If you’ve ever worked with mortar , you know it should be tempered before using.

In other words, after the ingredients of sand, cement, and water are mixed, let it sit for awhile before using — gives the compound time to mature.

Then, depending on the weather and humidity, you may want to add some water or more cement.

It takes experience — to have a mortar consistency just right for laying tile, stone, rock, or brick,  but temperance is the key.

Use the mortar too quick and there may be problems for adhesion or even applying it with a uniform thickness.

That’s the old school — the way I did it. Creek sand, field stone, and cement to make a fine wall: uncut stone, without machinery or artifical  means.

Walls forever.

How many people still wait upon God and temperance to make beautiful work?

Moreso their lives.

Consider that temperance matures the mortar — and us.

Consider being partakers of the divine nature and temperance (2 Peter 1:6).

Beautiful walls can be built with mortar — and so can our lives through knowledge of Jesus Christ and God.


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