Christian Retail Store Giant Lifeway Refuses Self-published Works

That’s the answer I got from one of their representatives, and I would suggest any self-published Christian author not waste their time to send them anything because you will be rejected.

It doesn’t matter how good your book is, or how well it sells locally; Lifeway is not in the business of promoting God’s word through an individual taking advantage of inexpensive print on demand and self-publishing services.

It’s a good thing Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the other scribes did not have rely on a bookstore chain to get the word of God out, so there’s a good reason to keep on writing and outsell Lifeway in the local marketplaces.

Civil War Statues or Cell Phone Towers?

I chuckle when people want to eliminate American Civil War representative statues because they are reminded of slavery when 60′ cell phone antenna towers statues linger high above and enslave people with phone devices and radiaton to the human nervous system.

Now just how paradoxical is that?

Events like the one in Virginia and Alabama shows just how far society is being manipulated to destroy its own historical beginning to be a free people under the sovereignty of God.

But people have strayed so far from God or either never learned of God, they don’t know theological principles for life.

Being a fact of adolescence until maturity envelopes self-dependency, the servant slave is illustrated all through the holy scriptures as a child whose master is God Almighty!

But then we have man’s slavery.

Sure, the devil doesn’t want the public to be reminded of slavery!

Because it continues subversively through the air waves and he is guilty.

People — get focused on the battle of getting eliminated cell phone tower statues and you won’t be reminded of slavery!

A concrete or metal statue will not hurt you!




Horry Electric Cooperative Magazine

Horry Electric Cooperative would make you think that its resistant electricity is the greatest energy in the world with a monthly magazine that depicts all the positives.

But they don’t tell you all the negatives: the radio frequencies emanating through the smart meters and causing confusion and fear to people, people getting sick from strong electromagnetic fields around their homes, or dirty electricity finding its way through uninsulated ground wires or even copper water pipes!

So I canceled their unwanted magazine they mail every month.

Horry Electric Coop. doesn’t care about the consumer getting sick from forced smart meter installation, overhead transmission lines, radio frequency antenna and substations next to roadways.

If they did, there would be news articles on how to be healthy around these dangerous emanations, and they would allow the customer to get private service meters.

And just how has Horry Electric Coop. shielded its service lines from wireless interference for neurological health?

There has been no news of it, and as usual, the private citizen suffers physically and emotionally.

No, let’s keep it quiet. We make money doing this, and the public would be in a uproar if they knew!

Fortunately, God’s knows the truth.


Laws originate from the Bible

Elby said, “Damn the Bible!”

But then just a couple of hours earlier argued for a reduction of radiation by law in her vicinity with authorities.

That’s what many people do: argue against themselves! Not knowing where laws originate!

(In this case being afflicted by another party, in violation of Exodus 22: crimes against humanity.)

“The Bible makes a person docile!” she exclaimed.

“Oh you’re talking about the New Testament which suggests humility before God to find Jesus as Savior,” I responded.

Well, every person on earth will become docile at the last day on earth.

So why wait!

“Enter the kingdom of life now by repentance and faith in the living Christ!

Call it a sham, hoax, or a lie, but Christ gives us hope from a world filled with man’s greed, lust, lies, affliction, and violence. And invoke God’s name when the enemy comes!

If you don’t know God, now is a good time to become humble and seek him.

Kindred Spirits

The clouds moved offshore and sun began to dry the rain soaked ground as many people unloaded their boats and made their way to the Intra-coastal Waterway to fish or get some cool air.

I chose to grab a couple of wire stringed round crab pots from the trunk of my car along with a bucket, tucked them under my arm while picking up a bag containing ice cream and chicken thighs I had just purchased from  a store, and walked across the parking lot admiring the new trucks and boat trailers.

Carrying my load and making my way down the hill to the little pier at the waterway, I met a girl smiling and began to share the beauty of the day and God.  She responded likewise.

She didn’t look no more than thirty years old with clear skin, a petite form, and a teenage graduation ring set with a garnet stone on her finger – she had youth in her attitude.

Our smiles and joy for life with God captivated each other — talking about fishing and crabbing — as we embraced as if we’d known each other all our lives which solidified our kindred spirit and love for humanity within a minute despite suffering from worldly oppression.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. They’ve run me out of the church, crime is so bad, and my husband takes drugs and has confessed to molesting girls,” she said.

Her eyes sparkled with understanding against the backdrop of her black hair.

“Don’t know where I’m supposed to be and need a home.”

“But our home is not on earth: it’s in heaven,” I responded. “And I know just what you need.”

We made our way back to my car to get a little blue book I had written years ago: I knew she’d find the answer to her problem.

As we made our way back down the slope, her inquisitive young traveling accomplice arrived wondering what we had been talking about.

“God,” I responded.

Slim, 16, with long blond hair swaying in the wind, bare feet, and cut off shorts, she wanted to know more about God: interest covered her face like a cat’s stare of competition.

And she wanted some salt to lure a snail out its shell. “I want it dead,” she said with a dead panned look.

Inner hostility reigned in her voice and an illustration of a law student formed in mine while arguing the merits of keeping the snail alive.

“I have some salt;” so I went back to the car again and got her some salt out of a compartment –and then went back to bait my traps.

She sat down beside me pricking her snail and asking questions of heaven and hell. “Same god in all religions,” she exclaimed.

“Mmmmmm . . . . lots of gods,” I responded, ” but none come before the true God. That’s the first commandment.  And you got to go by Jesus to get there.”

“Well, what about the devil? How do I know?”

I let her think about that a second, and told her to know who to go to when temptations and the devil comes around, which I think she understood.

