I have been reading interestingly about the Apache Campground tragedy where a mother and son died after an explosion.

And I wondered if the explosion was from a gas leak.

There was a terrible gas leak there a few years back from one of the trailers, about in the middle of the campground.

I worked in maintenance, and if I’m not mistaken a call came over the radio to check it out, and the other maint. guy went and looked at it, and I think he could turned the valve off at the tank. For the safety and convenience of the campers, I would have thought it should have been checked thoroughly.

There are infrastructure problems at the campground, undersized drain pipes(it used to get clogged all the time); undersized electric service wire, where another parking row was created for recreational vehicles without upgrading the main service wire and amp. box (breaker used to trip quite often in peak usage and hot weather), and other problems.

I was told to help out installing 3/8 plywood for an overhang over some kind of picnic area between the r.v.s in that last row, though I knew those overhangs should be at least 3/4″, and yes I mentioned it to somebody.

So someone was trying to save money and probably didn’t worry about wood splintering and the winds.

Safety practices should not abandoned at the cost of a few extra dollars and especially people’s lives.

I also remember a concrete roof falling over the maintenance of the pool area.  Good thing no one was in there. There was no rebar or straight iron that I could see in that concrete.





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