There was a lot of talk the other day about how the spot (fish) haven’t come inshore for recreational fishing. Some of the reasons were that the ocean temperature isn’t right, there aren’t many spot left to begin with, and last, the water is too dirty.

Which makes a lot of sense to me considering the big brown blobs I’ve seen floating down the incoming tide on a high mission to find land and the marsh for cleansing.

But no one never mentions the amount of pesticides flowing off the fairways from golf courses into the local tributaries and the Intra-coastal Waterway.

This may be a crucible subject here for the economy but the people’s health has some priority here. Never mind the fisherman’s and poor boater’s health.

There used to be a lot of birds around those weed marshes. Now there’s hardly none. And the ponds! There’s few birds, and there’s not many turtles that don’t have a load of algae on their shells.

One course’s ponds were so polluted a few years back that the algae looked like a green carpet laid from edge to edge.

Well, are there any organic golf courses? Or is the competition so great for playable turf and pristine greens that natural weed and fungus inhibitors escapes a management plan?


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