1. Applied for Deferred Federal Retirement with 22 years of service May 5, 2015 at age 62.
  2. My retirement file is missing at home.
  3. OPM responded first week of July with a minimum monthly payment annuity of $260.00
  4. OPM asked for $2800.00 (three times — changing the dates each time)  that said an employer (NPS) failed to make an appropiate CSRS deposit.
  5. Contacted employer at Denver and forwarded information certifying payment had been made, but OPM would not recognize it (though it was certified by employer). Is OPM employee trying to extort money from federal employee?
  6. OPM initial determination of a monthly annuity was included on the three forms, with and without the requested deposit, with declaration irrevocable in thirty days.
  7. Lacking finality, Federal Court objection was filed late summer of 2015.
  8. OPM issued final booklet form of benefits Nov. 30, 2015 but would neither recognize my full military service deposit. OPM could not (and still can not) substantiate claim of a partial deposit.)
  9. Sent proof of military deposit from Archives Center and OPM still fails to recognize three years military time.
  10. Filed appeal with MSPB.
  11. MSPB disclaimed jurisdiction around April 2016, saying OPM hadn’t made a final decision
  12. Fed. Court denied jurisdiction — to MSPB. (Does anyone have jurisdiction over OPM?)
  13. In April 2017, OPM admits it had made an “initial decision,” did not recognize my military time, and gave me thirty days to ask for a “reconsideration.”
  14. Filed reconsideration request on the issues and sent military deposit information for the sixth time showing full payment was made with balance due of zero, which was made by payroll deductions by the USPS and certified as such, with retirement computation date accordingly.
  15. It is now August of 2017 and OPM fails to respond.
  16. OPM has made 5 initial decisions: three on the deposit request forms, one on the booklet of benefits, and then by letter in April 2017.
  17. Finally, on 9/28/17, after two years and four months, OPM gave me credit for my military service, so it probably them a million dollars over two years time in administration costs for denying I was due the credit when they could have taken ten minutes to fix it and in the long run saved the government a lot of time and money.
  18. Incredible.








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