There’s a sprout growing about 18” tall outside with small pointed ridged green yellow leaves reaching out above a thick cover of weedy foliage that tried to choke it out.

But the cluster couldn’t stop the thin sprout, which looks like the beginning of a pomegranate tree, from shooting through to the sunlight.

Consider oppressions in the world and people looking for fresh air and sunlight like the sprout to give them life. The hindrances can be oppressive but like the sprout, there’s a desire to grow and live.

But grow to where?

The pomegranate tree may get cut down, grow and fall over with a bite from an insect, dry up from heat, or get rooted up by an animal. But it may also spread its branches and root to flourish and bear fruit.

Man often takes similar paths, and it seems like only the strong survive, until the weak man Jesus came along and changed the world with meekness and humility.

Consider the man Jesus, who rose up through the crowds, spread the word of God over the land, and multiplied his believers with good works.

His words still hold truth today, and his presence intercedes on behalf of sinners to give them a new life.

The pomegranate tree may get rooted up, but it will feed another area of life such as Jesus who died on the cross and arose into heaven to give hope for the people.



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