Someone brought up in conversation the other night about how the C.I.A. and other so called intelligence agency employees are sworn to silence about their works.

But silence can be an unhealthy journey, especially if there are secret sins such as when King David had an affair with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered.

David said of his sin and silence: When I was silent, my bones became old through my roaring all day long (Psalms 32: 3).

David was full of turmoil. But he eventually confessed his sin and found life.

But how about if he had been silenced by some authority and had no sin?

No, don’t talk about it — it’s a secret for the good of mankind — he would have been told.

Yet people all around suffer because of someone’s dark works.

If Abraham’s son Isaac had not spoken up at the time of an attempted killing by Abraham, I wonder what the outcome would have been. (Read Genesis 22.)

But God heard Isaac questioning his father about just who was going to be sacrificed, and it got Abraham to thinking.

So Abraham’s conscience was pricked, and I know an angel came along also.

Thank you Jesus for taking the place of sacrifice in your silence!

So we can have good health and speak joyfully of your word.

If believers do not speak and give instruction or encouraging words to the destitute, then how will people learn?

If they have not a preacher of the gospel, then how will they find God?

But silence!

The noise pollution of dark spirits surrounds the earth.


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