On a short walk through the woods just in back of the Calabash River at he top of a ditch area under a tree, laid a ground cover of peppermint leaves —  trailing up the stream bed. And it was the red stuff — with those red veins, which coincidentally enough I’d brought with me from the mountains eight years for a planting.

But this area? How did it get here? This real stuff, and I’m no botanist, supposedly comes from England — which I imagined some settler coming over on the ship Discovery and transporting it to this plateaued ditch just off the beach.

The settlers brought peppermint and other non-native mints with them and they quickly became naturalized and spread (http://peppermint.indepthinfo.com/history-of-peppermint ).

Like God planted Jesus — from the little town of Nazareth. So no one knows where precious value may come from, and that’s a Godly mystery that will prevail over man’s understanding.

And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see (John 1: 26).

If you don’t know God, consider finding the little known Jesus of Nazareth who achieved great power by humility.

The peppermint is lowly yet its sweetness extends over the plateau — as Jesus and his love for humanity saves even the  most vile of people by a sacrificial death on the tree.





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