I come across a lot of people who do not claim their name, or they are too embarrassed to claim it, scared someone will find them out, or possibly simply ashamed of their name.

But this is just what the devil wants: no claim of name. And then he can use it!

God gave Adam and Eve names, and the animals of the earth. Each one is a unique creation. And we know that a good name is to be chosen and more precious than many riches according to the book of Proverbs.

But to forego name claim is the first step to disassociating one self from God.

Consider that everyone feels shame at some time, so that is a good time for confessing sin to God, putting sin on the back of Jesus, and then openly declare God’s gift of salvation and the personage God has given you!

If you don’t, someone else might!

Claiming your name is more than identification — it’s witnessing to the public and God that states “I am here. And this is who I am. And God is with me! I claim what is mine and the devil has no part in it!”

Claim your name and claim God as the designator.


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