Exposing human modification behavior programs and projects developed by the Central Intelligence Agency such as MK-Ultra in 1953, Monarch, and Bluebird will go a long way towards ending unexplained mass killings, because the public will then understand that manipulation of human behavior by remote means exists — and action can be taken to get help for the victims and put the perpetrators of the programs behind bars.

But as long as the public and authorities deny 21st century technology about remote sensing of individuals (and now the masses of population I might add), which has been used since World War II, randomized violence will continue to take place to squash freedom, prosperity, and each individual’s right to worship the religion of their choice in a peaceful docile manner.

Radiological weaponry against humans has been used a long time: the inhabitants of the Biblical town of Jericho were overcome without an explosive shot being fired as only the sound from trumpets surrounded them.

Until man-made radiological energy is harnessed, (not to mention the Air Force continuing to spray the skies full of radiologically sensitive chemicals that hinders evaporation of water and continues to manipulate the environment), the world will no longer be a habitable place for humans to live: there will be mass chaos, violence, and deaths resulting from unnatural fields of energy,

But the targeting of humans must stop, and the issue should be an open subject in Congress. Congressional hearings should be re-opened on covert programs such as MK-Ultra to expose the tenacity and conduct of the programs – and victims can get help if they have been implanted or targeted: the public will then understand just how remote technology is causing people to act irrationally.

Victims cried out for help a few years back, attending a Presidential Commission on Bioethics hearing to voice their complaints about being targeted and tortured by radiological energy, but the Commission quietly shoved the testimony under cover: victim after victim stood before the board and testified of silent sound, covert implants, and targeting energy that were trying to cause them to either commit violence, suicide, isolate them, or break up their family.

Most recently, the shooter at the Fort Lauderdale airport complained of the same targeting.

Some states have passed laws banning micro-chip implanting in humans, but others have deferred to the Federal Government where no action has been taken.

These are valid explanations as to why mass killings are happening, and if you have doubts, simply research the patents about the targeting process.

Harsh penalties should be applied to the instigators behind these atrocious programs, and the original victims of MK-Ultra should be compensated.

The American Indians were the first group to be targeted by the C.I.A. according to the MK-Ultra documents, and there’s no telling how many were oppressed to live in poverty, isolation, and be destitute of the natural free world they once depended upon for good health, food, and peace.

I am a descendant of such, as many other victims who are now figuring out that their five minute trip into the birthing room got them targeted, and yes many of them are also Colonial patriot descendants.

Reparations for past atrocities by the U.S. Government aren’t going to fully redeem the victims but they will shed light on the tortuous programs being sponsored and pave the way to finally restrict technology and remote sensing applications that are a detriment to humans.

Many lives will be saved, and possibly our Creator will turn away the wrath that has incurred as a result of closed dialogue and inordinate covetousness by a group of people trying to act like God as judge over the people.

May the true God open your understanding about this subject and grant you the strength and courage to expose these illicit programs, help the victims, and save the children.



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