(Excerpted from my unpublished book: Persecuted but not Forsaken.)

I had suffered earaches before but nothing like the one I had one Sunday morning when my mother was in Richmond getting married to my step-father, H. Welton.
Of course, I wasn’t expecting some man to come into my bedroom in the middle of the night and stick me with neuro-toxins into my Eustachian tube and try to control me the rest of my life.

Fortunately, mom had left me an emergency number to call in case there was an emergency, and so I picked up the phone and dialed it.

The operator on the other side of the line answered, “Holiday Inn, Main Borough.”
“I need to talk to my mom, Merle Banes.”
And there was silence that seemed forever as I held the receiver to my aching head.
“There’s no one here by that name,” she said.
“Okay, thank you,” I responded and put the phone back in its cradle.
I thought, She wouldn’t have lied to me.

So I checked the number again and it was definitely the one I had dialed, but then I thought about her probably checking in with her new husband’ name, and I called back.

“Ma’am, can you check for a Merle Welton,” I asked.
“Yes, room 137. I’ll ring for you.”
And she answered!
“Mom, I really didn’t want to call but my ear hurts terribly.”
“Well, put a warm cloth on it and the pain should go away.”
“Tried that but it’s pulsing terribly,” I said.
“Try it for awhile longer and call me later if it still hurts.”
“Okay. Sorry to have bothered you,” and I put the telephone back into the holder.

Well, the pain didn’t go away, as much as I tried to lay my head down on a warm cloth and get the blood going to that side of the head hoping to ease whatever had happened and get it out.

I called her again and she said she couldn’t get home until Tuesday, and then she would take me to Doctor Schneider.

So far, my attackers got just what they wanted – me to be implanted and my mom’s marriage weekend ruined.

This is what they do: look for opportunities to separate families, cause dissension, make people sick, and prey upon innocent children and parents.

Now I know what those black things are on Dad’s face.

People call them blackheads, but they are neurotoxins that when energized impart radiation and stimulate the nerves  to try and drive a person crazy.
So what do these evil perpetrators want with me and my family I wonder as I lay on the bed unable to concentrate for any amount of time with the right side of my head swelling.

I’m only 12 and don’t bother anyone but just have a simple life of going to school, reading, and playing sports.

But the Central Intelligence initiated this MK-Ultra program in 1952 and attacked 36,000 unwitting victims including Native Americans with involuntary drugging, stalking, remote sensing technology, and electronically sensitive implants to manipulate their behavior into being spies, assassins, and medical experiments.

My mother was born on the Reservation.

I am a victim, and so was my mother, father, and brother.

And there are a lot more of us that have the stories together.

We talk about finding black toxin polymer carbon based substances in our bodies and being stalked all over the world.

Waking up with one side of my body paralyzed in the back of my pickup one morning while parked at a fishing pier in 2004 encouraged me to find who, what, when, where, and why someone was trying to disable and eventually kill me.

I didn’t ask to be put in this targeting program — I was drafted into it by some lunatic who has fanatical imagination about trying to control people.
And I won’t keep silent about the most torturous program on earth in the history of mankind.

Other victims have not been so fortunate to tell their stories:  I think of Cynthia Guilder who was murdered in her home by a young renter who refused to pay the rent and then strangled her and set the house on fire.

Pam Anders pleaded for help from the government prior to the Presidential meeting of Barack Obama’s Bio-ethics commission only to receive none and then went and killed herself .

Or Clare Werle who died in a hit and run accident after she said her CIA boyfriend was responsible for her targeting.

There are countless others who were murdered to stop talking about this program.
After I was born again that day in the church aisle in 1981, I constantly testify about this illegal targeting program so that other people will not suffer what I have.

I have a whole lot of experience from being targeted since I was twelve years old.
My Petition to Cease and Ban Direct Energy Programs and Surveillance of Humans in 2004 gathered 600 signatures over three years.

Not a whole lot of signatures you might think, but nearly each individual was a very special person who had suffered immensely.
The petition broke the ice, and of course it got me targeted worse.

But at least it separated the real victims from the constant deceivers who did everything to try and discredit us.

We are alive, and from the small group of ten or so, we now have conference calls, meetings, Internet web sites and the like. But certainly many of us suffered as a result, and many have perished.

My story shows a covert group of sadistic people with the government’s blessing and money got together to remotely torture individuals in their isolation. Do I have their names?

A few but they obviously have enough some kind of influence, up until now, they are protected from prosecution.
You might ask: Why don’t you just go to a lawyer and get justice?
The legal community is scared to death to initiate lawsuit against intelligence agencies, but this is changing, as lawyers are finally putting together evidence of the targeting apparatus, implant manufacturers, and the people involved.
But the targeting is highly sophisticated, such that anyone can be targeted: judges, jurors, etc . . . .

A couple of victims I understand have had some success in filing complaints against the perpetrators but they usually compromised with an order that precludes them from taking about the case.

This remote targeting can affect anyone, anywhere, in any situation. And now I understand implants aren’t needed to stimulate a person’s nerves. Every nerve in the human body can be stimulated by a certain radiological frequency, but the implants make it easier. And there are natural transmitters in the blood these perpetrators have identified.

I personally saw five legal firms close their offices or move shortly after I visited them in a two-month span around 1989 when I was just trying to get a second opinion about a couple things in my attempt to defend myself in a divorce case.
So I knew right then this targeting issue wasn’t just a local issue; it was global with technically designed to shut down the slightest bit of truth gathering evidence against anyone.

Now this targeting is widespread over communities causing people to be angry at one another, commit suicide or terrible acts of violence, or live nomadic lives in fear and loneliness.

The perpetrators want their victims to run to doctors, counselors, and other professionals for help, rather than enjoy a free life seeking the pursuit of happiness and good works in hopefully from a pure and holy God through Jesus Christ.

The Bible says, The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso puteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe (Proverbs 29: 25).

Obeying that doctrine has kept me alive these many targeting years, for when trouble came, I simply found the quietest area and prayed to God for help and direction; hence my book, God’s Divine Help.

At the very times I needed something to rely on for guidance, truth, and comfort, the Bible was there for me, and I summarized the subjects in God’s Divine Help to anyone find spiritual help quickly.
The scriptures actually helped me understand the targeting process: how Jericho fell without a shot being fired, how the devil is constantly looking for human sacrifices to atone for sin rather than accept the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the 3-6 numbering system that is utilized by computers to target people and cause confusion.

Attendance at a Presbyterian church only encouraged me to learn more about the scriptures when visiting professors from the nearby Christian law school would preach on ancient languages and give much insight to the Spirit of God.

And I thank God for the Reverend there, who prayed for me daily for years. Maybe he knew something about my future I didn’t.

But unless non-ionizing radiation emanations are regulated such that humans will not be disturbed mentally, there are going to be some terrible things happening. Of course they already are with all the mass shootings.

Look at the numbers, whether they be of the date, addresses, ages, and material goods, all part of the 3-6 targeting system.

With the help of God, I hope to bring understanding to this subject.
People are suffering and looking for relief, answers, and safety. I don’t have the complete answers.

And stories of torture are told every week on the conference calls and Internet sites.
This one is mine.

(To be continued.)



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