There’s a white pine tree in the yard where a mockingbird keeps a nest, and a big crow flew near it the other day.

The mockingbird took after the crow pecking from side to side; and the crow had no choice but to look for the cover of a tall loblolly pine over in the forest area.

And then the mockingbird headed back to its lookout station.

Being small like the mockingbird when defending itself against a larger opponent has its advantages, for maneuverability, quickness, and flight. It’s less of a target too.

Jesus was small in stature, and people tried to snatch at him, like the woman who touched his clothing (Luke 8: 43-48). And the Pharisees who accused Jesus of various transgressions (Matthew 15 & 23).

And Jesus snapped back at them.

God protects his own. The woman and the Pharisees got rebuked by Jesus.

But to respond defensively for the faith is critical when someone attacks, with or without purpose. They’ve gotten too close, without bringing a present, or presence of peace.

This happens everyday not only in society but in wars.

The mockingbird gave the crow something to consider when flying, and Christians should war off any provocation of their non-offensive faith practices.



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