As a victim, there is a question about Moses and his rod, which when thrown down in the middle of a pile of Pharaoh’s magician and diviner’s rods, swallowed them up (Exodus 7).

Most so called religious scholars signify this being some kind of snake that swallowed up the other snakes, but us victims of technology have experience with a lot of things that religious scholars don’t have, else why some entity spend a whole life time bothering us.

A dear friend considers the ark of the covenant to be some energy weapon, and it makes me wonder if the rod wasn’t some kind of tree branch or whatever that had magnetic or antenna qualities — drew the magician rods toward it — and scared Pharaoh’s servants to death.

After all, Moses had become acquainted with the rod’s characteristics shortly after visiting the burning bush, when he met God.

And the bush was not burned! Exodus 3.

I’m not familiar with horticulture in the Middle East, but I have little doubt some bushes and branches have  high concentrations of metal in them — maybe magnetite.

But anyway, Moses’ rod had some power, when he threw it down, lifted it, and used it for battle.

The rod was present with Johnathan in 1 Samuel 14 when he defeated the enemy. Panic struck the Philistines! There was confusion and noise within the camp, and they fled!

But isn’t it interesting that voices are in the vicinity of the rod (same Hebrew word, matteh, I believe), in Micah 6: 9!

Listen! The Lord is calling to the city—
    and to fear your name is wisdom—
    “Heed the rod and the One who appointed it.

The Bible has lots of wisdom and answers, along with the road to salvation and life in the midst of very difficult times.









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