One lady says she can’t take it anymore – the pain from emf targeting is too much and no doctor will substantiate the injuries she receives from the assaults.

So she’s looking for a doctor – and coincidentally – one goes off and shoots other doctors in a local hospital near her in New York as the system picks it up.

Other victims are traveling to Green Bank to try and get relief from the emf assault, but the town is weary of the attention, and the government is talking about closing the emf free zone which so many involuntarily implanted and electro-sensitive individuals seek.

Another lady said she is being assaulted by ELF’s, which appears to be happening other places also.

These man-made radiation emissions in many cases are designed to oppress freedom seekers, send people to institutions or physicians, who don’t understand the problems and have no remedies – and therefore tax the health care system to profit the medical community – leaving the victim in fear, isolation, and sick.

The EMF assault is a national public health crisis.

The states issues national health emergencies for opiod usage but ignore the radiation emissions causing people to take opiods.

The emissions should be eliminated immediately.

Your county wireless provider is not your friend; neither is the power company with harmful power meters, and obviously not the environmental health agencies which do nothing to stop noise air, land, and emf pollution.







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