May 18

I’m convinced now that infrasound (sound below 20hz) is being used to disturb people in the Loris and Horry county area. A constant beating sound that continues throughout the day. I hope someone discovers and stops the sound.


April 26

A neighbor stopped by yesterday and said he thought the thumping noise was coming from a garage on Jasmine Ave., which is the first place I suspected.

It sounds like someone is using an amp system on a ground floor, that would vibrate the ground. It causes walls to shake and bothers people.

So I went over to Jasmine Ave. and checked out the house, when  a guy was pulling in the driveway, and I questioned him about the noise. He looked puzzled and said, “Here?” And then said he didn’t think so.

I asked him if it was his noise to please turn it off so the trailers wouldn’t shake.



March 11

Someone is using some kind of electronic noise in the Bayboro section since March 11, 2017 that is disturbing people’s health, and even vibrating home walls!

It almost sounds like a boom box, but then the sound varies into rumbling, pulsing, and continual thumping.

So please complain to authorities and maybe the source of this sound can be stopped.

On March 23, I narrowed this noise down to coming from around Jasmine Ave. , and it pulsed again all last night. At other times, it has a rumbling sound.

Now, it’s March 30, and the thumping and thundering of noise is worse. A friend and I discussed this and said it’s probably an acoustic weapon.

Ed, an electronics expert, says it’s probably a high powered microwave emitter and could be operating up to 1500 yards away. A tri-field meter is needed to find out where the crime is coming from.

This is April 1st, and the noise went on most of last night. dut, dut, dut, pause, dut, etc . . . .and it causes not only the trailer to shake but the front porch!

Maybe it’s infrasound. I don’t know but just wish it’s eliminated. Occasionally, it goes puh-boom, and then the ground shakes. It started up around 6:30 last night and went on for hours.

I called a professor over at CCU to see what kind of meter I can get to monitor this weaponry.

April 2 on Sunday was also terrible, as for about 15 minutes in the afternoon, it sounded like cannons booming.

I’m not alone. A woman who lives about seven miles away in western Horry County also hears the rumbling, and thought it was a tractor plowing or something, but it wasn’t.

And a neighbor hears tingling frequencies off a standing metal pole!

Until these wireless pollutions are harnessed and eliminated, people are going to get sick and probably do crazy things because it bothers the nervous system.

The rumbling continued all weekend and it seems there is no stop.

It is April 11 and the same seismic activity is happening as the trailer and ground are being shaken.

It is now April 17 and the pulsing emf continues bothering the dogs.

It’s now April 20 and the sound, which now seems to be low frequency with the rumbling and thumping, and sometimes pow pow pow pow pow, which can go on for a minute or so, continue.

And the earth continues to shake along with my porch. The sound still goes on all night: thump, thump, thump, like some boom box or something. Very hazardous to the people’s health.  I would suggest that no one move to this part of the county.



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