A Loris police car was stopped on Route 19 with the wheels turned to take a right southbound on Hwy. 45, as I slowing to take a left eastbound on Hwy. 19 and go to the convenience store to get a snack around 5:30 p.m. yesterday on 4/6/17.

I took my left turn and then noticed that the police car had abruptly turned and was on my bumper extremely close maybe within a couple feet within just a few seconds!

I didn’t know what to think about that act and I certainly didn’t want to get hit, so I immediately pulled off to the right onto a side dirt road thinking that the driver was having a problem but certainly in a hurry to do something!

Loris town is about four miles away from this area.

Acts like these don’t do anything to help the community and police get along because this was a certainly an unnecessary action that could have resulted in an accident at a busy intersection.


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