A man is wheeled out of a dentist’s office by an emergency medical technician because of a procedure obviously gone wrong.

A woman ascends a muddy shore mound reaching out to steady herself for the uphill steps — only for her foot to slip from the muddy bank and tumble straight back — landing on an oyster shell laden sandbar.

A fisherman has a bite on his line and reels up a squirming eel but can’t seem to get it off his line. So another man scurries over to grab the eel with his bare hand to work it off — until the captive eel wiggles and contracts — jerking the hooks into the man’s hand to cause puncture wounds and bleeding.

And I might add, the fish and crabs had stopped biting for an hour prior.

One might think these accidents were natural causes, but they are caused by manipulation of magnetic fields around us by artificial energy that is transversing the globe and causing untold accidents.

Jesus said vexations would occur, but they are explained vexations.

But they are vexations that can easily be eliminated by the discovery and ban of radiological weaponry, which is the biggest threat to mankind.

Consider our part in the world’s affairs to stop the proliferation of weaponry that is causing people to suffer.

The Lord wants faithful people to stand up for what is right: His law does not permit secret affliction of humanity, vexation of strangers, or robbing the poor.

May God have His way and provide discovery of radiological weaponry, elimination of mind control programs, and electronic surveillance.



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