The local paper (Myrtle Beach Sun News) here recently printed a story about law enforcement being trained on looking for mentally ill people.

But nothing was said of people who are being targeted by mind control programs, neurotoxins, and drugs! And while many people are micro-chipped, the 3-6  targeting surveillance crime program was never mentioned!

Yet most crimes have the numbers written all over them: ages, addresses, time, materials, road numbers, etc . . . . and many offenders have complained of hearing pulsed microwaves (voices) to their heads telling them to do the crime!

Innocent victims are trying desperately to get this issues opened for hearings in Washington D.C. to help save lives.

All that is takes to calm a situation is to minimize the radiological emissions around the area because that is usually what is perpetrating the whole scene!

Understanding these precepts will prevent a lot of tragedies.

Innocent victims of targeting are doing everything possible to alert the public of government sponsored covert drugging and involuntary experimentation upon ordinary citizens. Surveys are being completed that show many innocent people are showing the same symptoms of being remotely influenced to try and do bad things.

Please help by learning about the unethical programs and praying for God to expose them and the perpetrators.

Consider getting on one of Ella’s conference calls or go the PACTS international site    to find out about the targeting program and about how you may be affected.


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