It was a warm sunny afternoon, and I had just finished playing golf with a friend and been sent home with a large plate of homemade food by his wife after stopping by his house.

As I traveled on Route 17 towards home, there was a rest stop with picnic tables and benches, and since I was tired, I decided to stop and partake of the food while it was hot.

A mockingbird danced on the ground oblivious to the guy on the park bench eating, and then there were the peaceful sounds of leaves rustling from the wind.

Until a figure came off the road came scurrying down the hill towards me — a kid loping down the hill from the road area with a long walking stick in his hand – I suppose for protection.

“Hey Mister, You got two dollars I can get some food with?”

Making sure I heard him right, I responded, “You want two dollars for what?”

“Food. I want to buy some weenies and take them back to my place in the woods and cook ‘em,” he said with a big smile on his face, just as happy as a guy who had just found gold.

“That’s a lot fun. I used to do stuff like that when I was a kid, but here’s some dinner right here. Have you some.”

“I stay in the woods ‘cause I can’t go home,” he said as he grabbed a potato. “Sister’s doin’ heroin getting on me because I do crack!”

“Well imagine that. But you need to get off them drugs,” I responded.


“Stay right here. I got something for you in the car. Stay right there and eat.”

So I moseyed up the hill to the parking area and got my book out of the back seat, Devotions A-Z, and brought it back down and handed it to the kid.

He was attentive.

I showed the inside of the book to the kid and flipped through pages, and he continued to take notice. I showed him the subject devotions on alcohol, drugs, homelessness, and others.

I said, “You need to put God in place for drugs. Let’s go to the devotion on drugs,” I said.


And so I read:

Breaking the drug habit requires something be put in its place, like faith in the living God. He is fully able to give spiritual joy in life and keep the body nutritionally healthy.

Read Isaiah 56-58 to learn about how separation to God brings blessings.

In another reading, a psalmist said he called on the name of the Lord and was saved from death; he was brought low — but the Lord helped him ((Psalm 116: 4-8).

When the body becomes free of drugs and the mind fully dependent on God, then joy will indeed break forth as the morning sun and good health will flourish as a tree besides living waters (Isaiah 58: 8).

Dear Father in Heaven, You are the way for life and I commit my ways to You. I confess my inadequacies and solely trust You to provide me peace, happiness, and the work I need for a prosperous life. Amen.

Now that’s what you got to do, put God in place of drugs.

“I think I understand.”

You got any land?

“Yeah, but it doesn’t perk.”

“Well get you a water barrel or something. You got to have somewhere safe to stay. I’ve done that for months, and you can too.”

“Thanks for the book.”

“And here’s five bucks. Buy you a can of beef stew or something.”

“Thanks Mister. What’s your name?”

“Ken Lee,” and I opened the book to the name section.

“Well it’s nice meeting you.” And he took up the hill walking fast to the market to get his weenies.





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