While the States’ opiod lawsuits may recover costs for community services such as EMS, Law Enforcement, and insurance companies, they won’t stop the disorderly conduct of individuals, suicides, sicknesses, and murders that are taking place from pyscho-tropic drugs and the root of all evil — combined mind control technology in the form of radio frequencies operating through the electrical grid, smart meters, and communication towers that are spread out over the nation.

For townships to save money related costs of drug usage, just look to the cell phone companies and sue them to rid of the antennas that are emanating artificial energy and causing disease, confusion, and addiction to drugs.

Antennas must come down — as the high images of the past did when God intervened and brought down lofty idols that people were worshiping and bowing down to.

Our God is a jealous God who will not take second place to such false worship because he loves us.


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