There was a discussion the other night with a wonderful friend on a phone call about Luke 16: 19-31 when Jesus talked about a rich suffering torment from God in heaven and a beggar named Lazarus enjoying the comforts of resting in Abraham’s bosom in heaven, because Lazarus had already suffered on earth.

The rich man wanted some of the comfort Lazarus was experiencing but there was a wide impassable gulf between them in heaven.


The reasoning from Jesus was that Lazarus had suffered much on earth and was now being comforted whereas the rich had luxury on earth and was now suffering in heaven.

Consider people on earth who have experienced torment at the hands of sexually sadistic people with such practices as genital mutilation, male and female circumcision and human bondage from birth, being not only separated from their parental heritage but suffering the indignation of bodily defacement.

Jesus did not agree with the circumcision practice: Except it came from God, it should not have been (paraphrased from the gospel of St. Thomas).

And he just as well denounced it in John 7: 23: “If a man on the Sabbath day receive circumcision, that the law of Moses should not be broken, are ye angry with me, because I have made a man entirely well on the Sabbath day? (See John 5: 1-16 healing a man.)

And it certainly didn’t come from God but from a person who reasons there is either a hygiene problem with the foreskin or some lewd opinion about females not needing there private sexuality upon flowering because of some tribal custom.

If God’s had not have wanted the flesh there, it would not have been there.

Finally, many entities are advising against circumcision, such as a Scandinavian doctors group and a German court. And some of the East Africa tribes are finally banning circumcision in females.

But now ritual abuse programs are taking place with technology, and they should be banned.

There is consolation for the victims who rest in the bosom of their father in heaven for eternity but the people who are committing crimes against humanity have a problem.

For such perpetrators, God sent his Son Jesus to earth to take way sin upon confession and agreement with God’s will to not afflict anyone either secretly or openly, in obedience to God’s laws and ordinances.




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