They print stories of faith, church growth, politics, famous people, and revivals, but what they don’t print are the major issues facing American Christians today.

They won’t publish anything about people being micro-chipped covertly to carry out evil missions – as if this is some kind martian technology that only science fiction writers dream up.

You won’t hear anything about the biggest threat to mankind: radiological weaponry which is affecting nearly everyone on the planet.

As if walking out a church and repeating a song from the service is just as normal as watching a flying bird, when the adverse energies are affecting the human nervous system.

No, let’s keep quiet about this: we may lose part of the readership or congregation. We can still live in our cozy homes and be safe, and we can sit in the church pews and be safe.

And the 3-6 mark of the beast is just some scene in Revelation that doesn’t concern us, until you look at the numbers.

And no, we can’t figure out how Jericho was conquered.

And then one popular program, from Texas I believe, on The Truth Network radio hosted a preacher of a large church that said a lady’s fetish of wanting to be a baby happened because she’s rejecting the gospel!

Nothing could be farther from the truth. These incidents of irrational behavior are just that — programs modifying human behavior via adverse energy.

So why aren’t preachers preaching the truth?

Because the truth will subject their programs to persecution? So they marginalize the message of truth seeking mainly to provide sabbatical prose, religious rhetoric, and prayer concerns.

Fortunately God is still in control and accessible for the ordinary person. The scriptures provide truth.

But isn’t is a shame that truth is not being preached in many of the churches today, nor is it addressed in faith magazines, or hardly on the radio.

I would give credit to Decision Magazine this month of April, as there are articles of Christians standing up for their faith in court cases against abominable requests.

God word doesn’t encourage nor bless homosexuality.



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