty-five miles from where I live.

A three-year old child was tortured in “Marlboro” county, with “cigarette burns” to her genitals. This is the nature of what this targeting system does to uninformed people – make a cartoon of torture applications to human psyches. And law enforcement and the media don’t always understand.

It’s really simple enough to find out if you are victim of this electronic targeting, by just crinkling up some aluminum foil and putting it near the side of the head or throat area, where you might feel pain. The perpetrators have put an implant in my throat area that is highly sensitive to some kind of low frequency emanation. They usually torture this area at 3:00 in the afternoon, just after dinnertime, or around 7: 00 in the morning. The pain pulses down into the chest area, but the foil nearly stops it.

There are more death incidents that have commonalities, like three important people who died from drowning in a span of two days: one a lawyer on vacation in the Caribbean islands, another woman who was practicing diving off the South Carolina coast who never made it back to the boat, and a union negotiator who had just finalized a contract with communications’ workers drowned at a North Carolina island.

Then three tragic accidents involving young people occurred near here; one woman was hurried to pass an ambulance on the right side on the grass running over a bystander.

These accidents in my opinion are programmed. When the numbers come together, such as road addresses, ages, dates, etc . . . targeting is taking place and unwitting people are getting caught up in unsafe situations. A considerable amount of people have run off an otherwise safe country road to their deaths. The road number? 66.

And just recently, a good plumber friend of mine was run over in the road and died. Sure he might have been more attentive, but the programmed radiation fields are distracting people.

God has revealed much to me about the targeting: why plastic drink bottles have different swirling patterns on them, why can goods have different rings around their lids and bottoms, or why everyday wear jeans have metal rivets with circles on them, all designed to let the system know what is being used when targeted with the energy. It’s that bad.

I caught on one day when I opened a “green giant” can and heard subliminally the jolly green giant song. And then I saw the definitive rings on the can lid.

For years I wondered about a cowlick on top of the head, only to find out hair was pushed up by an implant in the region; so the strong magnet was able to took care of that and burned up the implant.

If it had not been for my faith — and my knowledge of herbs, I’d be gone. One thing that saved me time and again was the use of charcoal as an anti-oxidant.

It can absorb 1000 times its own weight in toxins I read somewhere.

My Blog Going Down because of unwanted ads

WordPress now allows unwanted ads on my blog which I don’t like, and I don’t want to pay 48 dollars a year to keep them off.


So I just thought I’d tell you faithful people that I may delete the whole thing in the next week.

I mean, I don’t make no money off this thing, and besides that, us ti’s are censored from the search engines anyway, so what good is posting anything on the internet any longer.


So if you want something, print it off now.



ken lee


Abraham’s Place Near God

Abraham’s place was to be near God, and nothing is more evident of that then when Abraham prayed about a wicked situation in the city of Sodom in the 18th and 19th chapter of Genesis.

Abraham approached God and said, “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?” (Genesis 18: 23).

As the story goes, fire and brimstone rained upon Sodom, Abraham’s nephew was saved from the destruction, and God got his desire fulfilled on the town.

But Abraham did not get physically involved in the destruction of Sodom, or at least the scriptures make no mention of it.

Instead, he looked upon the destruction from his place.

Consider how God used Abraham in this drama and how Abraham walked with two angels towards Sodom yet returned unto “his place.”

And that place was being near God. That’s where we need to be.

Abraham didn’t stay around the area long after the destruction of Sodom, for the scripture says he moved on to the region of Negev. So he must have fulfilled the mission gave him.

But God protected Abraham by telling him what was going to happen in Sodom before it happened (Genesis 18: 17).

God often warns us about such situations. And then it’s up to us to be obedient and follow through on whatever God proposes: and many times it is to clear out evil and restore righteousness.

Know also Jesus, the Son of God, whom God gave as a redeemer for sin upon confession and belief.

His place is our place in any event God chooses to proclaim His glory.

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