Persecuted, scouraged, and ridiculed the suffering Christ kept his focus on serving His Father in Heaven with joy (see Hebrews 12: 2)..

Consider the humiliation this man must have felt, being “defamed” in court, laughed at and disrespected by authorities, though he had all the wisdom of the world and taught in the temple.

Come up with a good idea that has God’s blessing, and the world culture wants to do everything to hinder it.

Most of us have been there, but it’s how we find our place to achieve great things with the confidence of God and Jesus independently of devilish ways and control.

That’s the situation Jesus faced, but God had ordained his work and preaching, before his birth, and so it would be to glorify God, which has helped many people find peace in an otherwise troubled world.

Consider your suffering. But also know Jesus has died for it and rose above it sit on God’s right hand to intercede for us and give grace.

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