Twice last week people tried to cause accidents near the intersection of Coats Road and Route 410 in Loris. One car, a green older model car with two young men, was waiting in a driveway near Reece’s body shop, and when he saw me, pulled out and sped off real fast only to stop around the corner at the Jasmine in the middle of the road, where I would turn, and then a car in the opposite direction came at the same time he stopped ( I suppose to be an adverse witness). I stopped and blew the horn for him to go.

A couple days later, I was coming back from the senior center, turned off 410 onto Coats Rd, when a white older SUV suddenly did a U-turn and came in behind me! So I pulled off at the nearest road and stopped to let her go, but then she followed me and also stopped! So then I saw a cut off on to get back on Coats road and go home.

Both these people were trying to cause accidents. These are old country roads where there is usually no traffic.

The low frequency noise continues in Bayboro and I hope someone finds it and stops it.


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