After a couple of hours fishing and crabbing my friend, the teenager, and company had to go back home.

We embraced again and I stared up the ramp at her leaving when my kindred spirit turned around one last time to give a furtive glance, but that’s what makes these meetings so wonderful — letting go and letting God.



Claiming Your Name

I come across a lot of people who do not claim their name, or they are too embarrassed to claim it, scared someone will find them out, or possibly simply ashamed of their name.

But this is just what the devil wants: no claim of name. And then he can use it!

God gave Adam and Eve names, and the animals of the earth. Each one is a unique creation. And we know that a good name is to be chosen and more precious than many riches according to the book of Proverbs.

But to forego name claim is the first step to disassociating one self from God.

Consider that everyone feels shame at some time, so that is a good time for confessing sin to God, putting sin on the back of Jesus, and then openly declare God’s gift of salvation and the personage God has given you!

If you don’t, someone else might!

Claiming your name is more than identification — it’s witnessing to the public and God that states “I am here. And this is who I am. And God is with me! I claim what is mine and the devil has no part in it!”

Claim your name and claim God as the designator.

Ten Forbidden Actions To Wisdom: Proverbs 3

Throughout the 3rd Chapter of Proverbs are suggestions on how to find wisdom, and it’s not so much what a person does to find it as what not to do.

1. Do not lean unto your own understanding. (Seek counsel from other people and God in prayer.)

2. Do not be wise in thine own eyes. (Can’t always trust what you see so allow time for discretion.)

3. Do not reject correction. (No one person knows everything, so humbly accept correction and guidance. Learn from mistakes and do it right.)

4. Do not loathe correction. (Correction should be a daily spiritual practice.)

5. Do no be afraid of sudden terror: destruction of the wicked. (God is angry with the wicked every day and provides discipline or extermination.)

There are five more principles of wisdom in dealing with people.

6. Do not withhold good to whom it is due. (Be liberal in actions toward a person.)

7. Do not deceive a neighbor.

8. Do not plot evil.

9. Do not argue when there is no reason. (You’d be wasting energy that can be used to give God glory in another matter.)

10. Do not envy the cruel man.

My favorite proverb is to lean not unto my own understanding but acknowledge God in everything. This can be done only if all the sin is put on the back of Jesus and taken to the cross of death.

My mother was a great orator of the book of Proverbs – said it was all there. And she was full of wisdom.

She never gossiped, showed off, practiced evil, lied, spoke loud or evil, and reverently accepted what life and God offered.



Loris Accident attempts

Twice last week people tried to cause accidents near the intersection of Coats Road and Route 410 in Loris. One car, a green older model car with two young men, was waiting in a driveway near Reece’s body shop, and when he saw me, pulled out and sped off real fast only to stop around the corner at the Jasmine in the middle of the road, where I would turn, and then a car in the opposite direction came at the same time he stopped ( I suppose to be an adverse witness). I stopped and blew the horn for him to go.

A couple days later, I was coming back from the senior center, turned off 410 onto Coats Rd, when a white older SUV suddenly did a U-turn and came in behind me! So I pulled off at the nearest road and stopped to let her go, but then she followed me and also stopped! So then I saw a cut off on to get back on Coats road and go home.

Both these people were trying to cause accidents. These are old country roads where there is usually no traffic.

The low frequency noise continues in Bayboro and I hope someone finds it and stops it.

The Office of Personnel Management Problem

  1. Applied for Deferred Federal Retirement with 22 years of service May 5, 2015 at age 62.
  2. My retirement file is missing at home.
  3. OPM responded first week of July with a minimum monthly payment annuity of $260.00
  4. OPM asked for $2800.00 (three times — changing the dates each time)  that said an employer (NPS) failed to make an appropiate CSRS deposit.
  5. Contacted employer at Denver and forwarded information certifying payment had been made, but OPM would not recognize it (though it was certified by employer). Is OPM employee trying to extort money from federal employee?
  6. OPM initial determination of a monthly annuity was included on the three forms, with and without the requested deposit, with declaration irrevocable in thirty days.
  7. Lacking finality, Federal Court objection was filed late summer of 2015.
  8. OPM issued final booklet form of benefits Nov. 30, 2015 but would neither recognize my full military service deposit. OPM could not (and still can not) substantiate claim of a partial deposit.)
  9. Sent proof of military deposit from Archives Center and OPM still fails to recognize three years military time.
  10. Filed appeal with MSPB.
  11. MSPB disclaimed jurisdiction around April 2016, saying OPM hadn’t made a final decision
  12. Fed. Court denied jurisdiction — to MSPB. (Does anyone have jurisdiction over OPM?)
  13. In April 2017, OPM admits it had made an “initial decision,” did not recognize my military time, and gave me thirty days to ask for a “reconsideration.”
  14. Filed reconsideration request on the issues and sent military deposit information for the sixth time showing full payment was made with balance due of zero, which was made by payroll deductions by the USPS and certified as such, with retirement computation date accordingly.
  15. It is now August of 2017 and OPM fails to respond.
  16. OPM has made 5 initial decisions: three on the deposit request forms, one on the booklet of benefits, and then by letter in April 2017.







Programmed Golf Champions

Golf. No one thinks golf can be rigged.

Yet most victims of remote technology know that em fields can be altered around people.

And it wouldn’t be a surprise to know the perpetrators alter them around the putting greens to keep certain names in the headlines.

Want someone to miss a putt? Just alter the fields.

And since all materials seem to be targeted, why not the golf ball and the cup it falls in? And can the synthetic grass greens also be targeted?

That wouldn’t surprise no one who has been a victim.